Week 3 Story

This story is about a baseball in Las Vegas sitting on the line. On October 19 2017 the day I left for Vegas. I woke up at 6:00 in the morning to get on a plane! Can you complete the story 

Deep Cove business ad and Pound&Grain reflections

This is my first post and it’s about an advertising project we did in school. I feel like I learned a lot on this project. At first, I thought advertising was going to be impossible then I started understanding a bit more what this was going to be about. As a group we were asked to meet with a local business, my group picked a restaurant called Arms Reach located in Deep Cove in North Vancouver. Once we sat down with the owner to ask him questions, ideas started popping inside my head and things started too come into place. The interview was so helpful because we really got to understand what his consumers wanted and what his vision he was looking for in an print ad.

The first draft of the ad came pretty easy then the next one was a little harder to come up with and then I found that I started to run out of ideas. To get more creative ideas I decided to look at their website and Instagram. I ended up using my first draft but made it cleaner and more in the direction of what he wanted.

What I learned was how to make a proper ad and how to navigate social media for advertising. One of the things I struggled with was, if you come up with what YOU think is a great idea but your consumer thinks it’s not, you have to let it go and not take it peronally.  That’s  hard because you took time to think of the idea and propose it I struggled with that part at first. What I would do differently is probably app smash to make a better ad. After we were finished with those ads our class went to Pound&Grain which is a digital media agency. We learned about digital media and got our ads critiqued and got advice how to make it better. It was really helpful because we have to make ads after our trip to Oregon so now we have a better understanding on what it takes to be effective.  Continue reading Deep Cove business ad and Pound&Grain reflections

About Me

Hello my name is Kaden, I am 14 years old. I like to play baseball and basketball . I have been playing baseball since I was 2. I have been playing basketball since I was 5. I am in grade 9 I am in this thing called PLP it is a project based learning program that is only at Seycove Secondary which is in Canada British Columbia . We also go on field studies we went to oregon for a week and Alberta for 11 days.