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Hi and welcome back to my blog; today, we will talk about our recent project, all about the music! In this project, we learned about the pieces and poetry and some literature terms to help us further understand music. So we started by teaching words,  these helped us how to understand music and poetry in way different way which was really cool because I have never thought about it like that. Next we used these terms by listening to music and applying our knowledge to the music to see them in music. So know we got a good sense of how to use these terms we created our playlist of our life, so we had to choose 5 songs that applied to our life or impacted our life in someway. So after some thinking I decided to go with Go in by lil tjay

I went with this song because this song gets me hyped to do what I love which is play baseball, and gets me in a great mindset to preform at my best and it really gets me in a competitive mode but also can be a chill song to with really good lyrics about how there are always gunna be people who doubt you or don’t want you to do well in things and its a great reminder to not care and keep doing you. The second song I thought of was Freshman list by Nav

This song is a really good vibe song and I love how the song flows and I am really bug Nav fan so this song is a really good late at night song to listen to and just vibe out and forgot about things. My third song was Drag my down by One direction

This song really reminds me of my childhood when I would listen to this song and it brings me back to the days of just being a kid with no stress or anything just having fun and to me this song screams fun it just puts me in a good mood and I think in a song what you get out of song instead of what the song is actually about so much more important because the song brings you joy in a way you like it. Overall this song I think reminds people to live a little and have fun and enjoy life even if it can be stressful or busy. My fourth song is a really good song it’s called Heat waves by Glass animal I don’t know what it is but I just love this song it’s such a vibe and flows so well and it is so catchy I feel like the song is so real and authentic and that’s really cool in my opinion.

My last song is called Paradise by Bazzi I just started listening to this song but I am a big fan for sure the beats are so unique and flow so well together and it just gets me a Friday night mood with all my friends and just having fun and living life. I hope you guys enjoyed my playlist of my life I think my songs are pretty unique and creative to represent me as a person.

Now we had our 5 songs we had to do our analysis with the playlist of our lives and present them to our peers.

So for my first song I choose Go in by lil Tjay this automatically came to my mind when I first found out of this project. Music is a big part of my life and is involved in my life a lot. If I am just chilling or playing sports. This song speaks to me because minus the swear words I don’t identify with swear words by any means, but I do really like the lyrics the first line of the song ‘…they can say what they want say what they want they must not want me to win’… especially were I am in sports it’s really competitive trying to get to college people don’t want to see you win and it reminds me to keep grinding for where I want to be in the future the song it self has a really good beat and chill vibe but also hype enough to get you in a good mindset. You can listen to this song if you want to just chill out and have a good time and on your own or if your doing something important. I think the thing that really makes me like this song is the feeling I get when listening to it. I think it just reminds to keep going and keep working hard and the good things will come. From repetition to allusion the terms in this song are very interesting and make the song so much more impactful, but the word usage he uses in this song I think really just connects to me and this song came out on the way to Alberta I remember it so well and liking the song in grade but now being in grade 11 and still liking the song and connecting to it I think is just so cool. I found some repetition in the song at 1:20 in the song he repeats I remember when 3 times. Also a personification at 0:07 ‘… these teeth Finna punch…’ I love music its a big part of my life so why this song and not another one from lil tjay who is my favourite artist right now because he raps about his hard times and is now at the top after all his grind really speaks to me because we have goals in life to do something great and as the days go by my dream is getting closer and closer, but I think that especially for me what it takes is a lot of hard work just like any goal but it can feel lonely sometimes when so committed and focused on something but this song reminds in those times that its all worth it. My second song choice is freshman list I picked this song because the vibe it gives off is so good it gives off a late night chill vibe I really like the lyrics of this song and we were asked to give 5 songs that we describes us or our lifestyle or even and my life right now trying to take baseball to the next level to college and eventually the MLB so especially in these parts on my life there super important to getting better and getting noticed by scouts so baseball is 24/7 between workouts, practice, gaining muscle and weight so there is not a lot of down time so when I can I like to listen to this song and just chill out and the vibe it gives is so nice to listen to. I think Nav does a really good with how the song is sung such a chill beat and its could be listened with friends or late at night. From when I listen to it I get the underdog feel like everyone doubted you feel. But I could be wrong that’s the feel I get. There is not a lot of poetic terms used in this song but there was some repetition at the beginning of the song and there is a trend going on with songs I saw there is a lot of repetition in them which makes them better and more relatable. For my third song I decided to go with banger drag me down by one direction what is there not to like in this song so upbeat and energetic. It puts you in a good no a great mood. I think people forgot to have fun and all the stress in the world take some time and have fun and I think this song does that for sure I would call it a feel good song if you don’t like this song your lying. I think this song is a great party song and a great to song to just have fun especially with school and baseball life can get stressful but this song just reminds me to have fun and enjoy life cuz you only got one. In the first line of the song we got some personification with ‘… I have got a fire of a heart’… because he does not actually have a fire of a heart. Then in line 4 we got another personification with ‘…I have a got a river of a heart’… also there is so much repetition in this song like I counted at least 3-4 times they used it. I really like the lyrics used in this song from what I get from the song is you cant drag me down you might be down or negative but I am not going to let you drag me down I am going to enjoy my life and I am not going to let someone tell me how I am going to live my life. But I think its really important what you feel the song is about for what you get from it is way better then what it’s actually about because you relate to it in your own way which is way more important in my opinion. I think anyone can connect to this song because it’s so upbeat and energizing like I feel like I could do anything after listening to the song. Song 4 is such a banger Heat waves by glass animal I vibe with this song so much it’s just so nice and catchy. The melody in the song is so good, I just overall like this song so much it reminds me of summer which I like a lot this song just makes me feel good but lonely at the same time like the lyrics are so impactful in my opinion like I just feel the what glass animal is trying to say. I enjoy this song because life can get some stressful and competitive with so much going on this song helps me relax and calm down and just chill for a bit like I almost feel like when I am playing baseball so much is expected of me to perform for my team and look good for my future there can be so much pressure on me to perform this song can really help me chill and go to a happy place. But the other reason I like this song is because I talked about it already when your committed to a goal for me at least it can get lonely sometimes you know also when you gotta wake up early and go to the gym and you don’t want to this song is so real and authentic. I think music really describes me as a person and is a big thing for me so having these types of songs to listen to our really important. From personification to Allusion to repetition there was a lot of poetic terms in this song for sure like I’am swimming in a mirror or the road simmer this song is a overall 10 out of 10 For my last song I choose the best vibes, party song to have a good time song you can choose such a good called paradise by Bazzi the lyrics in this song are so good like ‘… life moving to fast’… in the second line of the song but what is there not to like in this song such good vibes and good energy. The melody and beats are so good the tempo of this song mixed with how its sung is so good I could dance to this song for so long. It’s got a unique beat choice I don’t even know what half the stuff I hear is but the song just flows so nicely and I feel like everything just falls into place with this song and as it says in the song it feels like Friday night when I listen to this song such a great party song if you ask me. I haven’t listened to this song for very long but I honestly feels like it describes me a little bit like upbeat, happy energetic and just enjoying life. Those are my 5 songs that describe me as a person and I relate to.

So that is what I presented to my peers the second time around was definitely better for me got more confident and conformable with what I was sharing because it can get it a little personal but it was definitely worth sharing. For this project we were supposed to demonstrate

  • How to identify literary elements to analyze poetry and song I think I did a decent job on this my test we not bad but definitely room for improvement on the terms but I felt like I demonstrated connecting to poetry and songs through emotions and using the literary terms. The other one was
  • How to connect with listeners, ask questions, and speak with expression in discussions and presentations I did a good job doing this in my opinion I was engaged in every presentation and was active in class and asked questions in the presentations to connect with my peers with there playlist as well.

If you wanna listen to my playlist of my life here is my playlist. Thanks for reading and see you in the next blog!

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