Das Cap Blud On Slime Frl 🥬💚🤞🏽

What’s up gang gang on my slime stuff no opp stuff put that on slatt frl frl and welcome back the bestest blog, the Slime Slatt Blog! Today we’ll be going over my final humanities blog post ever, Lies and incongruencies. This project revolved around indigenous peoples and the oppression they’ve had to endure and… Continue Reading Das Cap Blud On Slime Frl 🥬💚🤞🏽

World War Slatt Part 2⁉️

What’s good dawgs and dawgies and it’s that time once again for another flipping blogpost! So without further ado that’s get right into this Johnson! In these post I’ll be talking about our previous humanities project which focused on Canadas involvement in WWII and why the Juno Beach Center should be preserved and remembered. Although… Continue Reading World War Slatt Part 2⁉️