Learner Portfolios

PLP students do high quality work, and they are proud to share it.

Every Performance Learner has an online portfolio that is the showcase for their best work and a place for them to detail the process of their thinking.

Working in public holds students accountable for producing a high quality work, but it also creates a social dimension to the learning. Each student’s portfolio invites comments from readers — you are encouraged to visit the sites linked below and further the learning by interacting and extending the learning.

PLP 12

Alana Kirby Nash
Anatolia Luciano Nolan
Brianna Maria Spencer
Cashel Marley Stanfield
Chloe Matthew D. Teva
Matthew S. Thomas
Gabrielle Michael F. Zakaria
Jackson Michael S.
Jayden Mike

PLP 10 

Adam Kyle Ryan
Aiden Lucas Sam
Alexander Simon
Michael Sofia
Calum Mimi Spencer
Ethan Reid
Isobel Robbie Willa
Ruby William


Alivia Kiefer Melanie
Lauren Melika
Daniel Logan Owen
Emily Luca J.
Jamie Luca O. Robin
Jessie Lucas
Kai Maggie
Kailey Marshall Tamara
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