If you are reading this you are most likely a grade 8 PLP student who may get the chance to participate in many PLP Field Studies. So as a grade 11 who has been on my fair share of PLP trips heres a few tips on how to get the most out of your trip.

1. Participate

Participating is a key part of PLP trips, even if that means going out of your comfort zone. This could be contributing in group discussions by sharing your thoughts and ideas, engaging in team building activities, or embrace challenges whether thats going on a hike or completing a task on a time crunch.

2. Having an open mindset and going with the flow

On your Field Studies you want to be open to new ideas and experiences. This means being embracing new tasks and responsibilities with a positive mindset. This also means being flexible during your trip as not everything always goes as planned. No matter what happens, go with the flow to ensure the best experience overall.

3. Meet New People

Trips provide an opportunity for getting to know new people. Your teachers will definitely make decisions for you to ensure this, whether thats putting you into random groups to complete tasks, or choosing who you sit with for meals. This is to encourage you to talk to new people who you will be working with for the majority of your high school years so you mind as well start now.

In the end you’ll get the most out of your trip if you actively participate and embrace the unexpected. Maximize the opportunity to connect with your classmates in a different environment. These Field Studies are not only about your education but also about your personal growth and making memories.