tPols 2020

In this post, I am going to reflect on this year and argue why I should advance to Grade 10.


In my mPols I asked the question what is my learning goal by the end of the year, and how do I intend on achieving it? and I answered it with: My learning goal is to improve my productivity I will achieve this by using support from friends and family and tools to limit the time I waste. 

I felt that this year with my work ethic and the introduction of Online learning my work ethic really snowballed out of control and I felt that while I had some instances of good work, I missed a lot of opportunities to evolve my work ethic, and in Grade 10 I really want to work as hard as I can. Next year I want to take responsibility for myself and grow out of my old habits. I want to improve my productivity by using the tactics I discussed in my mPols, using Tools to make me more proficient, Ask questions (beforehand) and Doing Quality work. I think actually, and fully trying to develop the 7 habits will really help, this year I haven’t really implemented them.

Now I want to highlight the work that has showcased my growth and shown evidence of revision, teamwork, responsibility, and production.

I think that my “Witness to History” project really showed the evolution of my Maker work and how I can produce quality work, as an example I will use my Run! video, I think that the quality of that video was good but I didn’t develop my video creating skills yet and I think that creating videos, from Alberta to this final witness to history video was really something that I could show my evolution.

I think that Destination Imagination 2020 has shown evidence of teamwork. I think that working over zoom has really strengthened my teamwork and showing my work when I am working in bigger groups which have been something which has really limited my potential in bigger group projects.

I would say that Lets Get Riel is a great example of the evidence of my responsibility as I was responsible for my side of the project and  I think that being responsible in a two-person group really made me have a full grip on my side of the project. I think that also

I would say that with scimatics I haven’t improved a lot but that is something that I really want to work on in grade 10, and I think that I can do that by doubling down and focusing on my work while using the tactics I said in the beginning.

So, do I think that I should advanced to grade 10? Yes. I will need to put in all my effort and use the tactics I talked about and continue developing the skills i talked about in the presentation.

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