Stories of Hope

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to be talking about Stories of Hope. We have talked about Stories in topics of Hope Resilience and adversity. We read short stories and talked about them in Craft. Now for our project we are creating stories of hope. But first we have to write a blog post on what we think Stories of hope mean. This has taken we a while to think of what I think a story of hope is but I think I finally have a answer.

Stories of hope are stories of individuals and communities overcoming tragic circumstances and great adversity. That sentence is my answer we had a conversation about hope and resilience and the class agreed that those thing have to be life changing but I really disagreed with that in my opinion everyone has hope and resilience but in different ways then other people. Some people’s hope and resilience will be bigger than others but that doesn’t mean we can’t have hope and resilience. All of the people in the stories we read refused  to define themselves through their circumstances. This really stuck out with me because you can use your circumstances as a excuse but all the people said who cares and achieved the things they wanted to achieve in life. A quote that really connects to what we have been talking about and connects to the people we read about in our short stories is. Even on the darkest days, a glimmer of hope keeps you moving forward. It is often the support of others that helps individuals get through their darkest moments. Through struggle, individuals and communities often discover strengths and resilience they never knew they possessed. They also learn to appreciate the little things in life and develop compassion which a lot of people don’t do and get rapped up in trying to get all these big things in life but sometimes you just need to appreciate the little things in life. They inspired me to build resilience, and find meaning and purpose in our struggles. I can see so many examples in baseball about seeing the purpose in our struggles and this is something that I think everyone needs to understand. Ultimately, these stories teach us that hope is a powerful force and that even in the darkest moments we can find the strength and courage to overcome adversity.

This really connects to the short stories we read in class about hope and resilience. A great example is a short story we read in class about Bethany Hamilton and her resilience after getting her arm bitten off by a shark but still figuring out a way to surf. For me this was a very compelling story and hit me harder then most because it was her sport and her life, for me baseball is my sport and all of my life. I imagined something life changing to me where I had to re learn how to play baseball. It would destroy me so the fact she had the resilience and in my opinion hope and commitment was really compelling and touching.


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