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In maker we had a three tasks which were all part of our assignment Awesome images. The first task we worked on was taking pictures of everyday images from different angles and in different lightings. Here are my pictures I took of my everyday object. My first collage of images is indoors with just the object .My second collage is outdoors and has busier backgrounds .  

The second task we worked on was called a photo walk, we had to chose a theme and then take photos of objects or places that fallowed your theme. My theme was warm colours here are my photos.








To take my pictures I decided to go to the grocery store to take some pictures of warm coloured foods ( I got many weird stares but it was worth it ) Some other photos I took on the way home and at my dads office.

After I finished my photo walk I chose my three favourite photos and edited them to showcase their colours. Here are my photos.

For the third task we had to take a photo of any object and personify it. I took a few photos of everyday objects around my house and gave them living characteristics, here are my photos.   



















I had lots of fun completing these tasks and learning more about photography thanks for reading , Namaste, Kaia                                                               

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