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Who? What? Romeo and Juliet???

I love editing. Thank god that I am so gracefully allowed to do so. You’ve probably read Romeo and Juliet, or watched it, or something of the sorts, that’s kinda what it’s there for, but have you made your own… Continue Reading →

I Look Sick in a Suit

Gosh what a silly project! Lots of future looking, and learning about myself, and maybe some career planning, who knows.  I do. And I’m going to tell you about it Thinking with the end in mind We knew rather early… Continue Reading →

TomPol 2024

Good habits were achieved this year Next year good behaviours DRIVING QUESTION How can you showcase evidence to demonstrate that PLP Success Behaviours have prepared you to advance to the next grade? Introduction With Grade 10 behind me, and Grade… Continue Reading →

The Two Most Important Letters In My Life – DI Provincials

DI. The two most important letters in my life. After an exhilarating regionals, and a humbling provincials, I have arrived here, writing my blog post. Writing to you now is a new person, enlightened by the experience of BC DI… Continue Reading →

DI – finance is a strong suit

We had DI regionals about a month ago now, and as my schedule has it now is the time for a blog post. I could say I was giving myself time to reflect and gain a better rounded opinion, but… Continue Reading →

There no such thing as an exit. – PLP 10 Pecha Kucha night

Welcome to the grade 10’s cray cray yay yay pechakucha night! This is what you would have heard if you were at seycove secondary last night.  You would have entered the school and seen our greeting crew immideatly to your… Continue Reading →

Anders Ourom – Crazy essay

Okie, I made an essay. Essay writing is important for persuasive writing, and formal citation. I made it for a project. We are doing a project in PLP about the crazy ones. It is inspired by the crazy ones apple… Continue Reading →

I wanna be the guy – humanities 10

`‘No matter what problems we are facing, there is always room for happiness’ – Sam Berns Future me will be positive. I gotta say I am LOVING these positivity projects. There is so much to be appreciated and having an… Continue Reading →

In the shadows – Winter exhibition 2023

Cold. Winter? Winter time? Winter exhibition at Seycove? Tis the winter exhibition of ‘23, the highlight of the holidays. Some say it’s even bigger than Christmas itself. Grade 10 did an exhibit on memorials about discriminated groups during the immigration… Continue Reading →

Beginnings – grade 10 has begun

came into grade 10, with lots of excitement, ready to learn, like every year. We had some fun stuff planned for our first PGP project, and I wanted to make the most of it.This project was about positivity and work… Continue Reading →

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