Uncharted Territory

The latest school term has been one of the most intriguing in all my life. The switch to online school was challenging and interesting in the changing dynamics of reality. It has been hard to learn in most classes but I must say how well my PLP class has done through this time. We have […]

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An Atomic Conclusion

Lessons, examples, and challenges tied the book Atomic Habits have been the years PGP curriculum. In the year’s final project, we reviewed our previous work and explored the ideas covered in the book so we could create an artifact that showed our learning and understanding of the topic. The project gave creative leeway in creating […]

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Modern Society

When studying the civil rights movement it is common to mistake the end of the story with the signing of the civil rights act of 1968. The assassination of Martin Luther King spurred legislation that was seen as the follow up to the civil rights act of 1964. Following the death of Martin Luther King […]

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Diving Deeper

As we delve deeper into our case study of the civil rights movement and explore different events, I have begun to understand some essential ideas. We have split into groups that are pursuing the answers to our 3 driving questions Why do we hate? What role does culture have in showing us who we are? […]

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Chasing Greatness

This moment is your life as much as any other moment. Spend it in a way that will make you proud. – James Clear There is a reason that successful people are where they are. It isn’t about some 1 magic trick that sets them apart, but rather a combination of many different things. On […]

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Insidious and Destructive

If I was asked to put 2 words to describe the state of racism in today’s society it would be insidious and destructive. With the shadow of coronavirus canceling in-person school I have begun to make the transition from in-class learning to zoom-class learning. It has been interesting first 2 weeks first few weeks with […]

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Into the Unknown

The unknown has always been a source of great imagination for humans through the years. It has a way of captivating the public, feeding off human fear. This phenomenon has conquered the test of time as it’s influence can be seen in the play of Macbeth through the 1950s. The topic of the unknown will […]

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An Ode to the Common Man

In this week’s rendition of my “this week I learned post” I would like to share with you my research into social roles. In both Macbeth and the 1950s, social conformity was commonplace and was a key component of society. America in the ’50s was built upon the picturesque pillars of the atomic family. The […]

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Tides of Conflict

I will be posting weekly about the connections between Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the tumultuous cold war. I will create an artifact that helps tell my story.  In this week’s edition, I am going to focus on the human tendency to violence and conflict. Our world is not a place of innate peace and cooperation. For […]

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