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For this project we had to make a board game including the key science concepts like tectonic plates, continental drift, inner core, outer core, etc. The driving question was “how are thematic and mathmatical elements used in game design.”

the first milestone was one of the most important ones. We had to get together with our partner and one other group making a group of four. In these groups we discussed game ideas and possible game designs. We then had to do a rough draft of what are game was about and how to play. These where not set rules just ideas. We decided to go with a candy land style game board and the goal of the game was to save the most people while still making it to the top of the game board or “The Hill”.

Another important milestone was milestone 2. For milestone 2 we  had to find 10 key science vocabulary word that we had to include into our game and our game rules. Not only that but we also had to come up with 10 science questions then pick the 3 best ones. Finding these science vocabulary words led to us finding new game ideas.

The other milestones where textbook pages where we had to understand the key words and concepts. They where fairly easy, but just took some time. As the project went on we changed our ideas and the goal of the game. You no longer had to save as many people as possible you just had to get to the top of the game board. We also added in trivia cards to use some science words and different spaces, such as the power up space or the attack monkey space each doing different things. We also added the idea that disasters could happen based on where you were on the board.

The final days of working on the project I was focusing on building the game board while Hannah was making the cards. I had to build a cardboard city and a monkey village, but I’m not complaining because building it was actually really fun. On game day our game played out differently then I hoped. It wasn’t bad just not what I pictured. I felt like there wasn’t really enough science concepts and our rules where a little confusing but it was still fun to make.

here is a picture of the board.


overall this project was really fun and I felt like I learned alot about how the inside of the earth works and tectonic plates. One think specifically I learned was that there are different kinds of plates that when they crash into each other there are different outcomes. I know I am posting this a bit late because I completely forgot about it but at least I’m still posting it.

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