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How 2 draw, A maker reflection post

I learned how to draw. Let me explain. The second project of Maker 8 we learned how to draw on the iPad. We learned shading, how shapes are used in drawing and linear perspective. We also learned how to make… Continue Reading →

Prove It! A game of tectonics

I made a board game. Let me explain. For my second scimatics (science and mathematics) project I got a partner (Charlie R), and we were asked to make a board game about tectonic plates. In order to start building the… Continue Reading →

Becoming A Student in the PLP

This is a reflection blog post about the first Maker project, “becoming a PLP Learner”.  This is the introduction project to Performance Learning Program (PLP). Throughout the project we learned about key pieces of PLP, such as curricular competencies, learning… Continue Reading →

Medium = Message

We live in a world were we are surrounded by media. With that media comes advertising. Ads for shoes, ads for food, ads for Raid Shadow legends, (not sponsored). They’re all around us, so I found it surprising that I’ve… Continue Reading →

My Teamwork

With this page, I would like to reflect on what I have learned about myself and my ability and capacity to work in the team during the last month. Tom in a team When I am in a team, I… Continue Reading →

Hallo Meine Freunde!

Welcome to your brand new blog at Blog 44 Sites. To get started, simply log in, edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. For assistance, visit our comprehensive support site. You can… Continue Reading →

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