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Student Blogging Challenge

SBC Week 8

As you may know, the student blogging challenge is coming to an end. Overall I feel this experience has empowered my learning and and created many new opportunities for myself. This is the last week of the challenge so lets… Continue Reading →

SBC Week 7

It’s the student blogging challenge week 7! Week 7 is all about celebrations and festivities. The celebration that I chose to write about is right around the corner. It’s Christmas! Christmas is one of my favourite holidays because all of… Continue Reading →

SBC Week 6

The Student Blogging Challenge for week 6 is all about emojis. We had to choose 3 out of the 4 possible tasks to write about. The tasks I chose to complete were the emoji math, emoji guessing game and emoji… Continue Reading →

SBC Week 5

It’s the student blogging challenge week 5! This week is all about music. For our challenge we need to choose to do 3 tasks. The first task I chose to do is creating a quiz about music. Task 1: My… Continue Reading →

SBC Week 4

Task 1: Skiing. I’ve been skiing for a long time. When I was three years old my dad bought me a pair of skis, signed me up for ski lessons on mt. Seymour and dropped me off at the top… Continue Reading →

Story Prompt

Leo was trying to enjoy himself at the beach with his family but something was bothering him. He was thinking about what he had done yesterday and thinking if he had made the right choice. Leo had enough. He thought… Continue Reading →

Two Simple Haiku’s

Oh lovely surf break. How you make me so happy. You create the waves. The future is near. The flying cars, the new style. It makes me wonder.


For the third task in this weeks blog challenge we had to pick some photos from and write why we chose those photos. For the first photo it is showing two bear cubs. I chose this photo because bears… Continue Reading →

My Picture

This is a photo of the Newport harbour in Oregon! Last week I went on a trip to the Oregon coast with my PLP class. We went to many places and took lots of photos, but this is by far… Continue Reading →

Using Images Legally

Using an image you find off google is great! It’s easy, simple and fast. There’s only one little problem. If you don’t do it properly it could land you in legal trouble. If you don’t want to end up in… Continue Reading →

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