DI provincials!!!!!!!!

Well my first di is over but it was a good but long experience. But I leaerned a lot. After regionals me and my team figured out what we needed to fix and improve to get better scores. One of the things we really improved was are double vision it was not very good at all in our first proformance so we worked hard to improve that. One of the questions that came to was why do we do DI like what is the point after a lot of thinking here is what I came up with. Because it helps us with our team work and creativity and bonding with people and knowing how do work with people. Also how do we handle pressure like if something goes wrong we need to use our problem solving skills to overcome that difficulty. That is why our teachers did that because long experience called DI I think some of it was really helpful for me like problem solving and working together and as a team. One other thing that I would like to talk about is the hardest thing about DI. The hardest thing about DI is the pressure and the deadlines you have to be done by a certain date or you are going to fail so you have to put all of your effort into it. Also your stress level it is hard to mange your stress level when someone says they will bring something but doesn’t for the third day in a row. And provincials are the next day and you have to come up a totally new idea. Also one other thing to add to that is somthing always seems to go wrong right at the last minute. Even though DI can be really hard and stressful it is also really fun at the same time. Like when you find a solution to your problem after all that work it really does feel good to finish that and look back on what you did. One other thing how I feel about our improvements I think we did a lot of improvements with our presentation and I was happy that we did it helped us a lot like changing the double vision and a bit on the script made our presentation very strong. I really think we stepped our game for provincials and I am proud of my team for doing well in all of this. I look forward to doing DI next year.

My first DI!!!!

Today I will be talking about my DI post. You are probably wondering what DI is it is called it is destination imagination it is basically you get a topic or a problem and you have to solve it. My team was the medical mystery their is also a engineering team, a air craft team, improve team and last a game on team. My team had to come up medical mystery my team choose witsullstutch a very rare disease that affects the frontal lobe of the brain and makes you say jokes at bad times. So when I first found I was going to be on the scientific team I thought I did not want to be on this team and it would be boring. But as usual it was pretty fun at first I didn’t understand what we were supposed to do but after my team mates started to explain it to me I thought this could end pretty well for us and boy did it do. So we had to build a sytomatic that was self operated and two team choice element. For our sytomatic we built a wood structure then nailed cardboard to it actually it was pretty sturdy. Then I spray painted it all white then we cut a whole in the top and the bottom, at the top we had a brain that had lights that connected to are amazon alexia that Finn coded. So when we talked to it, it talked back that was a sytomatic. For our team choice element #1 we made a sound track it didn’t go over the best so we plan to change it for provincials it sounded really good but a lot of teams did it so it was not that creative. But our team choice element #2 was really good Angelo coded a heart monitor that was really creative we were the only team that did that so we will use that in provincials. After all that building it was finally time for day everyone was waiting for Di. So when I got their I was scared out of my mind their was so many people. I thought I was going to forget all my lines and fail but I kept saying to myself I can do it even though I completely thought I was going to fail. The walk in was not bad then it all began the tournament began so my team went to get ready make sure everything was ready to perform. After that we went to watch some other performances they were good but nothing to drop your jaw about I think the best part about Di was all the teams supporting each other it was really cool to see and my group did it as well everyone supported Seycove we represented seycove well. Then it was time for performance when we getting ready to go on stage it felt like I playing baseball and it was all up to me to win the game but once I got on stage I just felt relaxed like I got this my team did so well obviously their are things to improve but overall I was really happy with what are team did.