How does what we hear read see influence us?

How does what we hear read see influence us? When you hear a story on the radio or read something in a newspaper or see something on the news you automatically think that its true because since we know they’re professionals so they know everything For example if someone on the news says eating pears makes you live until you’re 200 then  people think its true and now suddenly everyone is eating pears because the news said so. 

Milestone 5 really helped me understand media a lot better it’s was more of the deeper side of media which really helped me answer the driving question. Milestone 3 I think was another very important milestone because it helped us understand how much media has changed over the years and how most of the stuff in the older ads wouldn’t be suitable for today. This project really helped me open my eyes to the deeper side of media I didn’t know anything about media I just saw the advertisements and didn’t really think much of them but now that I did this project I know the strategies and the appeals that are put in advertisements.

In conclusion I really liked this project and I liked what the message of it was at times it was complicated but It was very helpful.

The Medium is the message reflection

The Launch phase was the first part of the Medium is the message project. It was where we got placed in our groups for the project. The people in my group were very nice and helpful which helped me succeed in this project. When we got placed in our groups we started on the Welcome Home Text Analysis. Our task for the Welcome Home Milestone was to watch a promotional Apple commercial and break it down by explaining who you think the target  audience is and how they’re sending the message.


The Building Knowledge phase was based on mostly trying to define certain advertisements and learn the techniques of the big companies and how they get your attention and how they get you to buy the product. One of the parts in the Building Knowledge phase was the Graphic Design and photo practice which was my favourite part because it was fun to experiment with the camera and the different angles and features.


The develop and Critique phase was reading a book called the gospel according to Larry and preparing you for your phone or email interview with your business. The Gosple according to Larry part in develop and critique phase was very fun I liked the book I got confused at parts but after that I really enjoyed the book and writing about it after. The preparation for sending your email and making your phone call was fun to work out with my group and figuring out a script for your phone call and email was hard at times but we ended getting it done.

Advertisement draft 1

Advertisement draft 1

Advertisement draft 2
Advertisement draft 3

Advertisement draft 4


Team advertisement final draft



The present and reflect phase was mostly focused on your advertisement telling a story so it has a bigger meaning than just promoting the product. I found this part was one of the most interesting parts because I got to learn that an ad can be more than just promoting a product so now I look at advertisements a lot differently.



My user manual reflection

The My User Manual project was our first big project of the school year and it was pretty fun to make. This project helped me a lot with explain myself better in a written format which is a good skill to learn how to do. I would say this project was very different compared to the projects we did in elementary school I definitely like these sorts of projects more.


The Memoji laptop project was really different compared to any other project I have done inside school and as well as outside school. I learned how to instant alpha on Keynote I never knew I could do that until now.


You can view My User manual in the link in this post.

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