Growth Mindset

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about how to keep a growth mindset and how to get rid of your fixed mindset. We where learning this at the same time as the blogging challenge so for me at least It was hard to keep up. Anyway, in case you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about a growth mindset is when you are opened minded to take on any challenge and wont give up easily and are eager to take on more challenges. A fixed mindset is basically the exact opposite. A fixed mindset is when you give up easily, dont think your good enough to do something, think you can’t learn anymore than your already do. Stuff like that. So throughout this learning experience I actually realized how much of a fixed mindset I really have. Now that I have more knowledge on how to fix this mindset I’ve been trying to change my mindset to a growth mindset.

Each Tuesday and Thursday we had to do a reflection on our growth mindset and put it into a digital book. This book would have a total of 4 reflections on how you have a growth mindset and make a better mindset. One of the first things we learned about is grit and how important it is to be gritty. Here’s a definition of grit so you know what it is.

Grit (noun): Grit is passion and perseverance for long-term and meaningful goals. It is the ability to persist in something you feel passionate about and persevere when you face obstacles. This kind of passion is not about intense emotions or infatuation.

Ok, so that was what grit is. For our first reflection to include in our book we had to do a reflection on grit and effort. With each of the four reflections came with either three questions or a three part instructions to do a task. Back to the first reflection, so for the first one we had to answer three questions. Those questions where…        what have you realized about your own grit and effort? Where do you show these skills best? How could you show these skills more? Some pretty straight forward questions. I dont want to say what my answers where because ill be embedding the book at the end.

reflection two was actually about your mindset. We started to learn about what a growth mindset is and how to make one. The first part was about belief and how you can do tell yourself you can do something and the second part was showing those skills in school. For the reflection part we had to make a small chart showing three ways we have a growth mindset and three ways we have a fixed mindset.

Reflection three was about learning, beliefs and school. For this one we started to talk about time we might have received growth mindset praise or fixed mindset praise. We also got read two books to help us better understand it. Anyways, the task for this one was to again, answer three questions. How have your thoughts of intelligence changed as a result of new understanding? Can you think of a time you received fixed mindset praise? Or a time you received growth mindset praise? Did you notice a difference in your success? How have your thoughts on achievement in school changed as a result of new learning. These answers will be in the book too.

The fourth and final reflection was about failures and persistence. I honestly dont really remember what we talked about before writing the reflection… anyway here are the three questions I had to answer. What are you willing to fail at this year in order to learn? What factors can  you identify that will help you succeed? How will you keep your growth mindset time after time, task after task, through failure and success? Also in the book.

before we ended this project we had to do one last thing. Make a growth mindset selfie. A growth mindset selfie is when you take a selfie of yourself and the put a goal you want to set for yourself that is school related. Mine is pretty good. Ill show it here.

All this talk about there being a book and stuff so like I said, here’s the book. Read it if you want it isn’t that exiting. Anyway, see you next time.



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