Welcome back to my lovely blog, I am here to share our most recent humanities project β€œWho Cares and Why Bother?”. Throughout this project we worked through basic politics and government information, allowing us to eventually answer the question β€œHow do I convince young people to vote?”.Β 

The first main keystone in this project was reading the novel β€œLord of the Flies”. During the time we read this novel I took notes to write a chapter summaries and answer a few discussion questions that helped us find out how political systems reflect our collective identity. Through this assignment I was able to recognize that the novel represents how humans organize themselves through the lens of a group of boys as they try to establish rules and leadership on the abandoned island. Due to the fact that they have lost adult supervision it gets chaotic and the boys loose their sense of civilization. I was able to take a closer look into the different kinds of people in our society through specific characters like Ralph, Piggy and Simon. Take a closer look at all my takeaways below.Β 

Next we shifted to the government aspect of this project learning about how the Canadian government works. Going into this project, I was able to recognize that I did not know lots on this topic. However after taking a closer look into the government structure I was able to learn a lot! With this information we completed a government kahoot (multiple times) allowing me to truly understand the concept in a short amount of time.

Next came the final product of this project which happened to be in groups. We were first tasked with creating a video on the information we learned. However this would eventually be incorporated into a presentation for grade 10s and 12s, meaning we had to think of ways to connect to our audience. Let’s just say this was a trial and error. Our groups original project plan was switched multiple times as we had not realized what was required. Due to this it was hard to create a clear plan and the roles did not end up being distributed evenly. My role was creating the government structure animation along with the scripts and some of the filming. Although our final video wasn’t perfect, I still feel we did a good job.Β 

The second aspect of the final product was some sort of presentation to go along with our videos. Our group decided to create a basic presentation consisting of any information that was left out of the video. This included the voting process, some information about the political parties, and some current political issues that may effect who you vote for. I created the slides on the steps on how voting works/how to vote along with my current issue of student loans. Although we ran into a few issues such as timing, I felt this part was much smoother and the final product turned out well.

Overall I feel this project had multiple first attempts at learning however we did our best to create a pretty cool presentation. If you haven’t already checked out our video or presentation click the links above!Β