Blog posts are great! They tell an interesting story based around something you have done, made or overcome. Expressing these story’s in writing is fine, but if you want to spice up your blog, I suggest adding images. 

Seems easy right? All you have to do is find the image you want, download or copy it, and put into your post. Wrong!

There are lots of copyrights you have to worry about. Adding a copy righted image without permission to your blog, YouTube channel or anything else can get you into to lots of trouble. It can cost you money, what you made with the image and even, in some extremely rare cases end you up in jail!

Obviously that would be terrible. To avoid getting into those situations there is an excellent thing you can do. Use Creative Commons images.

Creative Commons is a license that allows photographers to share there photos with the public, while still being able to keep a bit of control over the image. In our blog post we can use  Creative Commons images but you still have to be careful. If you work for a business you have to check that the Creative Commons image that your using allows commercial use. 

Other than that your all good to use Creative Commons images as long as you also mention the creator of the image. 

That’s all good but you still may be thinking that there must be an easier way to get the image you seek, and you are kind of right. 

We know that the creator of an image can use there image where ever they want, so if you want an image you can always make your own!

There are many apps and websites that can help you create the image of your dreams, but since I’m on an IPad I like to use sketches pro. Here’s the image I made:

If you’re more into the online image finding, Here are a bunch of images I found from online using the task 3 image task cards. 

I liked these images because of there thought provoking abstract designs, the modern compositions and their use of sharp and soft lines. Some of them seem to me to represent simplicity, while others represent chaos.


A great way to express a set of images is to write a poem about them. Here’s mine, 




One way,


These words in no way describe 

What are minds need to see

To find the knowledge we truly seek.


You could also use image to try to convey something. To demonstrate this lets play a game, I will show you a series of images and you guess the sentence!

Hint: it is a three word sentence.

Put your best guess in the comments and I will tell you if you got it. 

And that brings us to the end of my blog post for this weeks SBC. Hopefully you have learned how to get the images you seek by using Creative Commons or creating your own pictures. Thanks for reading and good luck fellow SBC bloggers!