The Bright Party of Canada

“Let’s make the best of our world”

The Bright Party press release

You should chose the Bright Party because we want to give you the promise of a future here in Canada, we want you to be able to walk outside and breath fresh air for generations to come and on the path that Canada is on right now that might not be possible. We also want to start to tackle the pandemic by putting more funding into health care. You should vote for us because we want everyone to equal and have easy affordable access to resources. We want to strive for honesty, transparency and accountability in the government.
Our party is probably the furthest left out of any of the other political parties. Our party has many similarities to the Green Party and the NDP it’s pretty much a combination of the two parties.
In the two weeks since I wrote my last blog post my group has been tasked with creating a political party. In my last blog post I talked about what I think the government should be doing differently, I said I think we should be putting more funding into climate action and that’s exactly what The Bright Party wants to do. In the blog I brought up the point that most the issues the current political parties in Canada bring up in campaigns are issues that won’t be relevant if we can’t breath fresh air when we walk outside anymore. So in The Bright Party the first issue we would like to tackle is climate action. So in the next election, VOTE THE BRIGHT PARTY!