Hello world! My name is Makenna and I am a PLP student at Seycove Secondary School. Some things I enjoy doing are sewing, horseback riding, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends. I took a textiles class in the first quarter of grade eight and I ended up loving it. I enjoyed it so much I ended up asking for a sewing machine for my birthday. I have been horseback riding for about three years. I first started loving horses when I went to the Calgary Stampede in the summer of 2018 and I have been riding horses ever since. I honestly just love watching Netflix in my room. Some of my favourite shows that I’ve watched on Netflix are Gilmore girls, Heartland, The good place, and Atypical.

One of the first projects we did Β in PLP is creatingΒ My user manual.Β I personally really likes making my user manual because it was a fun way to write down what some of my characteristics and interests are.

I hope you enjoy reading blog and like all my blog posts.Β