Take your kid to work day


2 weeks ago was take your kid to work day. I was going to go with my dad to work but I was feeling sick and my dads office won’t let you in if you have any symptoms. My dad works at ICBC and I would’ve gone to the office, met all his coworkers and done some stuff for him. I also didn’t happen to watch the zoom meeting because if I’m being totally honest I didn’t even know there was a meeting. So, instead of going to my dads work and doing the meeting I decided to take matters into my own hands and make a skit about what I think take your kid to work day is about.

in this skit I played 3 roles. Myself, a future me owning a collectible store and an another future me as a rapper. Lil Leland on SoundCloud btw. I simulated tasks and interviews to try and make it more like the real thing. I really wish I could make it to my dads work but I’ll have to make due with what I have.


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