My Last M-Pol!!!

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am an expert in my education. I am also responsible and accountable for my knowledge. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and offering feedback that I can improve as a learner. Hi and welcome to my last M-pol as I am done half of my last year here at Seycove it has been a lot of mixed emotions from not thinking I am ready to graduate and live on my own. To committing to Okanagon college to play baseball and study to business to now feeling ready and wanting to start the next chapter of my life. At the beginning of the year I know I really wanted to have a great last year at Seycove, looking back from grade 8 me to grade 12 me has been a crazy change from maturing a lot and I mean a lot. I think PLP has shaped me to the person I am today and has taught me so many valuable lessons. Biggest one is going into grade 8 I hated math like I hated every second of it. But PLP has taught me to stick with your challenges and problems. I fully believe PLP is one of the biggest reasons why I give 100% in everything I do. Over these past couple months I have been able to achieve my dream of playing baseball at the university level. With a lot of hard work in baseball but also in school. Something that will stick with me for next year at university and probably the rest of my life is hard work beats talent. 

The first thing I want to talk about is something I have improved on this year and that is talking more in the class and in class discussions. This is something I have really struggled with throughout my years in high school. I think it’s mostly because I think my classmates won’t take me seriously or will think it’s stupid and I am not much of a person to really care if someone thinks what I say is stupid, so I have made a conscious effort to talk more in class and express my opinion. I have tried to improve my habits in class such as being more engaged and being more involved. I think I got more work to do still but I have came a long way. 

This next semester I am going to work very hard on getting ready for university as it is fast approaching. I want to get my study habits better over the next couple months and with pre calc next semester I am really going to be on top of all my classes. 

 A project I am really proud of and thought I did well in was definitely our movie project Monster in the mirror I took a 2 big roles in the project even though I wanted to challenge myself and be one of the 3 big roles I was really happy with how I performed in the project. I still believe I had some really cool visions and ideas that I think could have been really cool to see put to life but I felt like I wasn’t listened to as much as I would have liked. But I took on a main actor role along as being a assistant director. I think in the past I would have shyed away from a role like this in a big class project, so this shows definitely how far I have came. I was really interested in the horror movies and learning about horror movies so this was definitely project I am very proud of. I want to reflect on my writing every year I go to talk about this but it’s something I am going to be working on my whole life. I think my creative and getting my ideas and showing my work has gotten a lot better this year but I need to now just get the grammar part down to become the writer I want to become in the future. I am now getting my mom to look over and edit my paragraphs and essays before I submit them and it’s been very useful as well. IMG_0719

The last thing I want to talk about is how much I have matured with my public speaking when you remember my first M-Pol I was shaking and couldn’t stop moving was just a little boy but now I am up here with confidence at my last M-Pol like it’s just another day and I would like to say thank you to my family and PLP teachers because I have came along way and couldn’t be happier with the person I am today. 

I have taken school a lot more seriously this year as I prepare myself to become an adult and go into the world and post secondary. I have a lot more to achieve in this world and improve on and when I graduate something I am going to definitely take with me is we are not perfect we are all going to make mistakes. But if your working in yourself and being the best you can be that’s all that matters. My time at Seycove has been amazing and I can’t wait to continue to learn and have a great last couple months before I start the next chapter of my life. Thank you for listening to my last M-Pol any questions. 

Monster in the mirror

Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be talking about our latest project. Monster in the mirror. Making a movie is a complex and challenging process that requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. It can be a very rewarding experience, but it can also be full of struggles and setback’s 

Another struggle of making a movie is the creative process. Filmmakers must come up with an idea for a film and then develop it into a fully realized story. This can be a difficult and time-consuming process, and it requires a lot of trial and error. Filmmakers must also work with a team of writers, producers, and other creatives to bring their vision to life, which can be challenging if everyone doesn’t share the same vision.

Casting is another struggle that filmmakers may face. Luckily we just had to cast people in our own class But after experience It can be difficult to find the right actors to play the various roles in a film, especially if the filmmaker has a specific vision in mind. Actors may also have busy schedules or may not be interested in a particular project, which can further complicate the casting process.

Once a film is in production, there are many logistical challenges that must be overcome. Filmmakers must coordinate the schedules of cast and crew members, find suitable locations for shooting, and manage the budget. There are also many technical challenges involved in making a movie, such as lighting, sound, and camera work.

Finally, there is the challenge of getting a film released and seen by an audience. This can be difficult, especially for independent filmmakers who may not have the resources or distribution channels of a major studio. Even if a film is released, it may not be successful at the box office, which can be a major disappointment for filmmakers who have invested so much time and effort into a project. Making a movie is a complex and challenging process that involves many struggles. From securing to overcoming logistical and technical challenges, we had to be resilient  Despite the struggles, however, the rewards of making a movie can be well worth the effort.

Then we had to come up with a question around horror I always wanted to talk about why do people watch horror. There are many reasons why people watch horror movies. Some people enjoy the thrill and excitement that comes with being scared. Others may watch horror movies as a way to confront and overcome their fears. Still, others may watch horror movies for the adrenaline rush or as a way to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

One reason why people watch horror movies is for the adrenaline rush. Horror movies often involve intense and suspenseful scenes that can increase heart rate and adrenaline levels. This can provide a temporary feeling of excitement and thrill-seeking behavior.

Another reason people watch horror movies is to confront and overcome their fears. Some people may have a fear of the dark, spiders, or being alone, and they may watch horror movies as a way to confront these fears in a controlled environment. By watching horror movies, they can face their fears in a safe and controlled way, which may help them to become less afraid in the long run. This one is a bit of a stretch but I thought about this and could definitely could see this happening. Personally I would not do this but could be a interesting way to face your fears. 

Additionally, people may watch horror movies as a way to escape from the stresses of everyday life. Horror movies provide a temporary distraction from the demands and responsibilities of daily life and can allow people to relax and unwind.

In conclusion, people watch horror movies for a variety of reasons, including the thrill of being scared, the adrenaline rush, the opportunity to confront and overcome their fears, and as a way to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

Then came shipping off to loon lake and filming this movie. Once we got there we got a little tour of the place, it was perfect for filming a horror movie. We stayed in the thunder in and when we were there everything seemed more scary and creepy because we watched a horror movie while we were there. Plus we are filming one so that really interested my to do some research on do we people get more scared of things after watching horror movie’s.

So I thought, It is common for people to feel scared or uneasy after watching a horror movie, especially if the movie was particularly suspenseful or intense. However, the extent to which a person is affected by a horror movie can vary greatly depending on the individual’s personal level of anxiety and their ability to cope with fear. Some people may find that they are more scared after watching a horror movie because they are more sensitive to scary stimuli, while others may not be as affected by the film.

It is important to note that watching a horror movie is not necessarily a harmful or negative experience, and many people enjoy the thrill and excitement of being scared in a controlled environment. However, if you find that you are consistently feeling overwhelmed or distressed after watching horror movies your experience can be very different then from someone who really enjoyed it.  After doing some research and really thinking about this horror movies can really impact a viewers experience from person to person. That’s what makes horror movies so impactful because it makes everyone Vulnerable but in a different way from person to person. It impacts everyone differently.

Back to our trip being a actor can be really stressful and harder then you make think. You have to change the way you act completely and be a different person essentially. You also have to be able to adapt to your directors vision our director Ciara had a vision and we had to complete that with our vision. Overall I am really proud of what I learned over this project and I gained a lot of respect for all the movie makers out there in the world. I really excited to show everyone the premier of the movie.

Why do people want to watch horror movies?

Why do people want and like to watch horror movies is the question I will be trying to answer in this blog post. Fear is not for everyone but for the people it is, why do they always come back again and again and again to be scarred every time? Part of the answer I think is stimulation horror gets your heart racing and you sweating and people like that. In my opinion it’s the same as a roller coaster that adrenaline gets people coming back for more.

The second reason I believe is people want to experience what horror feels like but also feel like what being in that situation would be like because not a lot of people just watch or try to have a serial killer trying to kill them. I think another reason why people want to experience horror like that is to also experience it with there friends or their peers. That can mean just having a good time being scared same reason people go in Haunted houses ya it’s scary but it’s also a good time, you may be scared in the moment but looking back most people can say they had a good time. Same thing watching a horror movie it’s scary but that adrenaline rush people love they love living on there adrenaline rushes and that is what gives them excitement.

But more importantly I think a really good reason people want to watch horror is to really see the dark side of what the human can do but also what the evil can do. We see movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th do so well is because you get to see the dark side of the human and just so many dark things in general there can be a lot of wonder because people wonder things what would that feel like if I was getting hunted by a killer well going to see a movie like that humans get that feeling by watching that movie. For example when I watched smile it felt like I was going to get the curse and see what the characters saw and that created fear not only the jump scares but also the fear of that horror happening to me.

My last T-Pol

Hi everyone and welcome to my t-pol, Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner. Pretty crazy I am heading into my last year at seycove and last year in PLP. With Covid and everything going on high school has felt so quick but I want to make my last year at seycove a good one. I feel like I am ready for Grade 12 but also some things to work on the summer and during the school to prep me for university wherever that is. This grade 12 year is gunna be a big year for not only in school but in baseball. To help me in the summer I am going to be continuing my Spanish course which will help me stay on top of things and this is a good time to work on my work habits and staying on task and getting things done. Next year in grade 12 I really wanna be on top of my work in humanities especially because we are guuna have the class every single day for the whole year so it is gunna be really important to develop good working habits in the summer to just build on during the school year. Some goals I wanna achieve for grade 12 are taking bigger risks in English and voicing my opinion because in university especially if I am in the USA playing baseball and doing my studies away from my family I really need to develop good working and habits and taking risks to get my work done. Another goal I have for next year is just really staying on the same page with my teachers and schedule just overall organization, but especially communication with teachers and my family which I think has gotten a little bit better but could still really use some improvements for my life after high school. To highlight some things over this year that I have been proud of is definitely this past exhibition with building the Locker. Even though I wasn’t there to present my learning I did really want to. I was proud of the way it looked and it really showed how important John Harr was to baseball on the North Shore and in B.C. Another project I am proud of was the persuasive essay about plastic straws and why they are better then paper straws and I think it was a well written essay and my grammar showed my improvements throughout the year. I made a strong argument and supported my ideas well it was just overall a good project for me. On the topic of writing even though I talk about my writing every time but I think I am improving a lot over the course of the year. But I really understand writing more in my opinion and the flow of writing but there is definitely more for to improve on in writing but I think it takes time and the more I write the better I will be and can set myself up for university really well. If I stick with writing and don’t give up. For next year I am going to have a good mindset for the past couple months I have been working having a good mindset and embracing the pressure and controlling your nerves for situations like these that can be scary and when I get older with what I wanna do I know there is gunna be a lot of stressful situations and practicing now so when those times come in the future I am ready for those situations. If your someone who wants to be in those situations and embraces them your going to have so much more success in life so I am going to continue to build on those skills in the summer and take that mentality into the school year to have a great last year at seycove. Thank you guys for listening to my t-pol. 

Plastic straws are better then paper

Do not be convinced you are saving the planet by drinking out of a terrible straw. Plastic straws are simply not killing the planet, and science just can’t stop proving it.  I believe plastic straws should be reimplemented in the fast food industries, and metal straws in the restaurant business. After doing research and figuring out solutions to help the environment while still eliminating paper straws. Some fact about paper straws is that process of recycling paper can be inefficient and it takes 91% more energy to recycle a pound of paper than a pound of plastic. After businesses like McDonald’s have come out and said that the straws that are used in fast food joints are not recyclable so why are people arguing that the paper straws are better if you can’t recycle them that makes them no better.

 Also, studies have shown that paper straws are the least effective way to reduce the amount of plastic in oceans and the environment. There are plenty of more useful ways to reduce plastic including getting rid of plastic bags with paper bags, which companies have started to do. But the paper straw idea is just not helping the environment, especially when the so-called paper straws can’t even be recycled.

 Now over 30,000 McDonald’s customers have complained about the paper straws being used and begged for plastic straws to come back, so the demand is there to stop using plastic straws. Now my idea both helps the environment but also the people while still reducing plastic by using other strategies to help the animals and environment. 

Like restaurants using metal straws that take the non-recyclable paper straws and the plastic straws out of the equation and that alone would help the environment, now I think fast food places, like Starbucks and McDonald’s, have to go back to plastic straws. Their straws are paper that they are using is not that much better than plastic so just go back because we are reducing paper and plastic straws by 50%. Also, paper products admit 3.5 more greenhouse gases than plastic products. Paper straws also contribute to deforestation so paper straws are not helping the environment because you’re cutting down trees to use as your straws. 

After doing some more research to help prove my point on how the paper straw transitions are doing squat for the environment the biggest reason for plastics and garbage going into the ocean is fishing gear from the big boats in the ocean and it kills a lot of the animals in the ocean. So I think that people need to stop jumping on this paper straw bandwagon and realize that yes maybe it will save a couple of 100 animals, rather than focusing on the issues that are hurting the environment. The biggest reason in my opinion that has made the paper straws so big is that people think they’re helping the environment and that makes them feel good so they think oh I use this paper straw I am saving all these animals but then go to the grocery store and use plastic bags or buy pop bottles with the plastic ring holding them all together. Then will go home make a sandwich with a plastic bag and throw that out! I think people need to not get that easy fix of making themselves feel better because they think they’re helping the environment when there not. 

To further my point in North America and Europe, you will get rid of your plastic straw in the garbage and then it is picked up by the garbage truck and then buried in the ground not in the ocean unless you’re just chucking your Slurpee cup in the ocean pretty much your plastic straw is not going into the ocean. Yes, they do sometimes find their way into the ocean but it’s not the issue everyone should be worrying about. According to a study in 2017 95 percent of the world’s ocean plastic comes from just 10 rivers: Eight in Asia and two in Africa. The straw that got stuck in that sea turtle’s nose? It almost certainly came from an Asian community with bad waste management.

M-pols are back!!

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am an expert in my education. I am also responsible and accountable for my knowledge. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and offering feedback that I can improve as a learner. Hi and welcome to my third M-pol in PLP, even though it’s been a year since our last M-pol. It feels like they never left; usually, I am super nervous about presenting my mid-year presentation of learning, but for some reason, this year, it is different. Maybe it’s the experience or the maturing I have done over the last year. But this time, I feel fine and ready to present. I think over the past year, I have matured a lot, and I feel like a new person in the classroom. There are always things I can do to improve my learning, and I will continue to work on those things. The first thing I want to talk about is how I have shown growth as a leaner this year. The one way I have is my writing. It is still nowhere near where I want it to be, but at the beginning, it wasn’t good, but I have worked with my grandpa on some techniques to improve it, and I think my posts as the year has gone on has shown some excellent improvement I will continue to improve it. After reflecting on what is holding me back in my writing, I think my confidence when writing. I guess I don’t have the best confidence when writing because I believe I’ve gotten in my head that I am not a good writer. Still, over the past couple of months, I have learned through many different things like basketball, baseball and school that if you have reasonable confidence, you are so much more likely to have success in whatever you’re doing. I know that anyone can say this, but when you experience it, I think it just spirals into everything you do, and you continue to have confidence. So moving forward, I plan to have a ton of confidence in my writing and not get in my head about whether it be about my grammar or spelling. I think my writing will see even further improvement. I think my latest post is an excellent example of a good post, and it shows my progress over the year. Suppose you look at this one after seeing the improvement a lot. Now I think it’s time to talk about my learning plan and sharpen my goal for the year’s second half. I talked a lot about improving my writing, and if I can improve my writing, I will become such a stronger writer and leaner now I have shown some improvement. There is so much room to continue to improve. So I want to use a system to help me improve where I write a couple of sentences at the end of the week on how my week went and use proper grammar and spelling. My writing at a minimum every week will help me improve and be more confident when writing. But the second thing I want to improve on for my learning plan is asking questions and not second-guessing myself. I think the biggest thing why I don’t ask as many questions is I psych myself out and don’t wanna sound stupid and get the answer wrong, but I think I need to get out of my head not care as much if I get it wrong because I am going to be wrong many more times in my life. So I will challenge myself in the second half of the year, ask questions and be in the conversation as much as possible. So now I want to reflect on Humanities so far this year and what I am proud of. We know what I need and want to work on for the second half as we just talked about it, but a project I am proud of is, I think our first project on Government and the ad for Alpha Vert was excellent. I was proud of it for sure. But I was also pretty interested in the topic, and I learned a lot about how the government works because we can all say what we think the government needs to do to be better, but many things take place, and it’s a cool thing. 

The more thing I am proud of is a habit, and it is my public speaking. I am way more comfortable presenting and talking in front of other people, just not in PLP. But in other situations in life, whether it’s being a leader in baseball or presenting in front of others in different classes, PLP has made me way more confident and so much easier, which is so good because I think my personality shines when I am optimistic and not afraid speak in front of others. So I will continue to be confident and comfortable when I present to big groups or groups of people. In conclusion, I will work hard to improve my writing by staying confident and writing in a craft every Sunday minimum plus blog posts and using proper grammar and spelling. Also, I want to work on when something needs revisions taking the time to do it because it will improve my work. Thanks for listening/reading my M-pol and cya in the next one!!

Playlist of my life!

Hi and welcome back to my blog; today, we will talk about our recent project, all about the music! In this project, we learned about the pieces and poetry and some literature terms to help us further understand music. So we started by teaching words,  these helped us how to understand music and poetry in way different way which was really cool because I have never thought about it like that. Next we used these terms by listening to music and applying our knowledge to the music to see them in music. So know we got a good sense of how to use these terms we created our playlist of our life, so we had to choose 5 songs that applied to our life or impacted our life in someway. So after some thinking I decided to go with Go in by lil tjay

I went with this song because this song gets me hyped to do what I love which is play baseball, and gets me in a great mindset to preform at my best and it really gets me in a competitive mode but also can be a chill song to with really good lyrics about how there are always gunna be people who doubt you or don’t want you to do well in things and its a great reminder to not care and keep doing you. The second song I thought of was Freshman list by Nav

This song is a really good vibe song and I love how the song flows and I am really bug Nav fan so this song is a really good late at night song to listen to and just vibe out and forgot about things. My third song was Drag my down by One direction

This song really reminds me of my childhood when I would listen to this song and it brings me back to the days of just being a kid with no stress or anything just having fun and to me this song screams fun it just puts me in a good mood and I think in a song what you get out of song instead of what the song is actually about so much more important because the song brings you joy in a way you like it. Overall this song I think reminds people to live a little and have fun and enjoy life even if it can be stressful or busy. My fourth song is a really good song it’s called Heat waves by Glass animal I don’t know what it is but I just love this song it’s such a vibe and flows so well and it is so catchy I feel like the song is so real and authentic and that’s really cool in my opinion.

My last song is called Paradise by Bazzi I just started listening to this song but I am a big fan for sure the beats are so unique and flow so well together and it just gets me a Friday night mood with all my friends and just having fun and living life. I hope you guys enjoyed my playlist of my life I think my songs are pretty unique and creative to represent me as a person.

Now we had our 5 songs we had to do our analysis with the playlist of our lives and present them to our peers.

So for my first song I choose Go in by lil Tjay this automatically came to my mind when I first found out of this project. Music is a big part of my life and is involved in my life a lot. If I am just chilling or playing sports. This song speaks to me because minus the swear words I don’t identify with swear words by any means, but I do really like the lyrics the first line of the song ‘…they can say what they want say what they want they must not want me to win’… especially were I am in sports it’s really competitive trying to get to college people don’t want to see you win and it reminds me to keep grinding for where I want to be in the future the song it self has a really good beat and chill vibe but also hype enough to get you in a good mindset. You can listen to this song if you want to just chill out and have a good time and on your own or if your doing something important. I think the thing that really makes me like this song is the feeling I get when listening to it. I think it just reminds to keep going and keep working hard and the good things will come. From repetition to allusion the terms in this song are very interesting and make the song so much more impactful, but the word usage he uses in this song I think really just connects to me and this song came out on the way to Alberta I remember it so well and liking the song in grade but now being in grade 11 and still liking the song and connecting to it I think is just so cool. I found some repetition in the song at 1:20 in the song he repeats I remember when 3 times. Also a personification at 0:07 ‘… these teeth Finna punch…’ I love music its a big part of my life so why this song and not another one from lil tjay who is my favourite artist right now because he raps about his hard times and is now at the top after all his grind really speaks to me because we have goals in life to do something great and as the days go by my dream is getting closer and closer, but I think that especially for me what it takes is a lot of hard work just like any goal but it can feel lonely sometimes when so committed and focused on something but this song reminds in those times that its all worth it. My second song choice is freshman list I picked this song because the vibe it gives off is so good it gives off a late night chill vibe I really like the lyrics of this song and we were asked to give 5 songs that we describes us or our lifestyle or even and my life right now trying to take baseball to the next level to college and eventually the MLB so especially in these parts on my life there super important to getting better and getting noticed by scouts so baseball is 24/7 between workouts, practice, gaining muscle and weight so there is not a lot of down time so when I can I like to listen to this song and just chill out and the vibe it gives is so nice to listen to. I think Nav does a really good with how the song is sung such a chill beat and its could be listened with friends or late at night. From when I listen to it I get the underdog feel like everyone doubted you feel. But I could be wrong that’s the feel I get. There is not a lot of poetic terms used in this song but there was some repetition at the beginning of the song and there is a trend going on with songs I saw there is a lot of repetition in them which makes them better and more relatable. For my third song I decided to go with banger drag me down by one direction what is there not to like in this song so upbeat and energetic. It puts you in a good no a great mood. I think people forgot to have fun and all the stress in the world take some time and have fun and I think this song does that for sure I would call it a feel good song if you don’t like this song your lying. I think this song is a great party song and a great to song to just have fun especially with school and baseball life can get stressful but this song just reminds me to have fun and enjoy life cuz you only got one. In the first line of the song we got some personification with ‘… I have got a fire of a heart’… because he does not actually have a fire of a heart. Then in line 4 we got another personification with ‘…I have a got a river of a heart’… also there is so much repetition in this song like I counted at least 3-4 times they used it. I really like the lyrics used in this song from what I get from the song is you cant drag me down you might be down or negative but I am not going to let you drag me down I am going to enjoy my life and I am not going to let someone tell me how I am going to live my life. But I think its really important what you feel the song is about for what you get from it is way better then what it’s actually about because you relate to it in your own way which is way more important in my opinion. I think anyone can connect to this song because it’s so upbeat and energizing like I feel like I could do anything after listening to the song. Song 4 is such a banger Heat waves by glass animal I vibe with this song so much it’s just so nice and catchy. The melody in the song is so good, I just overall like this song so much it reminds me of summer which I like a lot this song just makes me feel good but lonely at the same time like the lyrics are so impactful in my opinion like I just feel the what glass animal is trying to say. I enjoy this song because life can get some stressful and competitive with so much going on this song helps me relax and calm down and just chill for a bit like I almost feel like when I am playing baseball so much is expected of me to perform for my team and look good for my future there can be so much pressure on me to perform this song can really help me chill and go to a happy place. But the other reason I like this song is because I talked about it already when your committed to a goal for me at least it can get lonely sometimes you know also when you gotta wake up early and go to the gym and you don’t want to this song is so real and authentic. I think music really describes me as a person and is a big thing for me so having these types of songs to listen to our really important. From personification to Allusion to repetition there was a lot of poetic terms in this song for sure like I’am swimming in a mirror or the road simmer this song is a overall 10 out of 10 For my last song I choose the best vibes, party song to have a good time song you can choose such a good called paradise by Bazzi the lyrics in this song are so good like ‘… life moving to fast’… in the second line of the song but what is there not to like in this song such good vibes and good energy. The melody and beats are so good the tempo of this song mixed with how its sung is so good I could dance to this song for so long. It’s got a unique beat choice I don’t even know what half the stuff I hear is but the song just flows so nicely and I feel like everything just falls into place with this song and as it says in the song it feels like Friday night when I listen to this song such a great party song if you ask me. I haven’t listened to this song for very long but I honestly feels like it describes me a little bit like upbeat, happy energetic and just enjoying life. Those are my 5 songs that describe me as a person and I relate to.

So that is what I presented to my peers the second time around was definitely better for me got more confident and conformable with what I was sharing because it can get it a little personal but it was definitely worth sharing. For this project we were supposed to demonstrate

  • How to identify literary elements to analyze poetry and song I think I did a decent job on this my test we not bad but definitely room for improvement on the terms but I felt like I demonstrated connecting to poetry and songs through emotions and using the literary terms. The other one was
  • How to connect with listeners, ask questions, and speak with expression in discussions and presentations I did a good job doing this in my opinion I was engaged in every presentation and was active in class and asked questions in the presentations to connect with my peers with there playlist as well.

If you wanna listen to my playlist of my life here is my playlist. Thanks for reading and see you in the next blog!

Winter exhibition experience

Hi and welcome back its been a while, but today I am going to be talking about our project and the winter exhibition. This exhibition was not my favourite one for sure but was good to finally have a proper one due to covid. Our project was about the Manhattan project and the worlds first atomic bomb it was a really cool project and I found it super interesting. But we also learned about conceptual art and the meaning behind it as well which I definitely don’t think was very interesting. I honestly quite think it is stupid but that’s just me. When I think of art I think of a skillful painting or something skillful but a ready made conceptual art peace sorry it’s not art. But during our project we had to read a book called Hiroshima by John Hersey. It was actually a really good book he was a reporter, reporting on what was happening through I think 5 or 6 characters POV. I actually learned a lot from that book and what else happened other then the bomb blowing up like the weather that happened after and how long it took for Hiroshima to repair its really crazy to think about. We also had to write these summaries for 3 weeks about the book then we had a Socratic seminar to share so here is my second summary.

In my second summary, I want to talk about how John Hersey used the chapters to really tell a compelling story. That people nowadays know but back when this was wrote not a lot of people did. Hersey’s narrative is compelling because he shows the events following the bomb through the personal experiences of witnesses. For example we learn that the plants grow so much more Hersey described that it was optimistic and so green. But he also used really deep descriptive words that described what was going on weeks after the bomb we learned about the long lasting affects on how people got so sick from the radiation as well. But I really think the Hersey words chose had one of the biggest impact on the book it makes it feel so much more real and you really think how bad this event was and how much hell these people went through. It really makes you think when you go through something that you think is really bad what people in Hiroshima had to go through is just 30 times worse. Here is a really good example of the way he tells a really compelling story. 

The flash generated by the bomb was so bright, notes Hersey, that it left shadows of buildings and even human silhouettes imprinted on walls. But one other thought I have is the character choice on who goes through what and who gets more sick then other people is really interesting and definitely could be a really good reason on why the story is so compelling for example the choice of Father Kleinsorge going to Tokyo and getting this exposer for all other doctors? I feel like this summery was my best one for sure I did a really good job explaining my ideas and thoughts. Then we went on a field study to 2 art museums this were really helpful for understanding conceptual art and the meaning behind it I can feel were people are coming from for conceptual art. I am definitely starting to come around the idea of it I still don’t like it or wouldn’t go to a museum to look at that stuff. But we went to the Vancouver conceptual art museum and the Vancouver art museum. The Vancouver conceptual art museum was definitely hard to get me to like the art or enjoy it yet alone understand it but the Vancouver art museum made me open my eyes a little bit towards the art. Now going into the exhibition we had to make a art peace that represented Hiroshima. So I wanted to add my passion baseball into my art so I got a baseball bat and hammered nails into it to represent the to sides of the bat 1 of Japan and 1 of USA and the nails represent the healing and repair process of the tragedy of what happened in Hiroshima. We also had to write a artist statement about our art here is mine.during the exhibition it felt really good to be talking to people and presenting of what you made and another exhibition in the books.

Critical Summary on Hiroshima

Hi, and today I will talk about Hiroshima, my opinions, thoughts on the book and what happened in Hiroshima. I think John Hersey overall did a perfect job on the text as it was a very successful book. But I think there are things to be talked about in the book. Hiroshima was a great story, and it put into perspective what happened there from a vastly different view. So much other than Americans viewed it, I think that’s why the book was so successful was because Americans didn’t know or think about this aspect of the event. Some negatives for me was it can get repetitive at some points in the book where it can get pretty boring to read. I think he stretched some topics out for too many pages; also, I feel like he jumped from character to character a lot which got confusing at times. But that is far and few from all the good pages and how interesting the book was. Everyone will have different opinions on this book, either bad or good. Still, you can’t argue that this story didn’t give you a different view on Hiroshima and even the Americans in an aspect. But let’s talk about why this book is so effectively written to get so many people to write it.

I want to talk about how John Hersey used the chapters to tell a compelling story. That people nowadays know, but back when this was written, not many people did. Hersey’s narrative is evident because he shows the events following the bomb through the personal experiences of witnesses. For example, we learn that the plants grow so much more Hersey described that it was optimistic and so green. But he also used profound descriptive words that told what was going on weeks after the bomb. We learned about the long-lasting effects of how people got so sick from the radiation. But I think the Hersey words chosen had one of the most significant impacts on the book. It makes it feel so much more accurate, and you think how bad this event was and how much hell these people went through. It makes you think when you go through something that you think is bad, what people in Hiroshima had to go through is just 30 times worse. Here is an excellent example of how he tells a compelling story. 

The flash generated by the bomb was so bright, notes Hersey, that it left shadows of buildings and even human silhouettes imprinted on walls. But one other thought I have is the character choice on who goes through what and who gets sicker than other people is exciting and definitely could be a perfect reason on why the story is so compelling for example, the choice of Father Kleinsorge going to Tokyo and getting this exposer for all other doctors? One thing I think that was interesting is John Hersey admits to having felt both “despair and relief” when he heard that the bomb had dropped on Hiroshima, but we do not know how he felt after he researched and wrote the book. Did he agree with the bomb or not? There are so many speculations in our class, but for me, I think he disagreed with the bomb. I think we all can agree that it did save lives for the US, but it probably could have been handled differently, but I believe Hersey was trying to show what happened and the effects and evil it was. By the way, he wrote the book, and I think you can tell he did not agree, like his word usage and how he describes the events and what people had to go through. The last thing I want to talk about is why this Hersey come back after 40 years to write the last part of the book.

But also how could this affect the characters and the basic plot of the story, I think there are many reasons why he did this, but I think one of them is to give us some insight into what lives were like so many years later and how long-lasting effects were. But the last seminar we talked about do you think john thought of this as a win or lose and after reading chapter 5, I believe that he did not know of it to be a good thing, you know, saying that people could not get jobs after the bombing if you were a Survivor which is just crazy to think about. I consider him telling us this so many years later is so impactful it’s showing like the little boy is still affecting people 40 years later. I also think it affected how I saw the characters in the story. He told us that DR. Fushi gets his clinic back but deals with the bomb by drinking, partying and playing golf changed my thought of him and looking back, I think of him so differently now. Also, how Tanimoto goes to America and goes on TV and talks to a guy who was in the Enola gay, I don’t know how I would feel about that if my country got bombed and I survived it, I don’t think I would go to that country I found that part interesting. Even though I believe Hersey added some useless information that we might not have needed 40 years later, it was a very impactful way to conclude the story. 


Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I am going to be talking about D-Day and why it is significant. We have been discussing a lot about the historical importance and what it means in class. So today, I am going to make a case on why D-day is an exciting event. D-Day happened in WW2, and it pretty much won the war. In my opinion, If you ask everyone here at Seycove if they know about d-day or even ask all of Deep Cove, they would all be aware of what D-day is. But let’s talk about what makes an event historically significant and some keywords that make it so important. I think the first thing you need to ask is about the timing of one of the most extensive beach raids, if not the biggest, where so people lost their lives after that day the Germans could no longer hold off the allies. The next thing I think you need is to know is how deeply it affected peoples lives. It affected everyone on that beach, some losing their lives or their loved ones. It also affected Hitler in a great way. He could no longer hold off the allies eventually killed himself and his family. Lastly, how it would have affected our lives today, if the allies didn’t win the storming of the beach. We learn about it in school and it’s a big part of our history. The way it has impacted our lives today. So now after all this, do you think D-day is historically significant? You tell me.