My Triptych starring me

Historical explanations

In this project we were trying to answer the driving question of how ideas from Europe and Asia changed the world. We learned all about being a historian, and how to extract historical information properly.

I think that ideas from Europe and Asia had such a big impact because in the times of the renaissance, regular people started wanting to broaden their horizons, and starting to get a new, and better education. With this came more inventions like the printing press, most lenses and clocks. Lots of these inventions came from the Middle East and Asia through at the earliest scripts and textbooks ransacked from the crusades, and more throughout trading in the renaissance era.

A little bit after the renaissance came the reformation. Before the reformation started in 1517, German priest Martin Luther wrote a thesis with 95 reasons against indulgences to the archbishop. After he was ignored, he was able to mass print it using the printing press`, an invention from the renaissance, and nailed them up on lots of churches in his area. This might have been one of the matches that lit the kindling that started the fire of the reformation . The reformation started later in 1517 and ended in 1648. During the reformation there was lots of fighting over the freedom of religion. After the reformation there were lots and lots of religions, mostly ones that split off of catholicism.

in this project we had to learn how to be a historical thinker. We learned how to analyze text and extract the information. I enjoyed making the actual triptych because it allowed me to use the skills that i have learned in SuperimposeX. I learned that i could easily take information from texts.

Avatar box and presentation

Pandora’s box

I had built my box to represent the mining companies coming to pandora, and then destroying the environment to get the unobtainium. The process of building my box was pretty easy. I measured, and cut my cardboard to the correct size, then in painted the entire box but left the outside unpainted on purpose to make it look like a shipping box. Once the box was done I started making the inside. I added some fake moss, dirt and tissue paper flames, but the real star of the show was the 3-d printed parts that I made. I made a tree and two mining drills. Then i finished my box off with two mini drones carrying the tree and then added some glass rocks for unobtainium. 

The presentation night

The presentation night was pretty easy and calm we had a few guests but at the group we were at was very relaxed. I personally had a very good experience 

Making interesting images

This is a blog post about……….. interesting images (no award if you had guessed that). For this blog post I will just talk a little bit about some of the skills that I learned in this project. The first skill that we learned about was ae lock and brightness. We had also learned about the rule of thirds. Then we learned how to make a silhouette (mine is below) using a bright light and the lowest possible brightness. The last thing that we had learned was how use the panorama feature.

I feel that the answer to the driving question of “How might I use still images to create and communicate through technology?”

Is that you are able to use emotion to communicate. you can make a very normal looking scene happier, scarier or more sad by changing the brightness, temperature or shade of the scene. I think that you can shift any images emotion using technology.

“Thats all folks” – Porky the Pig

How to play video games

The topic that I chose to do is video games because I am very knowledgeable in this topic. For this blog post I decided to do my how I geek out component. When I get my geek on it usually starts with me playing with some of my friends. The other way that I get my geek on is when I post, record and upload my videos. I highly recommend that you watch, like and subscribe to my channel (the link ➡️ The one other way that I get my geek one is by watching other peoples YouTube videos and livestreams. The three games that I watch the most about are call of duty Warzone, Minecraft and legends of Zelda breath of the wild.

This part is the let me teach you part. The basic introduction to video games that will give focus on is call of duty, as that is my highest skilled game. The basic introduction that I would recommend is working on aiming and shooting. If you have good aim you are guaranteed to do well. The other thing that i would teach is to have good game sense. To train your game sense I would recommend that you try to pay attention to audio clues like footsteps, reloading and healing. This allows you to get the easy and sneaky kills. The last skill that you need to learn is to be aggressive and not care about losing. The game doesn’t matter and it is just for fun.


I feel that the blogging progress went well. I was easily able to transfer my information from the brainstorm to the post. I easily was able to write all my parts without struggle. 

I felt that the work was some what different from work in the past and yet also the exact same. It was different since you were almost writing for other people. I sort of enjoyed this project because it shows off my skills. Personally I feel that the easiest part was turn my brainstorm into writing and the hardest was brainstorming. I will definitely keep posting to my blog since I have to for school.

All about me

My name is Jannik, and this (as you might have guessed) is my blog. and I am a PLP student in the grad year of 2027. In this blog you will find things about me and my journey through high school as a PLP student. My collage below tells you all about the things I am interested in and an accurate description of my very messy brain ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

I feel that this is my brain sometimes just like this and that it can get very messy very fast. You will see in the collage a mixture of places, animals foods, activities and freinds, as these are things that I am passionate about. I love sushi and always request it for dinner. You can see that there are sports like basketball, surfing and fencing, but there are other sports that I enjoy that I didn’t have room for on my head like skiing. I also love reading, but have sadly finished all of my favourite series. You will see some of my freinds and pets in my head as they all are a part of my life. There are also the YouTube and Xbox logo in my head. These are things that enjoy to do in my free time. 

That’s all for this post, see you in the next one.

Peas, Jannik.

Who I am as a PLP learner

The projects that are down below are what I feel describes and shows who I am as a PLP learner.

  I feel that this was the first project that shows all about me. We had done this at the beginning of the PLP maker. It was one of the projects that we had done with ms Kadi, in September. I find it interesting how since it is an older project some of my newer passions are not there, and it will be interesting To see how many other things end up missing.

The second project that I chose was the laptop MeMoji. I chose this project because it was on of the first project that we did in keynote. I feel that this was an important project since it taught me that you can do so much more with keynote than I thought you could and it taught me all about the colouring and image choices like instant alpha, gradient fill, and photo fill.

This was the first assignment about me. As I am a perfectionist I struggled with this assignment. It took me 2 hours to get this drawing to my liking, and still feel like I could have improved, but that’s what PLP is about, always striving and improving whether in reversions or just in the skills you learn. I feel that this was an important project since it thought us all of the apple pen/ drawing skills.

This is the last assignment that I feel is a big part of who I am. This was the user manual. This was the first big project about me since we described who we were in third person, which made it harder and more fun to write. I enjoyed this project because it tells a lot about me and who I am as a PLP learner and as a person.

Thats all for this post see you next time