Winter exhibition experience

Hi and welcome back its been a while, but today I am going to be talking about our project and the winter exhibition. This exhibition was not my favourite one for sure but was good to finally have a proper one due to covid. Our project was about the Manhattan project and the worlds first atomic bomb it was a really cool project and I found it super interesting. But we also learned about conceptual art and the meaning behind it as well which I definitely don’t think was very interesting. I honestly quite think it is stupid but that’s just me. When I think of art I think of a skillful painting or something skillful but a ready made conceptual art peace sorry it’s not art. But during our project we had to read a book called Hiroshima by John Hersey. It was actually a really good book he was a reporter, reporting on what was happening through I think 5 or 6 characters POV. I actually learned a lot from that book and what else happened other then the bomb blowing up like the weather that happened after and how long it took for Hiroshima to repair its really crazy to think about. We also had to write these summaries for 3 weeks about the book then we had a Socratic seminar to share so here is my second summary.

In my second summary, I want to talk about how John Hersey used the chapters to really tell a compelling story. That people nowadays know but back when this was wrote not a lot of people did. Hersey’s narrative is compelling because he shows the events following the bomb through the personal experiences of witnesses. For example we learn that the plants grow so much more Hersey described that it was optimistic and so green. But he also used really deep descriptive words that described what was going on weeks after the bomb we learned about the long lasting affects on how people got so sick from the radiation as well. But I really think the Hersey words chose had one of the biggest impact on the book it makes it feel so much more real and you really think how bad this event was and how much hell these people went through. It really makes you think when you go through something that you think is really bad what people in Hiroshima had to go through is just 30 times worse. Here is a really good example of the way he tells a really compelling story. 

The flash generated by the bomb was so bright, notes Hersey, that it left shadows of buildings and even human silhouettes imprinted on walls. But one other thought I have is the character choice on who goes through what and who gets more sick then other people is really interesting and definitely could be a really good reason on why the story is so compelling for example the choice of Father Kleinsorge going to Tokyo and getting this exposer for all other doctors? I feel like this summery was my best one for sure I did a really good job explaining my ideas and thoughts. Then we went on a field study to 2 art museums this were really helpful for understanding conceptual art and the meaning behind it I can feel were people are coming from for conceptual art. I am definitely starting to come around the idea of it I still don’t like it or wouldn’t go to a museum to look at that stuff. But we went to the Vancouver conceptual art museum and the Vancouver art museum. The Vancouver conceptual art museum was definitely hard to get me to like the art or enjoy it yet alone understand it but the Vancouver art museum made me open my eyes a little bit towards the art. Now going into the exhibition we had to make a art peace that represented Hiroshima. So I wanted to add my passion baseball into my art so I got a baseball bat and hammered nails into it to represent the to sides of the bat 1 of Japan and 1 of USA and the nails represent the healing and repair process of the tragedy of what happened in Hiroshima. We also had to write a artist statement about our art here is mine.during the exhibition it felt really good to be talking to people and presenting of what you made and another exhibition in the books.

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