Which animals are the closest relatives to humans?

The student blogging challenge’s week 5 post tasks theme was science the first task was to write a post about something  you were curious about.

I decided to research about animals that are the closest relatives to us. This is what I found…

1. Chimpanzees

About thirteen years ago researchers discovered we share ninety eight to ninety nine percent of our DNA with chimpanzees.

2. Bonobos

Bonobos share ninety nine point six of their DNA with chips which means on the genome sequence as chimps are. Bonobos are known to be the most emotial type of ape, apparently they regulate emotions the same way we do.


3. Gorillas

Us humans are actually closer relatives to gorillas than chimps are. We share ninety eight percent of DNA

While researching I found a video about what capabilities these animals have and how we are similar to them about the difference between us and chimpanzees but also the similarities we share with them, the video was a ted talk with Jane Goodall an English primatologist and anthropologist.

Know that you know more about our closest animal relatives lets play a game.

Two truths and one lie.

1. Chimpanzees are..

  •  Omnivores
  • Mammals
  •  amphibians

2.  We share DNA with..

  •  Mammals only
  • Porcupines
  • Almost every animal

Comment your answers to the questions.👍

I had a great time reaserching about humans and the DNA we share with animals, Thanks for reading my blog , Kaia

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  1. Hello, Kaia,
    My name is Mrs. Schlosser. I am an official commenter for the Student Blogging challenge. I can tell you spent a lot of time working on your science page! You did a great job. My favorite part was Jane Goodall’s video. Have you read “Me… Jane”, a picture book by Patrick McDonnell? I love that book. It gives the reader an idea of how curious Goodall is about the world around her.

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Mrs. Schlosser. I haven’t read Me Jane yet but thanks for the suggestion sounds like a fantastic book, Kaia

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