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Aye aye captain – history

History. That’s what this projecto was about. We had to research a person, and make a comic on that person. There were a lot of criteria changes, such as making the story historically accurate, and having to make the characters… Continue Reading →

Exhibition 3.0. Spring edition

The third exhibition has come, and this one was quite different. First of all we were put into groups with the grade 9’s, and second of all we had time to look around for 15 minutes during the exhibition to… Continue Reading →

Comics and cells

Science, drawing and storytelling are three cool things. Ever wonder what would happen if you could do a project on them all at the same time? Welcome to the comic cells project, where we made a comic book about how… Continue Reading →

Final reflection – grade 8 is over 🗿🥶

This year was a lot. It was my first year in high school. My first year in PLP.  I learned a lot. And as it is in PLP with great learning comes great reflection. That is what this blog post… Continue Reading →

Nouveau France – somehow not a French project

New France was a great place, but you might not know its name that well. Maybe Canada rings a bell, though. Well, New France was the place where the first Europeans – or more specific – French – came to… Continue Reading →

Snowboard design challenge – scimatics

3D design is hard to do. That is one thing I learned from this project.    In this project we had to design and create a thing of our interest with the goal of having either maximum volume or maximum… Continue Reading →

DI is done – big project

Imagine a project that is six months long. You have expectations to do good, but you have six months, so you can leave it until the last month because it’s not THAT much work. Spoiler alert – It was. It… Continue Reading →

Coding with the kinetic theory – a scimatics post

Coding, atoms and kinetic molecular theory. That is the short way of describe this scimatics project. The hard way is this. What is the project? The final project was to program a game or simulator that shows how matter behaves…. Continue Reading →

Renaissance, Historical Significance and Triptychs

The renaissance was an important time in history. It brought a revival in arts and resulted in many inventions, but it’d be pretty hard to write a blog post that captures everything. That’s why I created a triptych(linked to wiki)… Continue Reading →

Looooooon lake

I went on a field trip. Let me explain. When we were first told about this field trip, we were all very excited. We were going to a retreat centre at loon lake. Now, there are very many loon lakes,… Continue Reading →

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