PLP is a learning environment that supports learner strengths, differentiated to meet academic needs, and structured in a way to encourage and value learners’ creative passions. Using embedded technology in an authentic and meaningful way is essential to achieve these goals.

PLP is not about students ‘staring at a screen’ all day. Digital resources allow PLP teachers to meet a student’s specific needs in a way that simply wasn’t possible before. Performance Learners use technology appropriately, as a tool for learning.

Today, communication can happen in an instant with people in any part of the world. Students have access to an almost incomprehensible amount of information that is freely available on any topic at any time. Because of this, the nature of education needs to change. Literacy and numeracy are still at the core; however, school is no longer about memorizing content as much as it is about learning the skills and habits of mind that will allow a student to be a successful life-long learner.

In this environment, technology skills are essential. Performance Learners do not have to wait for scheduled ‘computer time’ on shared devices. Instead, with a personal device, students have just-in-time access to a powerful tool that allows them to drive and document their learning in a way they never could before.

iPad Requirement

Apple iPad was selected as the technology platform for PLP after careful consideration and evaluation. We feel it affords students the greatest potential for research, writing, creative expression, and ability to publish and share their work with the world.

All PLP students are required to have an iPad at school for all program classes.

iPad requirements for the 2018/2019 school year will be post here in April, 2018. Do not make a new technology purchase before this advice is published. 

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