Technology for Learning

Technology allows us to redefine learning in previously inconceivable ways.

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Technology as a Learning Tool

Performance Learners do not have to wait for scheduled ‘computer time’ on shared devices. Instead, with a personal device, students have just-in-time access to a powerful tool that allows them to drive and document their learning in a way they never could before.

PLP is not about students ‘staring at a screen’ all day. Digital resources allow PLP teachers to differentiate curriculum to meet a student’s specific needs in a way that simply wasn’t possible before. Performance Learners use technology appropriately as a tool for learning.

Apple iPad

Apple iPad was selected as the common technology platform for all PLP learners after careful consideration of the learning requirements demanded by the program.  

PLP students are required to have a personal iPad at school for all program classes. Required apps used as part of program are provided to students. 

Requirements for 2020/2021

Technology requirements for learners entering PLP in September 2020 will be announced at the April 2020 New Student Orientation Meeting. This space will be updated at that time. 

It is strongly recommended that families wait for this information before making a new iPad purchase.