Ryan Reynolds Is Dad

What it do slime. Once again we are back with a blog post! Now before we get any further let me explain myself. The reasoning behind my title is our other maker project was called “Vibrant Video” and it was all about movie making and filming. Connecting the lines? Ryan Reynolds is an actor in movies, project about movies? Whatever.

Anyway this project was relatively short compared to our other ones and it was really all about filming. We used two apps to record and edit with those apps being clips and iMovie. Over the few weeks we made a total of four videos, two in each app. This project was actually really fun and didn’t really feel like school. While we were making these videos in between filming we would take notes and learn about the history of movies and film making. It was actually very interesting and I learned a lot of new things about some great movies.

Video 1: about me video

for our first video in this project it was very simple. All we had to do was make an about me video, which had to include 3 things about yourself. Not only that but you had to film in clips and use some of the features like filters, stickers, GIFs and captions. I actually didn’t have any clips of myself doing any of these hobbies so I had to do all of them in one night and probably spent to much time on it.  Anyways without further ado, here’s my first video.

Video 2: silent movie.

for our second video we were given more instruction and more of a base to follow. For our second video we had to make a black and white silent movie. There could be no audio, cuts in the film for dialogue and an old timey soundtrack. I decided for my video to be about a fat man named Guntry going to the gym but does all of the exercises completely wrong. My dad helped me film this video in our buildings gym and I thought it turned out great and was my favourite one to make. And now I present Guntry!!!

video 3: tutorial video

this video was the first time we used iMovie and a thing called a storyboard. I’m sure I’ve brought up storyboards in my past projects but a little refresher. A storyboard it like a layout of all the shots and angles your going to take. Anyway, this video was also the first time we worked in groups. Luckily I got in a group with my good pals Ewan and Ben Yerxa and we came up with a super lit idea to make a tutorial video on how to be cool like Layton McRae. Unluckily Ben got COVID so me and Ewan had to carry on the task preaching Layton McRaes coolness. This one was also fun to make and me and Ewan had a jolly good time. The one crazy part about this video is that everything I said was completely improvised. We had no script what so ever but we did have an idea on what we wanted our final video to look like.

video 4 special effects.

for our 4th and final video we had to make another movie in iMovie and include some sort of special effect and sound. This was another group film and I was working with Ines and Max Loui. Ines didn’t do much, I stared and max was the filmer. This movie was all over the place from bombs to magic floor food. I think this video definitely turned out the best and was hilarious to watch.

overall I learned quite a lot in this project and found it was actually really really fun. Do I think that I’ll ever become a director? Nope. Actor? Maybe, after I become a rapper and a NBA superstar. Anyway I learned a ton of different techniques on how to film movies and what makes a great movie. Not only that, I also learned SO much about the history of movies. I still think it’s crazy how far we’ve come in movie making and glad we got to do this short project.

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