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What Happens in October?. . . – Humanities 9

I made a court trial on the 1917 October revolution. Heres how it went. Firstly me and my group all did some independent research to make dioramas on the revolution. I personally struggled on this stage due to stress and… Continue Reading →

Appreciate – Humanities 9

Yo, Blog post. Exhibition blog post? Video blog post! In our recent Maker 9 project, we focused on goal setting and video making. We held workshops to learn various skills that would help us make outstanding videos. This is one… Continue Reading →

And then there were two – Science 9

Reproduction is a task as old as life itself, occurring in us, our dogs, bacteria, and is essential for life. Reproduction can be as simple as on cell becoming two or as complex as a how you and I got… Continue Reading →

Ça Ira – Project Start

Long live the king yo Sick proj start! We did a simulation that went over three real time days, and five simulation days. It was a completely surreal experience. The whole point of the game was to experience 1800s life… Continue Reading →

Goal getters! – films and goals

How does one acquire ones goals? IDK, check the vid. Welcome to Maker 9, where we use IPads for everything. Hail the IPad. In this project we learned how to use some video-making app, how to set goals and how… Continue Reading →

The West – How Has It Shaped Me?

What a way to start the year This year we started our learning with a field trip through BC and we went all the way to Calgary!  Most of the writing that would usually be found in the blog post… Continue Reading →

Off to a good start – Science 9

Science 9! Yeahh, we are starring the new school year strong. This project was a lot of fun to make, and wasn’t too heavy on the homework side of things. This project was on ecosystems, biology and was quite over… Continue Reading →

Aye aye captain – history

History. That’s what this projecto was about. We had to research a person, and make a comic on that person. There were a lot of criteria changes, such as making the story historically accurate, and having to make the characters… Continue Reading →

Exhibition 3.0. Spring edition

The third exhibition has come, and this one was quite different. First of all we were put into groups with the grade 9’s, and second of all we had time to look around for 15 minutes during the exhibition to… Continue Reading →

Comics and cells

Science, drawing and storytelling are three cool things. Ever wonder what would happen if you could do a project on them all at the same time? Welcome to the comic cells project, where we made a comic book about how… Continue Reading →

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