What the flip is up gang gang and welcome back to the slimiest, slattiest, bestest blog, the Slime Slatt Blog. This project was slightly different than the projects we’re used to as this one took place in Florida at Disney world. The end goal for this project was to make 5 trend videos for TikTok… Continue Reading PIRATE SWORD PIRATE SWORD PIRATE SWORD!!! ⚔️ 🏴‍☠️

Chi-Town Turkey Burgers 🐍

What’s good homes. Time for another blog post but this time it’s about Destination Imagination. I’m sure everyone who’s reading this is familiar with Destination Imagination ( DI for short) so I won’t go into to much depth, but its basically a competition for students who compete in four different categories. Improve, Technical, Scientific and… Continue Reading Chi-Town Turkey Burgers 🐍

DI project

this was a project unlike no other. This is Destination Imagination. In DI you had choose between 4 different categories. I picked fine arts because it was supposed to be the easiest. And I was right. The goal of DI was to make a music video based off a book. DI is a contest that… Continue Reading DI project