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DI is done – big project

Imagine a project that is six months long. You have expectations to do good, but you have six months, so you can leave it until the last month because it’s not THAT much work. Spoiler alert – It was. It… Continue Reading →

Coding with the kinetic theory – a scimatics post

Coding, atoms and kinetic molecular theory. That is the short way of describe this scimatics project. The hard way is this. What is the project? The final project was to program a game or simulator that shows how matter behaves…. Continue Reading →

Renaissance, Historical Significance and Triptychs

The renaissance was an important time in history. It brought a revival in arts and resulted in many inventions, but it’d be pretty hard to write a blog post that captures everything. That’s why I created a triptych(linked to wiki)… Continue Reading →

Looooooon lake

I went on a field trip. Let me explain. When we were first told about this field trip, we were all very excited. We were going to a retreat centre at loon lake. Now, there are very many loon lakes,… Continue Reading →

DIng dong, DI is here – midpoint DI post

Destination Imagination® (DI) is a global, volunteer-led nonprofit organization that hosts Team Challenges for students who want to take on the entire creative process—from imagination to innovation. Students participate in DI in 48 states and 30 countries! Destination Imagination is… Continue Reading →

A Starry Night – A laser display project

I built a laser display. Let me explain. We have been learning about lasers for a while before winter break, but we hadn’t done anything about the project. So, in the first class after the break we got assigned groups…. Continue Reading →

Mpol – A presentation of Learning

“You don’t learn from experience, you learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey You learn a lot throughout school, and that will be the purpose of this blog post.  This is for my mid year presentation of learning, so… Continue Reading →

Poetical passages – Humanities project

We learned to make poems in humanities. We didn’t have that long to learn all this stuff, just around a month, but we sure made good use of the time. We learned how to make 9 different poems: haiku, simile,… Continue Reading →

My Winter Playground – snowboard series part 4

Everyone has their local mountain. They know it like the back of their hand. Well I had no ideas for a blog post, so I thought I’d tell you about mine winter playground. I live super close to Mt. Seymour,… Continue Reading →

Photos of falling – snowboarding series

Post number 3 in the snowboarding series! This one is about this photo right here! Story behind the photo: Learning is hard. This is the reason behind this series, and I’m going to try to show it in pictures. They… Continue Reading →

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