Case For A Nation 🐍💚

What it do. Back to another blog post and this time it’s about our most recent project, Case for a Nation. This project was about nationalism and each person had to pick a topic wether it be a country’s nationalism history or a Canadian icon. The teachers gave us a list for the available topics and there was only 3 available spots in each subject or you could propose your own topic and that’s what I did. I proposed my topic to be the Nationalism of Chile. I chose this because my whole family is Chilean and I was hoping I could get some help from them with it, but then have of them got COVID and once they got better the other half got COVID. 

Anyway we started off this project with a small intro into Canadian nationalism by listing down Canadian icons then doing a TikTok trend, Canadian Check. We learnt a lil bit more about Canadas history then did a small simulation about the Confederation and which provinces signed, which didn’t and why or why not. After that we really started getting into our project subjects with doing a lot of research about your topic, the topics nationalism and the history of your topic from 1800s to 1900s. Our first keystone that actually involved our topic was the topic research. This was probably the keystone with the most work and the one where I learned the most and figured out this would be a lot harder than I thought. The keystone was pretty straight forward and they wanted you to put down 10 bullet points using 3 different sources. This took me quite a while but it was worth it because I got a lot of valuable information.
ICanadian Check Video

now with that info we had to make a post caption. Oh, I forgot to mention what the end goal for this project was. The goal of this project was to make an Instagram post with 3 images and a 50-100 word caption explaining your topics history, nationalism and story. Like I said I chose Chile so I had to research Chile then make 3 creative images, a drawn on black and white, a quote and a meme. (Shown below). Now that’s outa the way, we had to make a caption right. Soon after this we had to make the 3 images. This was the part that was pretty hard for me because I had a hard time finding what to do for my images. My research was on point but my pictures could use some work. As you can see 2 of the 3 involve my cousin Julian which dosnt really show how our history effects our nation today…

The next class we had to choose our final images and caption. Usually what would happen would be the 3 people in each topic would come together and combine to make 1 caption and pick 1 image from each person. Luckily I was by myself so all I had to do was resubmit my original caption and images. Like I said the end goal of this project was an Instagram post and the caption was pretty much the story but since the post isn’t actually posted yet I’ll just put the caption here: In 1810  the people of Chile decided to go against Spanish rule with Bernardo O’Higgins leading them to battle. They where tired of being oppressed by Spanish rule and decided enough was enough. Chile wanted to express nationalism by breaking off from Spain to be their own. Over the years Chile got into numerous wars with Peru, Bolivia and sometimes Argentina winning almost all of them. Winning these wars gave them more land like the nitrate mines from the war of the pacific. It’s good to know your country like how your country started and what it’s like now and where different monuments came from like a statue put right on the boarder of Chile and Argentina from the boarder predicament they solved peacfully back in the 1800s. #knowyourcountry #pizzahutchallenge #nationalism

Overall this project was pretty good and I definitely grew a lot as a learner because I had to rely on myself for everything and hold my self responsible. I also thought it might be easier to go alone but I was wrong but looking back I’m glad I went alone because I feel like I’ve gained more out of this project by going alone rather being in a group. All in all this was a good project to learn about the history of my people and how it connects to use today. Until next time! 

Slatt 💚🐍