A Small but mighty recap

In this project we learned all about how the microorganisms interact and change our body and immune system. We started this project with learning how to use microscopes, and we would study, and document our findings. We then swabbed an area of our choice in the school, and let the bacteria grow so we could then study it. For our second to last project we did research on vaccine myths. Some of the myths included having micro-chips, causing autism and that they can change your DNA. With a partner you would make a poster disapproving one of these myths.For our last project we made a public health poster on why to wash hands that we had to design, using craft and kindergarteners drawings. 

That was my recap of this project, bye.

All about the Vikings and apparently Cristopher Columbus

In this project we started by learning how to do historical research by learning about primary and secondary accounts, and how to identify them. We then. We’re given lots of sources to find out information about our topic of the Vikings, and myths about them. In the second part of this project we had to make Viking ID cards with historically correct facts about the viking. In the last part of the project we learned about the Columbian exchange, and Christopher columbus’s journey to the americas.for that project we made a story about an account from your perspective during a voyage with an explorer. We then made five to ten pictures, and then made it into a book