Star Wars: The Phantom Menace | Movie Review

The Star Wars franchise had impressed everyone. There is no doubt that this franchise had been a huge success all starting with the first of the series. The Phantom Menace is a great way to start this amazing series. 

It was immediately clear to me what the director had in mind for this film, suspense. We see this at the start until the end leaving the viewer wanting to see more. They did an amazing job making the viewer want more and to watch the next of the series. This is all good until I got a feeling of “is this to much suspense?”. I found myself wondering throughout the movie. Did they take this too far? Or is this adding to the viewers experience? I finally came to the conclusion that this is just enough suspense as I found myself wanting to continue the movie and see what happens in the next film of the series. 

An aspect of this movie that was quite disappointing was the character development. One of the biggest things that I feel make a movie is being able to go along with the journey of the protagonist. It was disappointing to see when the protagonist (Darth Sidious) hadn’t evolved throughout this film at all. This also isn’t just our protagonist. Qui-Gon is also someone whom we don’t see any much to any evolution.

Since we don’t see much character evolution we also don’t get much of a connection to the characters. This means we don’t feel sad or happy if something happens with a character. Character evolution is essential for making a connection to the viewer. If we don’t find this in a movie there isn’t much point in having a movie as we normally want entertainment and our emotions to be affected while watching a movie. 

Since there was so much tension and suspense in the movie there was something to help with this. Jar Jar Binks is a very controversial character in the Star Wars trilogy. Many people say he is the worst and most annoying character they’ve seen. I am not one of those people and I believe Jar Jar Binks is a great contribution to this movie as he provides comedic relief for all the suspense. 

With the many mistakes in The Phantom Menace we see such a great opportunity for the next of the series and due to this setup I believe this movie stands out from the others and was the perfect way to start the Star Wars trilogy.

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