Milestone 2

What is my identity well it can be a lot of things your identity is what shapes who you are I would say that my identity would be baseball friends family now that took a lot of thinking to figure your identity we did a lot of things in class so we could figure out our identity we wrote a bio poem about our identity. Now your probably asking why my identity is the things I listed off. Well firstly my identity is baseball its baseball because I  have been playing baseball since I was 5 so it has definitely impacted the way I look at life and the friends I have today without baseball my life would be so much different. Then family obviously family is in my identity you spend the most time with them and there always there for you no matter what their part of identity because they teach you what is right wrong and that shapes your identity. I would also put friends in my identity because you spend a lot of time make so many memories with them and that also goes into your identity and how you look at life without friends I would be lost. How I found my identity we did a lot of things that helped in finding our identity we wrote definitions and read things and listen to things and it really did take a lot of thinking cuz its not an easy question to answer the last thing we had to do was create a picture of our identity

WW1 My last Project of Grade 9

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog and today I will be talking about my last project of the year for humanities and it was all about WW1. The first thing we had to do was milestone 1 we had to create a drawing about what leads to a war and the domino affect This picture shows how one thing will lead tp another if he kills this guy then it will lead to war. Then the next thing we had to do was we had to choose a soldier and write about him and his life because at the end of our project our class was creating a book in book creator.  So now we got to see the book template and the next task we got was a topic and we had to write about it for our book my topic was the tools used in the trenches this was definitely a pretty interesting topic because I never really thought about what was used in the trenches in WW1. so this was my first draft of the topic research then we had to take the solider and topic and put it in the book creator template.

so those were my pages in the book and to end this post of I will put the whole book hope you guys enjoyed and thank you for a great grade 9 year.


Hello everyone and welcome to my second t-pol today I am excited to share about how I have improved as a learner and why am I ready for grade 10. First I would like to talk about the driving question. Why do I feel ready to advance to the next grade level I feel like I have matured a lot this year and my writing has come a long way this year and I happy to say my use of things has been really good lately and I plan to keep it this way going Into the summer things has helped me a lot with online school and keeping my organized. So know I would like to talk about how have I improved as a learner I have definitely improved my Organization skills by using things and my calendar I feel like I am on top of things. Another thing I improved on is  my blog if you saw my blog at the beginning of the year it was plain and my writing was not great but to end the year off I improved the way my blog looks and appealing and my writing has gotten way better. Next I will talk about something I have done well and something I need to improve on each subject. Humanities some I am proud of is In our let’s get riel project me and kaia were partners and we worked really well together and at the end of the project we had to make images and I think our images were really well done and I am really proud of the images. Something I could improve on is my gold video I definitely think it could have been better it was my first project on online school which is a big change but I  think I could have made some of the scenes better and made some to. Next would like to talk about maker something I am proud of in maker would our first project since online school and that is my witness to history project video what you had to do was make a video about a community that was effected by covid-19 so I decided to go with the youth of deep cove am proud of my video because I put a lot of hard work into that video and I think I did a good job explaining how the youth was impacted by covid.

something I could definitely improve on would be DI I think me and my group dropped the ball at regionals we had some good ideas but we could not excute them and some of our ideas were just not good enough our snake costume and our scissor lift were definitely not there. Moving onto science something I am proud of would definitely be my medtphor machine that we built the point of this project was to build a machine the truned on a light at the end of the machine and we had to build a rube gold berg machine and at the end had to turn on a light. The cool part of the project was learning about how circuits work and electricity. Something I could improve for science is when we learn something just making sure that I really understand what I just learned. Because I have a tendency to forget or when I don’t understand something making sure that I read over it or ask for help.

 Next up is math something I am proud of is our time is money project what we had to do was chose a product or service I chose to bake a cake for 5$ then we had to make a spreadsheet and a graph about it and then a video I proud of the video because I think I did a good job explaining and showing what I learned something I could improve on in math would definitely not being afraid to ask for help from my parents or other peers of mine I tend to do things on my own even if I don’t get it and I really need to get better at this because as math gets harder and need to not be afraid about asking for help. For my last subject is PGP something I am proud of is the public  victory I relate to the habits quite a bit and I think I did a good job reflecting about the habits and overall I really proud of it. Something I could work on for PGP is probably having a open mind to PGP because I have started to see how useful PGP can be so I have to keep an open mind to words PGP and not close it off. Lastly I would like to talk about my work habits and my work ethic. My work ethic is I am hard working person when I have a task I don’t half ass task in sports or school but I do get distracted very easily and I have found that when doing online school it is really easy to get distracted which does not let me get as much done in a day as I would like. I am also a pretty good procrastinator so over the summer I am going to work on staying on task when doing any tasks around the house or whatever it is so when grade 10 comes I can stay on task and get more things done in a day. I am also doing health and career course online over the summer so that will be good practice over the summer. Thank you for listening to my t-pol 

Time is money

Hello everyone and welcome to another covid blog post and today I will be talking about my latest science project Time is money and in this project we learned about how to run a business and what it takes to start up one. So what we had to do in this project is either pick a product or a service to do I picked a product which was baking a cake and selling it for 10$ and then we had to write in a spread sheet and figure out how much it cost to bake a cake how much time it takes to bake a cake and what is the start up cost. Then we took what did in the spread sheet and made it into an equation. then we had to put that into a graph using a graph calculator and then to wrap it all off we had to make a video explaining the project and explaining what we did.

In conclusion I think I did a good job with my work and understanding what we were doing and doing the work but I think something I could improve on would be handing in my work on time.

A Witness to history

Hello everyone and welcome to another covid blog post. This one is all about our latest Maker project, this was also one of my first projects during online school with my humanities gold project which is coming soon. The first thing we did was milestone 1 launch video and what you had to do was a create iMovie video about trailer in iMovie I chose to do a superhero trailer and I really enjoyed making this trailer it as really fun to make and you could have fun with it. But first you had to do a planning sheet so you had an idea of what you wanted to create and to help you get going.

So know we started moving into milestone 2, which was a story telling diagram. Our project was about how covid has affected a community and how later down the road how will look at these times. So we had to create a video showing how covid has affected a community of your choice so my original idea was something about baseball but I kept thinking and thought of what if I did something about the youth of our community and come to realize that it was a good idea so decided to go with it. So that is were the story diagram comes into play so you had to write one and get approved before you could move onto the next step lucky for me I got approved on my first try. so then we moved into milestone 3 which was all about learning about GarageBand and making music so we had to lessons and learned how to make music because for our videos we had to make our own music I found it pretty confusing at first but after working with it for a while I figured out how to make some music. So for milestone 4 it was our story board and again you had to get approved and luckily for me I got approved first try for our story boards we had to basically create what our videos were going to look like on paper and it helps you think about what you are going to create. And once you got approved you could start filming for your video. So I got right to work on filming and getting all my shots and interviews and everything to make sure I was ready and here is my final product


DI Provincials Online🥴

Hello everyone welcome back and today is going to be an interesting post. This is my first post that has do with covid-19 so my last post left off at spring break and unfortunately link to that post if you want to read about what DI is about and what our challenge is about. But the sad news was covid-19 was spreading pretty fast around BC so our group couldn’t meet up and change any of our props so the main focus was our story because everyone could edit it and see it because it was on all of our iPads. Then we found out that DI provincials were cancelled but that did not stop PLP we did it online in a giant zoom call so group had some meetings on zoom as well to get ready and review the new and improved script and we had character changes so we needed to make sure everything was a go. So the day of di and we got in the zoom call watch some of the other teams present and then it was our turn so we all had our cameras on and we did everything like If we were in person. I think the biggest thing I took away from DI over the last 2 years is make sure your time management is good and make sure your group is on point and use your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage during DI and finally just enjoy it.

My Second DI Regionals🥳

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog and today I will talking about  Destination Imagination. This year was a little different I am in grade nine now so we got to choose what challenge we wanted to do with our group. So this year I decided to do the scientific challenge which was all about animals so my group was with Ben, Ally, Meg, Alex and Julia.  So here is our overall challenge for this is the first thing I read because it gives you a good understanding of what you will be creating.

Now this video right here gives us a lot more understanding of what we are creating and all the little details of what you need to do. So now we are in stage 1 and in stage one we had to complete some worksheets on our challenge.  The purpose of these is to get to know our challenge and also to figure are strengths and weaknesses as a group. So that is stage 1 so now w are moving into stage 2. Stage 2 is all about ideas and our team goals, so the first worksheet  was about our resources and constraints. Then we had an idea generation.  So help us get working on our central challenge the next thing we had to do is stage 3. Is all about starting to get roles and characters so I was in charge of the story, the jack lift and being the main character the snake. So we decided that our story was going to take place in Florida and it was going to be about a black mamba. So now your probably wondering about what is our challenge so we had to have a story about an animal that changes in the story and the environment around him had to change so we called it a morph. So we the outsider species morph we decided to have the snake change coular during the presentation and for the environmental change we decided that the eco system was really bad and when the snake help change the eco system by killing palm rats because there was an infestation of palm rats and when the black mamba kills them the eco system repairs it self and we were going to show the tree growing at a fast pace with the jack lift. Our story is about a snake that is not like any other black mamba, and there is a palm rat infestation going on and he is in charge to go kill or make the palm rats leave. Then he meets his fairy snake mother that helps guide him along the way. So now it is tournament day and we are all a little scared of what is going to happen today but also some excitement to because all the hard work we put in is paying off. After we presented we go some really good feedback and some things to improve on and we got right to work because It was a quick turn around into provincials.


Louis Riel!!

Hello everyone welcome back to another post and today I am going to be talking about our unit in Louis Riel. The project started out by doing a current event on a situation involving a First Nations colony or nation. I chose to do the Oka crisis.I thought it was a really interesting topic and I enjoyed reading about it and learning about it. The next thing we had to do was we got assigned a partner for this project and my partner was Kaia then we had to choose a First Nations topic we decided on the pemmican proclamation. The next thing we had to do was our topic research get to know what you are presenting about. In mean time of that on the side we were learning about Louis riel as well we had to read a book and for each of the 4 parts we had to write a summary. The next thing we did was our images draft so at the end of the project we are going to present by making images showing the pemmican proclamation so we had to make 3 images.  This one could definitely use some use as you couldn’t really see the picture and the words I drew on the bottom were not what I expected them to be so I had to change that. After the feed back we got started on our final images. Here they are  Our final images looked really good in my opinion and our hard work showed. In conclusion this project really helped me learn about what the First Nations went through and it was difficult times back then for them. It also helped me learn about photo editing and how to edit photos so they look good.

Metaphor Machines!!!

Hello everyone and today’s post is all about our latest post about Metaphor Machines and electricity. So to open up our project ,we did our project MindNode as per usual and it was about electricity what we knew about it and what are some questions about it. so here is mine and it helped through the the project because you could answer those questions as you go. So then we moved into some electricity labs where we got to play around with some electricity and learn about it with a worksheet.  So as you can see the 3 images at the top are the things I created electricity with the to turn on a light bulb 💡 then at the bottom are some things or the symbols of what everything is called. So next we had to apply some math and we used khan academy for that and we took a test on area and scale drawings. For me it took a while because I didn’t quite understand it at first but after a while I got it done. So know we got building on our machines so what we had to do was make a rube gold berg machine so we had a wood platform and we built it on there with a bunch of spare parts and we built it so at the end of the machine it had to turn on a light. So here is our video it explains our project nicely.

Thanks for reading guys this project me made learn about how electricity moves to places and how it gets to places and also some gravity with our machine.