It’s here, week seven of the Student Blogging Challenge. This week’s theme is celebrations and festivals There were four possible challenges but only two were required. Since there is only five weeks until Christmas I chose to talk about it and how my family celebrates it.

The first task I did was to find a picture and explain what it means to you, this is the picture.

pictureday / Pixabay

I chose this picture because it really reminds me of the dinner I have on Christmas. Normally my family flies out from England to celebrate with us and my dad cooks a large turkey for all of us. This image really stands out to me because of the crackers, every Christmas we purchase crackers or sometimes even make them ourselves and open them before we start eating. It’s really fun because inside is a paper crown, a toy and a fortune, sometimes we trade toys based on what suits each other. I hope we carry on this tradition because it makes Christmas dinner much more fun.

The second task I chose to do was to write a poem about the holidays, I wrote a rhyming acrostic poem based on Christmas. This poem mentions things that I do and things that others families do.

That concludes our holiday blog post and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.