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Tpols, this is the time of the year for celebration and to look back on what you have accomplished!

I have to say that this year has been the biggest year of change for me, I have become more aware of my future and my present on how I can achieve goals and use each moment of my life as an opportunity to excel! Through the whole of this year I have learnt so much not just education wise but also on improving myself as a learner!

In PLP we would start of with a big subject topic and then research off of that. My favourite project we did was advertising, I found this project to be a really valuable life skill and learning skill. It really opened up the whole world of advertising and how advertisers can use your mind to their advantage. I also really enjoyed the religion section (worldview),, I came into this project not knowing much about religions or having an assumption about them, but when I learnt more about the facts and differences each religion had it made me appreciate religion more and be more open minded to things I might have never taken the time to notice or care for.

There were so many great learning experiences I’ve taken away from this year, I feel that with each project I took away something new and that is one of the reasons I feel I am worthy to move on to grade 9.

Like everything in life there are things you excel at, and things you have trouble with. I struggled in little ways with each project I tackled, whether it was because I was not motivated or was not happy with the way my project turned out. I found the comic book project (argh matey) was this most difficult for me. Surprisingly I really like to draw and write, but with the time restraints and work effort in my group it turned into a mediocre book. I think that my group and I could have done a lot better if we were really enthusiastic, since no one really wanted to step up and take charge of everything we just split the drawings down the middle and put it into a book. I learnt from this that I need to step up and take charge more often or at least be more vocal with my ideas.

I find that I am most proud of the work that doesn’t seem like it will work out but I still push through and create something amazing! We’re are almost finishing up another project called Blue sky (I will put a link here when the post is finished) we had to create an invention that we thought was helpful and was important to us. I chose to make a slide and without thinking about the engineering I thought that a tarp and cushions could make a slide. Well it didn’t work out since the cushions just moulded into the stairs. It F.A.I.L ed.  This was devastating to me how was I supposed to present an invention that didn’t work, I didn’t want to just say “well I tried my best but it just didn’t work” I wanted to be proud of my project! This is an example of when I could have just sat around and did nothing to solve the problem or I could progress. Like I said above it F.A.I.Led that doesn’t mean it was unfixable, it was just the first attempt. With help from my dad he taught me how to actually build a stronger and sturdy slide. We decided on new materials, layouts and ideas that would make this slide something that was fun and I could be proud of. Sometimes its ok to just stop your project if you know its not going to go anywhere but sometimes you have to just put in a little more effort to change it into a masterpiece!

Transitioning into grade 9 is a big deal for me its one step closer to achieving goals, more responsibility and more freedom. These are all things I think that I am ready for, I have learnt about worldview and religion and became a more open person, I have read books and actively used proactivity apps (such as calendar and things) and I have learnt to work with a team to pull off something spectacular in Destination Imagination. These are the things that help me to be a more resilient and productive person. These are the reasons why I am deserving to transition into grade 9!

Kira • June 19, 2019

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