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For the past week and a half, we have been working on a short video to show who we were. We used icons and shapes to represent us using Keynote, GarageBand, and iMovie. I will include the video here for you to watch if you’d like.

All of the shapes in my silhouette relate somehow to me. The first shape I chose was a power plug because a lot of my life revolves around the use of technology and being ‘plugged in’ per say. The second shape is a piece of bread because it represents nutrients and good health. Next up is a stack of books, since I love to read. After that, a sun because I love spending time outdoors. There’s also a skier because I love to ski. I included a backpack because a large portion of my life right now revolves around school and my learning. There’s a pair of glasses which represent my poor eyesight and how I have had to wear glasses for the majority of my life. I put in a water fountain representing health and hydration because I love water and drink a lot of it. There is a scale, which is the astrological symbol for my zodiac sign, which is Libra. Lastly, a speaker because I really love listening to music and I always have music playing.

For this video, we got to create our own music in iMovie and then put it over a Keynote presentation, and last but not least, we made our own music in GarageBand and layered all three together. Here’s my video for you to watch and see what I did!




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