Using an image you find off google is great! It’s easy, simple and fast. There’s only one little problem. If you don’t do it properly it could land you in legal trouble. If you don’t want to end up in legal trouble then the next time you take a photo from google all you need to do is tell people that you did not take the photo and give credit to the person who did. If you do not give credit this is stealing as you are making people believe that is is your photo when it is really not. You are not giving credit to the person who actually took the photo so it’s basically plagiarism. An example of proper photo credit is this. Having the photo up and then under it have text stating you do not own the photo, stating who does own it and provide a link to where the photo is from. If you do not give credit the owner of the photo can file a copyright claim to sue you. No one wants to get sued. Always give credit.