How can artifacts teach us about settlement, peoples, and life in New France? This was the driving question for my project let me tell you a bit about it..

Hello and welcome to my blog post about my most recent project in humanities Life in New France. For this project I will be telling you about my Evidence Video and my short story. The first assignment we were asked to do was pick an object that we can look back on later and better understand what our community is going through in this time of isolation. We were given the choice to write a paragraph about it, create a video or make a podcast. I would have usually written more paragraphs than necessary but instead I made a video. This pushed me little out of my comfort zone. Instead of sticking to what I know I’m good at I tried something new. We aren’t giving this option much so I decided maybe it would be fun to make a video instead of writing my ideas. I communicated my ideas in a way I wouldn’t have normally.When it came time to write the short story I was not optimist

I had only ever written stories in French and they had good ideas but they were never well written so I assumed this story would be bad. When I was thinking of my story I made sure it was easy simple and not too creative so I wouldn’t have to write to creatively. But once I started writing it I realized I want so bad at creative writing. During this project I really improved the competency communicate. I learned to communicate my ideas and findings without writing them in paragraphs while I learnt I’m not bad at creative writing. I think communicate a really important competency and I think it’s important to learn to communicate in different ways. This project will really help me in the future because I believe in myself more now. The other competency in this project was evidence: How do we evaluate evidence to decide if it’s adequate to support a historical conclusion.  Even though I didn’t notice myself improving this competency I’m gonna tell you a little bit about it. For this project we had to do a lot of research about history and surprisingly on the Internet there is not a whole lot of information about New France so I improved with my research skills because we had to research petty things like, were there days of the week in New France? Or what kind of tea did they drink in 1672? For our artifact we also had to learn about it then fit it into our story with a bit of creativity and historical accuracy. My artifact was a small wooden toy boat which was fun because I could have kids in my story. If you want to read my short story you can read it here:

See you in September! Have a nice summer!