I have found a penguins of Madagascar meme for the moments of this year


cone one, come all to the most dreaded event of the year. Yes some may say it is even worse then destination imagination. That might be a bit of a stretch though.
blah blah blah statement of tPOL

Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

“Accepts feedback and makes revisions”

I take feedback related to work very easily. When most people get feedback there is a chorus of groaning about having to re-do work. But I find it quite helpful. It’s just acting on the feedback when it is not something that can be fixed easily. When we were doing our Pechakucha my group was not fans of having to go up to a teacher and have them tear apart our presentation bit by bit. But I was a really big fan of it. I think this has been the case for a lot of this year. But at the same time accepting feedback so something I need to work on. 

Though I don’t mind getting critique, sometimes it turns into a dreaded activity. If it isn’t something i’m proud of, I shit down and look for any reason too leave. I’ve caused myself to have anxiety attacks before doing presentations because I’m scared of what other people will think about my work, even if I know that other people aren’t at 100% completion as well. 

If critique is not something I can act on right then and there it turns into something I dread. I will procrastinate on it, and it will not be completed. 

Ownership and responsibility 

“Needs reminders to take responsibility for own learning actions”

This is something that has been on a rising and falling slope throughout the year. For projects that I am fixated on, this is easy. I will get everything done as soon as I can because I’m so interested in it. But if it is something I dread, it won’t happen any time soon. I have a total of 52 late assignments form this year. That’s over half.

But at least I’m real about it. I know that a bunch of those assignments were not my best work, that I could have done much more with the time I was given.now it is up to finding systems that will help me stay on track. This year so far, I have tried things, reminders, planning my life on a calendar, and having a physical to do list. All of these things, though helpful at first, evidently failed. It became a game of hoping that I would get all my work done in class and dreading the times that I would need to do work outside of school. I did notice, that for some reason writing on my hand worked. Maybe it was something about the fact that it was right there. It wouldn’t leave. It’s on my skin.

as I go into older grades, I noticed the need for organization, more and more. And though looking back at the same time last year, I certainly was less organized. I think this year I am able to be proud of the work that I have accomplished, especially in the projects that I was really interested in. I was so excited to complete the work, and then would get so enthusiastic about it, finish it all as soon as I could, and then just forget to turn it in. I did forget to turn it in, I am very happy that I was enthusiastic about . I don’t think I can remember having that much motivation to complete stuff last year.

Self care 

“Rarely identifies sources of stress or seeks help when feeling overwhelmed”

You want me to ask for help? Not happening sorry about that.I hate asking for help. Even when I know that I’m not gonna get something done, and an extension has been offered to me, I will not take it. I don’t want to feel weak or inferior. I don’t like Getting that so-called handicap, which would allow me to complete work to my best ability. It makes me feel like I’m cheating. Besides asking for more time on assignments, I don’t like asking, clarifying questions, even if it’s something that will help me.something about having to raise my hand and ask a question about something that’s already been explained to me makes me think that everyone is going to think I’m stupid.

As well as not asking for help in the school environment,I’m not good at asking with basic tasks. I can’t open a jar that holds something I want to eat?  oh well I just won’t eat it. Even in the case of a medication that I have prescribed so that I can take it if I need it, I won’t even ask for that.

I think this is something that has negatively impacted my work this year, especially with this most recent project (Chasing the Canadian dream)where I rushed the last few days to get it ready. I’m not fully proud of my work on some pages, I had to cut a lot of things. I was excited to include. An extension was offered to me. It was the fear of having to communicate to a teacher and be open with them. that is something I’m trying to work on more.

I also don’t communicate my needs when I’m feeling overwhelmed. I don’t like having to leave the class because it’s too loud, so then I force myself to deal with it. But it makes me uncomfortable. Allowing myself to express my needs would greatly improve my experience. But it’s not something that teachers can really help me with, it’s just something I need to start doing myself.



“Demonstrates growth over time time with regular learning reflection posts and POLs that document the process of learning”


This was the only one that I was in between on, because I think my blog posts document my process of learning well, but I don’t turn them in on time. I love writing blog posts, as I see them as a look into the way I viewed the project. I can be creative with them, and I think that they show a lot of my personality. 

I think that my blog post from the project “who are you gonna be” is a good example of this. 


I’m going to leave you today with the wise words of Elliot Paige. In the project I just showed you, we had to do a novel study. I chose to do a book called Pageboy. About an actor called Elliot Paige, who was in a show I really liked. I didn’t expect too much to come out of that book. But as you can see it helped me so much. It Focussed on so many life lessons that I think we can find really valuable.



If you’ve seen my last post you will know we are doing a project about the “crazy ones”. Did someone say crazy? Crazy? I was crazy once. They locked me in a room. A rubber room. A rubber room with rats. And the rats make me PRESENT PIKACHU PRESENTSTIONS.

We open the story with an introduction. We hear Mrs McWilliam say “ok now let’s watch a video about a pechakucha!”. Murmurs are heard throughout the room. Pikachu? But that’s a pokemon! Why are we learning about pokemon! “No, no children, not pikachu, pe-cha-ku-cha”. It’s a 20×20 slide format where you present 20 slides, each slide showing for 20 seconds before automatically advancing to the next one. Totalling to 6 minutes and 40 seconds of straight trying to act like you know your topic! 

Early stages of this project included a practice pechakucha! We were each allowed to choose a person who was featured in the “crazy ones” Apple campaign. For me I chose Martha Graham. I focused on how she was seen as a crazy individual and my answer to the question “how does it take a crazy person to change the world” using her as an example. My main answer was that she revolutionalized the dance world and broke out of the box of norms. This was a very good test run to see what presenting a pechakucha was like, but I think that we were so focused on making it perfect we lost sight of what we were supposed to be doing, which was simply seeing what it was like to get up there and present. 

As I may have told you before, we went to Seattle. Wichever teachers are reading this thank you for putting up with our terrible singing and driving us around the city of Seattle. It was very fun. Going to places like the climate pledge arena was especially very inspiring, and it was cool to see the backstage. Also we learned a lot of statistics about the arena. I like statistics 🙂 here’s some of my favourite photos I took while we were there 

This feild study was one filled with the perfect mix of learning and fun. We got important ideas out of each place, and we were able to construct both an essay and a pechakucha on Seattle and the crazy ones. Now you’ve heard about my essay, but not the pechakucha! I was put in a group with Susan, Sofia and Kadin. After intense discussion we decided our topic for the pechakucha. SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONS! now I won’t bore you too much with all of the learning we did. Making this pechakucha involved many debates about photos, Ms Willemses deciding that she no longer liked borders, and way too much memorization. But after all that it went really well!
here is a link to all of our research 🙂

Unfortunately two of my group members were not able to make it, so me and Sofia had to learn lines around an hour before we went on. I think that we did a very good job telling an impactful story, and a lot of the parents said it was very entertaining and interesting to watch. We held it together. I think that next time we should have practiced a lot more with the newer script, but there wasn’t much we could do as it was a last minute thing. Me individually, I think that I could have been more responsible with getting y portions of the script done faster, as well as helping a little more with the slides. But I think I also did a better job this time around of not taking the work and putting it all on my shoulders.


that is all for this project! Thank you for reading and if you are goginnto take one thing away from this post, it should be that the most bonding you will get with your class is the 30 minutes after watching madame Webb where you are trying to process what just happened.

Crazy? I was crazy once?

been working on a little something 🙂 here’s part of what we were working on while we were in Seattle. Now why the heck was I in Seattle? Well we went there to answer the driving question of “ how does it take a crazy person to change the world?”. And it’s not an easy question to answer. Especially when you’re trying to write a thesis while the anticipation of being able to go swimming is waiting for you. Here’s what I came up with.
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When the self reflection gets a little to deep.

When you ask someone the question “who are you?” It makes them stop. And within that little pause before they respond around a thousand things are going through their head. Its a question that can go a few different ways. Either they are asking for your name, or want to get past the basic introductions. Then you start to think about things like your personality, what you like, even contemplating weather you know who you truly are.


And then we move on to the question of “who are you going to be?”. Not what you are going to do, but who are you going to be. What kind of person are you going to be? What lessons will you carry with you? Are you going to be someone who is trustworthy and kind? comedic? Untrustworthy? Negative? It takes a lot to find these answers. Moments of self discovery, the worst moment of your life, happy moments, maybe even that one time where you tried something new, then it proceeded to become half of your whole personality. True story.


As Elliot Page says in their book “pageboy” “I’d exhausted myself trying with all of me to figure out what was wrong, runnning from one place to the next, fooling myself into thinking I could find it. But the answer was in the silence, the answer would only come when I chose to listen.”


What is important to you in terms of what kind of a person you want to be? What qualities do you want to have? There’s a Taylor swift song that kind of describes this. In her song titled Marjorie, she says 

The importance of knowing when you need to be a certain person. Being kind but not to the point where you can be taken advantage of. I wish to be a kind and genuine person, while still being able to have strong opinions. I hope I am someone my friends can trust, someone they look forward to seeing. I hope I’m not a hindrance. Loving people starts with accepting yourself, and I think I am still working on the accepting yourself part. There is still that part of me that questions weather I am worth it, weather people want to be around me. I guess I want to be accepting of myself. Accepting of my gender, my personality, the way I live.

throughout the interviews, novel study and Ted talks one thing showed up again and again. Community. That word specifically. We rely on the people around us. that sense of community is something we all value. And we need that. We need those people we can trust, have fun with, ask for advice, and have those meaningful conversations with. And that is something I value and hold close to me. I need people and I hope I can make a positive impact on them in return.

Who do you want future you to be? 

There’s a song I found called “just a man”. Something about the words spoke to me. The wondering of the future, whenever that thing you’ve been looking forward to will happen, when you change into that more knowledgeable version of yourself. That older, more mature version of yourself. 

I hope future me is free. I hope he doesn’t loose his love for the nerdy things, keeps being kind and funny. I hope future me keeps trying to live, finds reasons to make life worth it. I hope I’m able to be out freely to my family at some point, and I hope I find a job that I am happy with. Something that plays to my strengths and allows me to showcase them. Would it be too simple to say I hope future me is alive? Maybe. But I feel like that thought of “will I even make it  past this year” has turned into “I have things to look forward to, and reasons to stay”.

this is a portion of my novel study reflection. I found that how relatable the book was turned out to be a joy and a curse at the same time. It made me question a lot about myself, like those reminders from my mom telling me that it will be difficult to exist as a trans man, wich was most certainly showcased at some parts of this book, but also showing me that it was possible. That you can be free.

free is a weird word. You can be free from a lot of things.

The definition of freedom gets the point across, but for me being free is almost a feeling. That feeling of weight lifting off your shoulders, those times where you are able to be your true self. And maybe I do feel freedom in a more defined sense. But who needs to follow a definition anyways.


Were not gonna be talking about that title. You’ll get it later.

here’s me with my groups finished memorial and our timeline!
welcome back to another blog post! This one is in fact late, because I decided to procrastinate. This post is about our exhibition project, ology of apology.  The goal of this project was to create a memorial that would help with the apology of past wrongs. We also did a lot of learning about different memorials, their design, the planning, and what goes into a memorial.

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Questions, questions, WHY SO MANY QUESTIONS?



Whelp now that we’ve got energy out, it is time to talk about our first humanities project of the grade 10 year. AkA, this is us.  I must say at the start of this project I was quite confused. We were told that we were going to be creating a human library, and that really confused me.

After that very confusing explanation we had to answer the question “why does it matter to think about who we are as Canadians?”

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Another year, another tPOL

Hello and welcome or welcome back to my blog. It’s that time of year again. Yes, the one where we right extremely long blog posts picking apart my entire years work. Welcome to the tPOL of 2023. Dun dun dunnnnnnnn. As usual, the tPOL declaration thing must be said.

“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am an expert in my own learning, I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.

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Tacocat goat cheese pizza groundhog narwhal gorilla

Hi. Hola. Bonjour. Como estas. welcome back to another blog post.
This week on chaos blog posts, we have another project. For humanities. Who could have guessed? Totally not me. Never.

Board games. You’ve heard of them, you’ve played them, you’ve probably detested them at some point. When you were a child, did you ever try and make one? How did that go? Bad I would guess. Board games are complicated and hard to make. They require so much thinking and making, not to mention the hundreds of cards you need to cut out. That is a pain most will never have to experience. For this project we had to make a board game about nationalism.

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Prince Charles has sausage fingers, and a recap of the year. (Mpol 2022/23

MPOLs are here much to our dismay.

Hello and welcome or welcome back to my blog! It’s that time of year again where I make a really long post about all of my leaning that I did. As per usual first we must state the following:

“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

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