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This project was called Laser Laws and revolved around the driving question which was “How can we test the Pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection?” We collected information on this topic by doing a series of tests A.K.A milestones leading up to the final project and proving this theory.

Milestone 1

Milestone 1 was probably one of the most important milestone along with milestone 3 and 4. For milestone it was just simply writing down ideas and questions on a mind map which is the picture above which I can’t make bigger. I didn’t fully understand this milestone so I asked Noah for some help to understand it better (shoutout to the homie Noah) after Noah explained it to me I got to writing down questions that we later had to wright down on whiteboards around the class .

Milestone 3 and 4

I shall combine these 2 milestones because they kind of where connected. Milestone 3 was when we sort of got our first look of what is was going to be like building our laser model, but except instead of lasers we used a very faint light source. After we made the little model we had to wright a lab report of our finding and Noah helped me again (Thanks Noah) For milestone 4 we kind of took those findings and put them into a super glitchy and slow app to make an online model of a right angle triangle de up of lasers reflecting off of mirrors and this was supposed to be some sort of rough copy. We then needed to Wright ANOTHER lab report about the measurements of the triangle and testing the Pythagorean theorem which didn’t even work for my triangle

Milestone 5/ Real Project

Before we could even start making the final model we had to pick a design. I wanted to do a lighting bolt for the Flash because of lasers and stuff. never mind. Anyway we decided to go with something that was WAY overly complicated and that was the Apollo Moon Landing Module. I think that’s what its called. I didn’t even know what that was in till Noah explained it to me. So we went with that and you couldn’t even tell what it was but all I know was that it was fun to build and looked AWESOME in the smoke

Now its time for the core competencies


Questioning and Predicting: Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific or problem of personal interest:

The to get extending on this competence you must have been focused on the task at hand and work well without distractions. Well I didn’t do so well on that. I didn’t use my class time that well and ended up doing a lot of the work at home. TBH I just didn’t really find this project very interesting so I got easily distracted by friends and Pokémon Go.

Communicating and Representing: Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial and symbolic forms:

To get extending of this one you pretty much had to be precise about your measurements and about testing the Pythagorean theorem correctly. You also had to properly make a scientific method about the test. I feel like I did a pretty good job on this one. I made my scientific method properly and had all of the right parts and measurements

Applying and Innovating: Co-operatively design project:

I fell pretty good about this one too. To get extending here you had to basically contribute to the group and help making the model itself. The other part of it though was to accurately measure the model but we decided to not put our model on cardboard which made it 10x harder to build and measure. So we didn’t do to well on the measurement part.


I feel like this project may be cool to some people but I just didn’t find it intriguing. I was really hoping it would be similar to the last project but whatever. I’m pretty sad that sciematics is coming to an end because I really enjoyed it and am looking forward for it again. For the next project I should probably not play so much Pokémon Go and get my work done IN class and not spend 3 hours on it outside of class. Once again, another shout out to homeboy Noah for being a cool and helpful table parter and am ready for the next projects in PLP

Aidos! 🥸

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