Til Death do us Part

The introduction of Cults into the general psyche has changed the way we view strange groups. Many intellectuals have preferred the use of the term New Religious Movement to describe these deviant movements. Their increase in popularity has been theorized to be a result of the rise in protesting of the world order that mainly […]

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Atop my Ivory Tower

Stories of sweatshops periodically surface in the western consciousness, usually corresponding with an outcry towards the companies who enable such exploitation and dangerous work conditions. Articles, photos, and videos of some of the most despicable and inhumane conditions that workers for companies like Nike and Forever 21 have surfaced through the years. Consumers and the […]

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Fast Cars, Shooting Stars

Music is an exceptionally complex topic because of the nature of its complex and deep connections it forges in its listeners. Often times the rich emotional connections I or others build with a song are challenging to describe with words. The songs that manufacture the strongest emotional connection require the listener to relate to not […]

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Black Jack

I have always found it challenging to speak about income and wealth inequality when I live in an upper-middle-class suburb outside an economically prosperous city. It is easy for me to hold a deep hatred for rich kids who have had opportunities handed to them their entire lives, but it is far challenging to look […]

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We Will Prevail

  If you were to only listen to fear-mongering, dark times of polarization and isolationism have descended over the world. You may think there is no way to bridge the gap between the great divides in society. You might even believe that hatred and bigotry are a human condition that we must live with. You […]

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  I have been pondering a wide collection of challenging questions in my effort to build a comprehensive outline for my humanities project. The questions that have given me the most pause involved discussion of misogyny in our society. Systemic misogyny is one of the most powerful tools that society uses to oppress women. The […]

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Election SZN

With the American election fast approaching I have been chronicling the changing voting power of women. Since their enfranchisment in Canada, they have seen their power in elections continuously increase. In my research for my continuity and change paper I come across an interesting article written by FiveThirtyEight.   The article was a statistical analysis […]

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What is Marriage?

Marriage has been a defining institution since the dawn of civilization. The first law’s to mention marriage were in Ancient Egypt 4000 years ago. The definition of marriage has been adjusted thousands of times since its inception. In class, we watched the above video about the history of marriage as part of our investigation of […]

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The Importance of Deep Thought

The world is filled with quick short attention tasks. Whether it is scrolling through an Instagram feed or a youtube video, they provide you with a surface level stimulus. For those who look to challenge their minds, you must look at other texts. “Literature is an expression of society just like the word is the […]

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