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Hi and welcome back to my blog. Today I’m going to show you why you should vote for the Alpha Vert party in this upcoming election. We are an excellent party that wants to help the economy and improve our environmental systems by eliminating greenhouse emissions. I bet by now you already have a bunch of questions about our values as a party, our mission and our top priority as a party.  Well, I will answer all of them to help you get a better understanding of Alpha Vert. Let’s get right into things:

What are Alpha Vert’s values?

Our party values action on climate change and provides Canada with a better future. We also focus on the economy and will create ways to protect the environment, such as reorganizing Canada’s budget and putting funds from there into our plans for climate action. We value a government that can make these changes before the damaging impacts of climate change further affect us. The alpha vert party highly values Canada’s free healthcare, and we plan to keep it in that place. Current public healthcare has its flaws, and that is why we as a party propose introducing a highly regulated private healthcare option. This will give people who need treatment the option to pay extra to skip the wait. This money will be taxed and put back into the public healthcare and environmental budgets. So now that you know a bit more about Alpha Vert, let’s get into our mission. But first, make sure you check out my group members blog’s as well as,Noah,tomas and angleo 

 Our mission as a party is to create a better future through renewable energy (promoting electric transportation, investing in companies that focus on renewable energy sources, and increasing the value of the green vehicle in Canadian’s eyes). We also feel that actions can be conducted faster and more efficiently in a more straightforward government. Other green parties have focused on the environment, but they had too many aspects that they were concerned about. We will narrow our focus to renewable electrical energy. Hopefully, you are interested in alpha vert now, but I want to show you an informative visual about our top priorities before we get into the specifics. But now let’s get into the specifics and go more in depth on our priorities:

A better future by promoting a renewable energy:

we will do this by adding charging stations for electric cars to gas stations to make it more accessible and affordable to charge electric cars.

The next part of our renewable future plan will be our electric transportation system for electric buses, taxis, electric bikes across Canada to reduce green house gas emissions. The last part of our renewable energy plan will be adding incentives for Canadians to trade in their gas powered cars for electric cars for example, Increasing cash back incentives for trading your cars. This will hopefully improve the amount of electric cars on the road and decrease the amount of gas powered cars.
Our next Priority is Re-organizing the budget, we will be taking a second look at our spending and cutting down on unnecessary expenses. Our budget will be 700 million and we will invest over 5 years the flooding budget will be cut to 33 million from 68 million. One of our biggest ideas will be to simplify the electoral system by putting in place our three party cycle system. We are set on recreating the Canadian Electoral System to create a simpler and fair vote that only three parties will be in an election to prevent splitting the vote. However the party with the least amount of votes will switch with a new party in a three party cycle, guaranteeing a majority government. A new party will enter the cycle every time there is an election and is chosen by members from all three of the previous elections parties. Investment is our next idea in our priorities plan Investing in companies that deal with solar, tidal and wind turbines. Lastly, we want to work on improving the economy without costing the environment so we will be re-directing the budget to invest in renewable energy.  Here is an artistic rendering photo to help you understand our three party cycle idea to incorporate into the next election.

But what makes our party the most unique, I think, we are pretty original because we are helping the election system which not a lot of parties are even thinking about. We are also helping the economic system by improving on our green ideas by trying to eliminate green house emissions so at the next polls Think Alpha Vote Vert! 

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