Metaphor Machines, an exhibition post

Hello, and welcome back to my blog, this blog post is for the final project of 2023!!!!! This projects driving question was “how do ideas spark change?” To convey this message we built a Rube Goldberg machine about our revolution of choice, with each important part of the revolution being explained by a part of the machine. My revolution was the Irish revolution or more commonly know as the Easter rising revolution. Our machine was made up of 8 parts, where each person was in charge of building and talking about that part. The machine starts with dominoes being knocked over by a marble, which dislodges a heavy ping pong ball, that rolls down a long path until it knocks over a weight for a pulley setting of a rubber ball that rips through the Irish flag. After the ball rips through the flag it dialogues another counterweight which pulls away a domino allowing marble to roll into a teeter totter. The teeter totter than releases a marble which runs down the track where it meets a length of track that has teacups under it, and a tea bag for each cup, sitting above. The marble then dislodges the teabags, making them fall while it keeps rolling. It meets on final section of track where it bumps into 2 more marbles sending them down the track. these 2 marbles roll down the path until the fall into and fill up a hole, allowing the third marble to pass over the marble is now almost finished until it bump into a rubber ball attached by a string to a domino holing fifteen marble, making it and the fifteen marbles fall into a bucket, signifying the end of the conflict. Now this is just the final product, but here is a little bit of a story into the building of our machine. Our first step in building was the creation of our roles, I got the role of scriptwriter, where i would write the script for the talking part of the machine, however we ended up only taking notes from scripts, and trying to speak more freely. Once i had finished the script I started to help my team with the assembly of the machine, and trying to make each connection work with the other ones. The it came to the night of the exhibition, where we set it up in the library and let it run the magic. 

That’s all, till next time.