My t-pol first I would like to talk about how I grew as a learner I think how I grew was better teachers which made me have better work habits I have gotten a significantly smarter my grammar and vocabulary has got better because of PLP and grade 8. One thing I want to show you is my first blog post v.s my latest I guess would be this one but this one is way better than my first one. Next I will talk about all my subjects and one thing I am proud of and one thing I could still work on. Humanities one thing I am proud of is my song for its the end of the worl as we know it we did this project because we were learning about the fall of Rome and that lead to us making a song into our transition form grade 7 elementary school to grade 8 high school. I think I am proud of this song because it really showed my transition in a whole and I spent a lot of time on it and tried to make the song as good as possible but then again I am singing so it can’t be that good. One project I think I could work was a the exploration unit all about the explorers and in the end we had to make a comic with a group members. I think I could have done a better job drawing even though I really really bad I did contribute but a lot of help was needed and I just wish I could have done i with no help one way I could improve that is getting   to know sketches pro better and how to trace feature. Next I will talk about Math, one project I am proud of is was our last math quiz. I think it shows how far I have come with math our last unit was algeerbra and luner equations. Last time I did this stuff I didn’t really get it and I got really confused but I stuck with it and know I pretty much do them with no trouble. One thing I still working on is surface area and volume it is still confusing for me so over the summer I am going to work on it more so next year I will become a lot more familiar with it. Next I will talk about Science the project I am most proud of this year is is our last project the telescope project which I will be presenting at blue sky. So what we had to do was research a telescope answer questions about it then we are making a slide that describes what  is and how it works. Something I could still work on is handing my science work consistently on time most it is but their are some things that get away from me. Next up is maker for maker a project called DI. It is a project that stands for Destination Imagination it is a worldwide thing were students have a problem or a challenge that you have to solve my challenge or my group challenge was a medical mystery you had to came up with a real illness and have a diagnosis for it. Our disease was called witshullstuch it makes you think your really at funny at bad times and is really not that funny. So for our group I was the guy with the disease I didn’t think I did even though I did.     

So in the first picture we have our final scores we came second in the province the next picture is the notes we got back from the judges the third picture you see is while we were presenting in provincials or both are actually. One thing far maker that I am not so proud of and I can keep working on is my growth mindset because like I  can be sorta negative a lot s if I can have a growth mindset i will be able to be more positive. For PGP something I am proud of is my things at the middle of the year my things were horrible I didn’t really use them at all but now I am starting to use them and now I am more organized and on top of things. Something I am not really proud or somthing I could work on would be time blocking I have really never done that and I feel like it would benefit me more so a way i am going to do that is by trying to some time blocking over this summer so for next year i can do it all year. Next I would like to talk about why I feel I am ready for grade nine I feel like I am ready for grade nine because I have grown as a learner a lot this year I have learned way more this year than I did at all really in elementary school I have grown as a person and became a better me this year. I know stuff I thought I would never know Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day.

  • It takes approximately 12 hours for food to entirely digest.
  • A sneeze travels out your mouth at over 100 m.p.h these are just things I know because I am interested in leaning now in elementary school I didn’t really care about learning or anything but baseball but now I want to learn. Now to end things of I would like to talk about my work ethic and my work habits my work ethic now is I want to do something until I finish it and I will not stop for anything if i am injured fro baseball but I need to finish that game I will I won’t let anyone tell unless i have to. I think part of that goes into school for DI we were running out of days so we had to work on it until it was done non stop until it was done. Now my work habits my work habits are I like to procrastinate but I still get my work done so I am a slower learner I like to think about what I am learning before I go and do it. I am also a hands on leaner I Ike to see in my hands or go out and do it before I do whatever on the iPad or worksheet. Some areas for improvement are definitely staying on task and working on time blocking ways I can improve this are work on it during the summer and when I am doing something this summer stay on task.

Blue Sky blog post

My first blue sky. What we had to do for blue sky this year was really create anything that mattered to you and their was a problem with your product so you made it better. What I made was a lawn mower that picks up baseballs. How I got their thought was a long process, the first thing we did was get a launch journal that helped us a long the way. L stands for look listen and learn the thing I did was do the challenge 1,2,3 to help is generate some ideas. I Then we moved on to ask questions for ask questions we had a need to know page were we could ask questions and get them answered we also had our action plan in their as well which is basically how and when you are going to get things done. Now we are at U understand for understand you did your research on your product and made sure you could do it and got more ideas on how to build it.as you can see I put some Ideas their for how I was going to create it and I interviewed Noah and a coach for my brothers baseball team. Next up is N navigate what I did here was a picture on how my lawn mower was going to work how it is going to work is the balls hit the blades and nock them backwards into my catcher. Then it was time to create for create you had to make what you are going to build. Now here  is a picture on how it works.  their you go the blades know the balls into the back of the back of my mower. know  it  is  the night  of  the  exabition so  we  go  set  up  and  then  our  parents  staarted to  show  up  and  we  shared  to  them  how  we  made  it  to  them  like  I  did  to  you.  

Tempest post

Today I will be talking about my final project in Humanities. So basically what we had to do was answer this driving question “ How can we use Shakespeare’s the tempest and the history of New France to stage dramatic tableaus that help an audience understand the lasting effects of colonization. So the first thing we did was we went right into making little tableaus out of nothing to get a sense of what we were doing. Next we were anthropologist we were understanding the ethics of it by being anthropologist. Here is mine

Then we started learning about the history side of things  we were learning about the first people and why they traded with the new comers and eventually we wrote a paragraph on it


 After that we made a skit on what was life like in a colony our skit was about how people wanted to go to New France because they had nothing left they wanted a new life and they thought that if they went their that was going to happen. As we moved more into the history the next thing we learned about was the seven years war for the seven years was we had to answer some questions about the topic so here are mine.

When we were doing all that we were also watching the Tempest and doing active readings which was just pretty much just making sure we were on task and watching the movie. Their were about 5 active readings throughout the play. So now at this point we finished the play and history so we split into 9 groups and each got an act. With that act we had to make a video on our act I had act 4 with Noah and kaiya our video was about 2 characters who tried to kill porspero and then prospero let the dowgs try and kill them. Now we got everything ready and now it was show time we went to the theatre and started practicing. Friday night the big night all of our parents showed up and it was go time the play went really well everyone remembered their lines it looked great.

My first PGP post!!

So basically PGP is a course everyone has to take. It helps you stay organized and stay on top of things. I have found that PGP has been helpful at times. But at the same can be boring at times so the thing we did was goals and that really helped me. But at the same time can be really boring. One of the first things we did was goals I liked doing goals but the long term goals didn’t really help me at all so I went to short term goals and it really helped I could actually go through with them and it was helping a lot.This little thing is a I like to remember every time I set a goal because if you don’t have a plan to execute then it’s just a wish. The next thing was all about time blocking which is about using your time well and wisely I struggled with that but it was really useful when I used it. Also a really useful thing recommend everyone should is things it tells you when everything is due so you don’t forget about it. The next thing was the seven daily habits tenns should use this was the most helpful thing out of everything this year. Like habit 5 helped it is seek first to be understand then to be understood before that I would not listen to anyone. But after that I listen to other people and things went a lot smoother. The next thing is sharpen the saw it is about renewing yourself and in your key areas. For our final project we had to make a time machine sadly not actually a time machine but it had to be something that you could send back to your old self and be useful. So I made an ad that means a lot because it me and my parents relationship was not that good so with the seven daily habits it helps a lot. Here it is it helped me a lot because as you can see it helped me form a better relationship with my parents and family not as much arguing and stuff it has brought us together and made us stronger overall.