Vote alpha!?

Hi and welcome back to my blog and today I going to show you why you should vote for the Alpha Vert party in this next up coming election we are a good party who wants to help the economy but also improve our environmental systems by getting rid of green house emissions. I bet by now you already have a bunch of questions how about our Values as a party or our mission or How about our top priority’s as a party well I am going to answer all of them to help you get a better understanding of Alpha Vert. Let’s get right into things what is alpha vert’s values.

Our party values action on climate change, to provide Canada with a better future. We also value the economy and will create ways to protect the environment and the economy such as reorganizing Canada’s budget and putting funds from there into our plans for climate action. We value a government that is able to make these changes before the damaging impacts of climate change further effect you. The alpha vert party highly values Canadas free healthcare and we plan to keep in place. Current public healthcare has its flaws and that is why we as a party propose to introduce a highly regulated private healthcare option. This will give people who need treatment the option to pay extra to skip the wait. This money will be taxed and put back into the public healthcare and environmental budgets. So now you know more about alpha Vert lets talk what is our mission.

 our mission as a party is to work towards creating a better future through renewable energy ( promoting electric transportation, investing in companies that focus on renewable energy sources, and increasing the value of green transportation in Canadians eyes). We also feel that actions can be conducted faster and more efficient in a simpler government. Other green parties have focused on the environment, but they had to many aspects that they concerned about. We will narrow our focus to electrical renewable energy. Hopefully your interested in alpha vert now but I want to show you a good visual about our top priority’s before we get into the specifics. But now let’s talk specifics and go more in depth on our priority’s

A better future by promoting a renewable energy we will do this by adding charging stations for electric cars to gas stations to make it more easy and useful to charge electric cars. The next party to our renewable future plan will be our electric transportation system for electric buses, taxis, electric bikes across Canada to reduce green house gas emissions. The last part of our Renewable energy plan will be adding incentives for Canadians to trade in there gas powered cars for electric cars EX. Increasing cash back for trading your cars. This will hopefully improve the amount of electric cars on the road and decrease the amount of gas powered cars. Our next Priority is Reorganizing the budget we will be taking a second look at our spending and cutting down on unnecessary expenses our budget will be 700 million and we will invest over 5 years the flooding budget will be cut to 33 million from 68 million. One of our biggest ideas will be Simplify the electoral system putting in place our three party cycle system we are set on recreating the Canadian electoral system to create a simpler and fair vote only three parties will be in an election to prevent splitting the vote, however the party with the least amount of votes will switch with a new party in a three party cycle, guaranteeing a majority government. A new party will enter the cycle every time there is an election and is chosen by members from all three of the previous elections parties. Investment is our next idea in our priorities plan Investing in companies that deal with solar, tidal and wind turbines. Lastly we want to work on improving the economy without costing the environment we will be redirecting the budget to invest in renewable energy.  Here is nice photo to help you understand our three party cycle idea to incorporate next election.

 But what’s makes our party unique I think we are pretty unique because we are helping the election system which not a lot of party’s are even thinking about but we are also we are helping the economic system but also improving on our green ideas by trying to eliminate green house emissions so at the next polls Think Alpha Vote Vert! 

What did sports look like in WW2??

Hi everyone welcome back to my blog and today we toast our last project of the school year. It’s been crazy how this school year has been I remember at the start of the year I didn’t think I would make it but here I am. Well lets get into the project this project is all about the 1950s. We learned a lot about the 1950s and I found it quite fascinating. Well my podcast has been about sports and if you don’t know what I am talking about then this year we have been focusing on making podcasts and mine is called everything sports make sure to check it out on all major streaming services. But the first thing I wanna talk about it the making of my podcast I talked all about sports after WW2 and have a great interview with Robin Russell, but from here let’s just listen to my podcast.

Now I wanna talk the next thing we did that was the our answer to how Canadian life has developed after WW2  these are the 3 main topics I think developed Canadian life after WW2 the baby boom, increase of jobs and workers rights and voting rights and the bill of rights. Now I want to talk the core Competencies of the project and when you listen I think I really talked about Continuity and change really well connecting sports and the 1950s and what has stayed the same and changed. For. Speak listen and write I think I am really proud of the presentations I did this project I think speaking in crowds for me is easy. Anyways guys thanks for coming another year of the school year and will see you guys next year for grade 11!

Disneyland what about it?

Welcome back to my blog its been a while but today we are going to be talking about Disneyland and Walt Disney. It’s actually a very interesting topic lets start with Walt Disney first Walt made a film called Cinderella you way know what this is well you probably do! It is one of the most famous Disney movies well for Walt it was a big hit so after you make a movie that gets you a lot of money you make another one well he did exactly that. This one was called Alice in wonderland and yet again it was a very big hit that made Walt a lot of money.  One thing I find very interesting is that both movies are very happy nothing bad happens and these were made right after WW2 so Walt being a smart guy made these movies to be so happy with no guns or tanks or war so people would watch them and it worked he made a lot of money. Also these movies are still watched today by young children which I think is very cool because they were made in 1950. The next thing Walt did was go on TV why not right it might make you more money he was on TV once a week for an hour and his show was about anything going on in the world. But 1 episode we talked about in class was about rocket ships like who would want to watch that right well Walt was a very smart person so he did this to show the world that the US was ahead of everyone to get to space and to say like America is so good we are so far ahead of everyone. Which is pretty interesting because it just shows how smart he was. Well now his next big idea was lets make Disneyland so he bought a 9 million dollar property which back then was huge like crazy. Once it was built it was crazy so many people came the lines were just crazy but the last part of this post is going to be about it was has changed and stayed the same in Disneyland well most of the rides have stayed the same which is really cool. But obviously there has been rides added which changes Disneyland but the fact that in someways its just like it was back in 1950 is just so magical. Well thanks for coming over to my blog today and for now cya.

R&J plus radio show?

Hi and welcome back to my blog today it is going to be all about Romeo and Juliet and our latest project about them it all started with our very own version we got to literally choose whatever we want we could change the story a lot of only a little bit we could do whatever we wanted I choose to do mine as dumb and dumber the movie it was actually pretty fun to write but if I did it again I could have done it way better and made it more funny but that was only milestone 1 moving onto 2 when doing all these milestones we watching 2 versions of Romeo and Juliet movies. The next we did was created my very first co hosted podcast for everything sports my podcast series go check it out. But our topic for our first one was what is a classic? This podcast was actually pretty good for a first co hosted podcast we did it online through FaceTime because of Covid but it went really good we all put great points and had a great conversation.

But we were not done we were giving feedback on our podcast and got another topic and we had to create a second co hosted podcast but this time it was on what is a adaptation? This time it was way better for me because it was about the NBA bubble which is you know you, you know i know a lot about sports but this one was definitely our better podcast and went really well take a listen.

Now moving onto our radio show we had about one week to pull it off it was hard work but very fun as well it was Romeo and Juliet but 2 kids sitting at home listening to it on the radio and me and Gabe had the to guys sitting on the coach role it commented a lot of the play and let our audience know what was going on in the play it was actually a really fun project and in conclusion I did a lot of firsts but were all very Fun and cool and this project is up there for best project that’s all I got for you guys today thanks for reading and till next time cya yea.

Stories of WW2

Hi and welcome back to my blog and we will be talking about WW2 and our project on it, the first thing we did was write about nationalism we wrote a paragraph about it and how we can connect on it to start off our project. Next we did had to do some research on our topic and WW2 my research was about the war and what sports looked like in WW2 and it was definitely a weird time sports were changed lots of sports did get canceled but not because they wanted to because all there men literally went to go fight in the war it was really cool to find out these things because when you look at WW2 you don’t think what sports we being played and what were not. Next I moved onto working on my script what was I going to talk about for script well I will put a picture here so you can read it but I talked about the war and what happened then moved into how were sports impacted by WW2 then interviewed my great grandma because she was a small child at the time so she explained what she remembered from the war and how she was affected I think it was a really good interview and helped my podcast a lot.

So after the script we moved onto, the creation of my podcast I read over my script got my interview and got to work with the editing I added my music and everything overall I think this project had a lot of ups and downs but I think it wad a great project and I learned a lot about the war. You guys can listen to all my podcasts on all major streaming devices and apps thank you guys for tuning in to another blog post peace.

Who is the greatest Canadian?

Hi and welcome back to my blog covid has affected a lot of things and people but one good thing is that I got to back to school and make a podcast. In this blog post I will be talking about the greatest Canadian. Over this project we have learned a lot about Canadian identity and figured out who is our greatest Canadian. In the end of the project we made a podcast about our greatest Canadian. For this blog I am going to talk about this project and reflect on this project.

 Next I will show you my podcasts creation we created a Basecamp link with a lot of information about our podcast and the creation we sent this to our interviewee

now I will show you my podcast to conclude this post and this project I would like to talk about how much I learned in this my video skills and my editing and creating music has improved a lot and in this project I learned about Canadian identity a lot and about the greatest Canadian Sidney Crosby below will be 2 link one for a reflection on what to improve on and my final podcast.

And the link for my podcast

Milestone 2

What is my identity well it can be a lot of things your identity is what shapes who you are I would say that my identity would be baseball friends family now that took a lot of thinking to figure your identity we did a lot of things in class so we could figure out our identity we wrote a bio poem about our identity. Now your probably asking why my identity is the things I listed off. Well firstly my identity is baseball its baseball because I  have been playing baseball since I was 5 so it has definitely impacted the way I look at life and the friends I have today without baseball my life would be so much different. Then family obviously family is in my identity you spend the most time with them and there always there for you no matter what their part of identity because they teach you what is right wrong and that shapes your identity. I would also put friends in my identity because you spend a lot of time make so many memories with them and that also goes into your identity and how you look at life without friends I would be lost. How I found my identity we did a lot of things that helped in finding our identity we wrote definitions and read things and listen to things and it really did take a lot of thinking cuz its not an easy question to answer the last thing we had to do was create a picture of our identity

WW1 My last Project of Grade 9

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog and today I will be talking about my last project of the year for humanities and it was all about WW1. The first thing we had to do was milestone 1 we had to create a drawing about what leads to a war and the domino affect This picture shows how one thing will lead tp another if he kills this guy then it will lead to war. Then the next thing we had to do was we had to choose a soldier and write about him and his life because at the end of our project our class was creating a book in book creator.  So now we got to see the book template and the next task we got was a topic and we had to write about it for our book my topic was the tools used in the trenches this was definitely a pretty interesting topic because I never really thought about what was used in the trenches in WW1. so this was my first draft of the topic research then we had to take the solider and topic and put it in the book creator template.

so those were my pages in the book and to end this post of I will put the whole book hope you guys enjoyed and thank you for a great grade 9 year.


Hello everyone and welcome to my second t-pol today I am excited to share about how I have improved as a learner and why am I ready for grade 10. First I would like to talk about the driving question. Why do I feel ready to advance to the next grade level I feel like I have matured a lot this year and my writing has come a long way this year and I happy to say my use of things has been really good lately and I plan to keep it this way going Into the summer things has helped me a lot with online school and keeping my organized. So know I would like to talk about how have I improved as a learner I have definitely improved my Organization skills by using things and my calendar I feel like I am on top of things. Another thing I improved on is  my blog if you saw my blog at the beginning of the year it was plain and my writing was not great but to end the year off I improved the way my blog looks and appealing and my writing has gotten way better. Next I will talk about something I have done well and something I need to improve on each subject. Humanities some I am proud of is In our let’s get riel project me and kaia were partners and we worked really well together and at the end of the project we had to make images and I think our images were really well done and I am really proud of the images. Something I could improve on is my gold video I definitely think it could have been better it was my first project on online school which is a big change but I  think I could have made some of the scenes better and made some to. Next would like to talk about maker something I am proud of in maker would our first project since online school and that is my witness to history project video what you had to do was make a video about a community that was effected by covid-19 so I decided to go with the youth of deep cove am proud of my video because I put a lot of hard work into that video and I think I did a good job explaining how the youth was impacted by covid.

something I could definitely improve on would be DI I think me and my group dropped the ball at regionals we had some good ideas but we could not excute them and some of our ideas were just not good enough our snake costume and our scissor lift were definitely not there. Moving onto science something I am proud of would definitely be my medtphor machine that we built the point of this project was to build a machine the truned on a light at the end of the machine and we had to build a rube gold berg machine and at the end had to turn on a light. The cool part of the project was learning about how circuits work and electricity. Something I could improve for science is when we learn something just making sure that I really understand what I just learned. Because I have a tendency to forget or when I don’t understand something making sure that I read over it or ask for help.

 Next up is math something I am proud of is our time is money project what we had to do was chose a product or service I chose to bake a cake for 5$ then we had to make a spreadsheet and a graph about it and then a video I proud of the video because I think I did a good job explaining and showing what I learned something I could improve on in math would definitely not being afraid to ask for help from my parents or other peers of mine I tend to do things on my own even if I don’t get it and I really need to get better at this because as math gets harder and need to not be afraid about asking for help. For my last subject is PGP something I am proud of is the public  victory I relate to the habits quite a bit and I think I did a good job reflecting about the habits and overall I really proud of it. Something I could work on for PGP is probably having a open mind to PGP because I have started to see how useful PGP can be so I have to keep an open mind to words PGP and not close it off. Lastly I would like to talk about my work habits and my work ethic. My work ethic is I am hard working person when I have a task I don’t half ass task in sports or school but I do get distracted very easily and I have found that when doing online school it is really easy to get distracted which does not let me get as much done in a day as I would like. I am also a pretty good procrastinator so over the summer I am going to work on staying on task when doing any tasks around the house or whatever it is so when grade 10 comes I can stay on task and get more things done in a day. I am also doing health and career course online over the summer so that will be good practice over the summer. Thank you for listening to my t-pol