Hello everyone welcome to my m-pol and today I will be starting off talking about, the beginning which mean coming in to this year my thoughts changed a lot this summer and going into grade nine I really wanted to work hard this year and really prove to my self that I can do anything that I put my mind to there is a quote by Derek Jeter that says there is always someone better then you but no one should work harder then you I really wanted to put that into action this year in anything I did and so far I have no regrets. Now the driving question What is your learning goal that you want to reach by the end of this school year, and how will you meet it? my learning goal this is improving my writing skill and story telling and I also need to work on my organizing for the story telling part I will continue to keep writing blog posts and write story’s but I will focus on the language I use I think I need to use a deeper use of words. I will be also on top of my things and use it more than I do I have been using it more this year but not nearly enough and also put things in my calendar I am getting better on it I put my sports in my calendar but I need to start time blocking my homework. http://www.blog44.ca/kadend/2019/11/28/video-skills-blog-post%f0%9f%a4%af/. This post I think really shows my improvement so far this year but it definitely can be better but I think if I keep working hard this year then this goal is very achieveible. Now moving on to my reflection on humanities science, math and PGP 

For humanities something that I did well was the Russian revolution video I think I did so well on this because I was a leader in my group I made the lyrics and lead the rapping this is something I did well on because I am not usually a leader but I stepped up and in result was a pretty good video. https://youtu.be/ZMsNBBQbUDY Something I could work for humanities is definitely my creative reflections I definitely not the most creative person in the world, so creative reflections don’t come easy for me but I think this a good example because for the creative reflection I did I didn’t get the mark I did and I kept at it and revised I think 2 or 3 times before I was happy with the mark I got. I also think the shows how much harder I have been working this year and I am way more determined this year. https://youtu.be/kFEOd6ds5TM As you can see not a great video but I stuck with it and made a product I was happy with. https://youtu.be/HNzxEjq85iU 

Now moving on to maker I think that something I could improve on in maker is the student blogging challenge this was tuff for me for some reason I not a big fan of the challenge so I was not motivated to do the work so how I am going to improve on it do the challenge in the spring and work much harder on it during the spring and make it on the page for the good work. But something I am really proud of is the wok I did for the winter Exhibition the maker portion of it I worked really hard on the light saber and the launch journal and it turned out really good people loved my creation and it shows hard work pays off. https://youtu.be/6n2Ds8sC55wVIDEO https://youtu.be/://youtu.be/kUDjbPzjz8w. For science I would work on staying on task and not  getting distracted by my friends the way I can improve on this is when my friends talk to me tell them to wait till after class and stay in task to do work something I am really proud of for science is my correlation vs causation project because we did a really good job with our surveys and my partner Kia we worked really well together and things went along smoothly. Math something I could work on in math is like terms we currently doing the project right now so there is plenty of time to improve on like terms but I have to work hard and stay in task and ask questions ask for help when I don’t understand something so I can get better by the end of the unit. I am really proud of our first project in math we made math games using exponent laws to make a math game. https://youtu.be/T3bc7D-Z6JsI am proud of this because at first I didn’t get at all but now I sorta get it but I worked hard to figure it out with Gabe and we made a pretty darn good game. The final subject I will be talking about is PGP something I could work is on my goal for the end of the year is staying organized with my work and utilize the app things. I can work on this getting reminders from my teachers and also self reminding and have my home screen as make sure to use things so I always use it. Something I proud of is well we haven’t done much for PGP but the take your kid to work day was a pretty good video I made it took a long time to make but I think it shows a day in the life as a person who works at Burnaby. https://youtu.be/sLoWVScGlOw. My work habits I think that I am a pretty hard working person who likes to have fun and does not let things get to him  my mom says that I am a very literal person so my work ethic is get things done I don’t mean fast but I get all the things I need to get done, done I also work hard on most projects I said this last year the projects that interest me I work really hard and and I want to do really well on but the ones that don’t interest me are the ones that I have a hard time with I think this is really important that I say this and I continue to work on this I have definitely been getting better at this but it can improve. My work ethics are I am visual learner I like to look at things do it before I actually work on it. Lastly I would like to talk about is the circular competencies I will choose 1 I am proud of and 1 am not proud of the first competency I will talking about is communicate from humanities I did well of this competency because I was able to share my own ideas when presenting and sharing. One I need to work on is identify continuity and change To wrap this all up I am going to ask you a question Do you agree with the stuff I said an how I am going to improve my learning ? If not what should I change? I

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