Micheal B Jordan Is Other Dad

What it do slimes back again with another blog. Before we get into this let’s address the title. The reason it’s Micheal B Jordan Is Other Dad is because I have another post called Ryan Reynolds Is Dad. And what do both these posts have in common? Their both about filming. In this project we had to make a documentary about a topic of interest with 1 interview and it being 3-5 minutes in length. For my topic I “chose” to do it on self driving busses. I actually wanted to do it in hip hop but my dad said I need to “broaden my horizon” and he gave me the choice to do it on self driving busses or fentanyl 😐.

To start off this project we got into random groups and made a short documentary to get a feel for what it could be like. Luckily I got into a group with Cole and Erik so it was pretty fun. We did ours on basketball and it was quite silly 🤪🤪🤪🤪. Cole was supposed to be a NBA all star and I was the interviewer but Cole was like really bad which made it funny. (He’s not actually bad, just acting)


Next we did what we usually do for a story project, make a storyboard and a script but instead of a script we had to make a screenplay. It’s kinda like a script expect you also have the scenes and what’s happing as well. It’s basically the whole movie but in words. Kinda hard to explain so here’s mine. The first few parts are just instructions and examples. Im sure you know what a storyboard is but in case you don’t it’s just like the story but in a drawing showing which each scene is visually. Anyway here’s my screenplay I know it’s long and the documentary is way better than the screenplay says it is.

now that I think about it this project was like short but long at the same time. There wasn’t really any milestones the reason it was so long was just the setup and filming took a while. So that’s why this blog seems shorter than usual it’s just cuz there isn’t that much to document. Anyway after the storyboard we where supposed to do a rough cut which at that point I didnt have enough footage to hand that in so I didnt. But as time went by I got all the clips I needed to have a nice documentary about busses all sent ready to go about to interview my dad (because he worked in it) until he got COVID. Which meant I had to wait about a week to hand it in. He’s better now so ill be able to hand it in. I interviewed my dad outside of the Parkgate library because apparently he still has COVID but I still got the interview done. If you ask me my documentary is phenomenal and here it is to see it for your self.


overall this project was alright. It would’ve been more fun if I could do it on something im actually interested in instead of busses but hey, it is what it is. I did learn quite a bit about different filming techniques and how to make a good documentary but personally I think it could have been better.

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