November 23

Constructing creative communication pt 1. Carr

Hello and welcome back.

For today we have another maker post! Recently we have been doing a two part Mini project type thing. We were split into two groups, Carr and Hertzog, (i will explain those later) and did 5 classes, then we have to switch groups. (Carr becomes Hertzog, and Hertzog becomes Carr). During these few classes with Carr I have really learned a lot about sketching and drawing!


First off, explaining Hertzog and Carr. Hertzog is the photography group. That is all I know about it, but there will be another blog post in wich I explain what they do, as I am switching over to Hertzog by the time that this post is up. Carr is the drawing group. We learned about the power of an Apple Pencil. How it is a pencil yet it has a ton of different brushes that you can use with it (depending on the app). 

What we did:

First we focused on the different brushes and what they looked like. For our first assignment we had to make word art with our name. To be honest with you, I wasnt really happy with this one, because I did it in a rush, and I think that I could have made my lines smother, and taken more time, and putting more effort into this design.

The second skill that we learned was quite an interesting one. It is called sketchnoting. This is when you organize your notes from something like a presentation into a combination of words and sketches. Most people think that sketchnoting is a bad idea, but it actually helps you focus on the speaker. 

The third thing that we did was shading. To be honest with you, I hated every attempt that I made of drawing a mug, so im not going to bother putting it in here. 


The next thing that we did was perspective. We had to go someplace in the school and sketch it. We learned how to make rooms look realistic and sort of 3d. For the actual assignment, we had to sketch a place that we have seen before. I chose The Battery in St. John’s looking out, because I have a house in the battery, and I go there every summer. Here is my sketch of a place in my school and the reference photo, and my final drawing of the battery.

The last Carr class that we did was really fun. We got to meet with a graphic designer, (Chloe Divine) and learned about using colour. Then we got to make our own personal logos. 

This is my logo. I chose two hands reaching out towards each other because it is kind of like a helping hand reaching out to another hand. (I admit to using layers) I am really proud of how this turned out, because I didn’t think that Icould draw these hands. One thing is that on the hand with a glove, I did make the fingers way too dark, and it does not match the tone of my actual hand, while the other does.

Then I changed some things. I changed the hand colour and the glove colour. I changed the glove colour because I thought that it blended in a bit too much with the background colours. 


Overall this was a short but fun thing we got to do with Carr. I really learned a lot!

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November 19

Tectonic chances

Hello there.

This is my first post for scimatics, so we will see how this goes.

For this project, we had to make a board game about plate tectonics, that uses probability to determine outcomes. For the element of probability, we had to include something like pulling a card, rolling a dice, spinning a spinner etc. Our driving question was « how are thematic and mathematical elements used in game design? » Throughout this project I have really learned quite a bit on the creation of board games, and about how mathematical and thematic events are used in game design. I never really thought about the creation of board games, just played them, but now I know what goes into making a good board game.

One of the first things we did was create a mind note about plate tectonics. At the start, we didnt know what they were, what the heck they did, and what they had to do with earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and mountains. As this project went on, we learned more and more, and kept building knowledge. After we had completed our board games, we went back, and answered our questions. The first questions are the ones we asked at the start of the project. The answer are the second or third branch.

Core competencies

Evaluating: demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of evidence. For this competency I was extending. I had 10 key science concepts, and the explanations of why they were there. Our game pieces also represented tectonic concepts because our cards had questions and things that relate to tectonic plates, our game board had visual zones representing earthquakes volcanos and tsunamis, and our game pieces also had things like the earth, waves, a map, and a volcano. 

Questioning and predicting: demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest

In this competency I was accomplished. I think that I could have been extending, but at times, I was a bit distracted, and wasn’t getting work done. I think that if I had used the focus modes on my ipad more, it would have stopped the messages from popping up, and I would have gotten less distracted. I think that I also showed quite a large interest with this topic, because I find it very interesting.

Understanding and solving: Dovelop, demonstrate and apply mathematical understanding through play, inquiry, and problem solving. 

For this competency, I was extending. I think that I did a good job of adding an element of probability into my game. When I say element of probability, I mean pulling a card, spinning a spinner, rolling a dice etc. In our game, I added an element of probability by making players pull a card for the chance, natural disaster, special and trivia cards. I also made it so that the players had to roll a die. I also added the probability of landing on certain spaces, and pulling different cards

This is our final game rules, and photos of our game and peices.

although thorough out this post I only referred to myself, I would like to give a huge that you to my partner Sydney. She did a ton on this project, bringing good ideas to the table, and thinking of creative solutions. Click here to check out her blog!

once again a big thank you to Sydney.

thanks for reading 🙂




October 29

becoming a PLP learner

Hello and welcome back to my blog. This post will be about our first maker project ever. This project was about how we build and strengthen the PLP learning team. We had to make things like a user manual, a laptop Memoji that had stickers on it that represented us, a physical representation that was made out of a ton of random objects, and a keynote guided tour that showcased all of the things that we made. 

The user manual: This was a document that we had to make about us. It included our settings, which were: PLP student, swimming, reading, and normal person. It was written in 3rd person which was a style that I have never really tried to write in. This was a really fun to write though, because we got to write about us, but in a different way, and with a bit of added humour that for me was added unintentionally.  

The laptop Memoji: this was a Memoji that we had to create, that had stickers on it. We had To learn how to create a Memoji, how to use keynote, how to add shapes, add colours, and do so much more with keynote. I feel like my laptop memoji really represents me and the things that I like.

My final laptop memoji.

My physical representation: To make our physical representations we had to use random materials to make something that represents how we work in a team. For mine, I made a campfire, and the materials that I used were: a plastic bag, a index card, some tinfoil, a paper bag and a bit of tape. I unfortunately didn’t get any photos. I think that a campfire represents how I work in a team because the logs are my team. They are all there, perfectly organized, kind, and respectful. The flames and the smoke are me. I can be loud, overwhelming and obnoxious. But the flames need the logs as fuel, and the rest of my team fuel me and keep me going. 

For the exhibition we had to make a guided tour with our keynote skills. This was basically a slideshow that had buttons that people could press that took them to different slides in the presentation. In this presentation we had to have slides that showed: our Big Life Journal three best works, an explanation of our physical representation (artists statement) our creative media that we made that represents our strengths and stretches during this project and one other thing. For me this was my WordPack image. Because I can not physically put my keynote in this blog post, I have created a video that explains my keynote.


The final exhibition! this was one the most fun things to do in this project. We got to give our tables a theme, and out table group theme was mafia. We had black tablecloths, a ton of fake lanterns and candles, and we all wore suits and red rose pins to match our theme. During the exhibition we had parents come up to us and critique our keynotes. I got a ton of helpful feedback from other adults! The only bad thing was that my keynote decided to stop working, but I worked around It. These are some of my group mates, Hannah and Sofia!

This was an extremely fun project to do. I learned a ton of tips and tricks on how to use an iPad, and how to use all of the fun features and apps. 

Thanks for reading!


October 29

How does what we hear read and see influence us?

How does what we hear read and see influence us?

How does what we hear read and see influence us?

This was the driving question for this project. In This project we were asked to make advertisements for real life businesses as well as learning about historical media and how it has changed. At table 3 we were assigned to make an advertisement for Sweet As Treats, a local candy and gift shop. The big idea of this project was to dig deeper into the techniques of advertising and studying historical media from a while ago. 

This slideshow shows the evolution of my individual ad. It started as a collage type ad, that I put together very quickly. After some critique, I changed the image, but it was still very rushed and I was not very proud of it. Then I took the time to think about what the business asked me to include in the ad. I then created and ad that I was proud of. We then did another group critique session, and talked with the teachers, and created our final advertisements! While making these ads, I really learned a lot. I learned a ton of techniques on advertising from how marketers and businesses capture the audience, how colours and layout can affect an entire ad, and the right way to make an advertisement. Another thing that we did to help learn about creating advertisements was our design principles workbook. This is a digital workbook that has tons of tips and tricks for creating a good ad. 

The dimensions on the slideshow are a bit off but it said: slide 1 and slide 2: at the top it said: Sweet as Treats. On the 3rd slide it said: not just candy, an amazing selection of gifts, and on the last slide it said: not just candy, an amazing selection of gifts.

  • This is my second draft. It was extremely rushed and i never really liked it.

The next piece of media that I think represents my learning well is my historical media analysis. I think that this represents my learning well because it shows what I have learned about historical media and advertising. For the historical media analysis we had to choose a pice of media. It could have been a show, an ad, or any other pice of old media. The media that I chose was a Pepsi ad that actually got taken down. We had to explain the ad and answer the following questions: Who created this message?, What techniques are used to attract my attention?, What techniques are used to attract my attention?, What lifestyles, values, and points of view are represented in or omitted from this message? How might different people understand this message differently from me? Why was this message sent? Profit and/or power, and In paragraph form, who is the target audience of this piece of media? What is the message of this media? I think that I could have taken more time to make my answers longer and more detailed.

During this project I definitely had some strengths and stretches. Some of my strengths were, the initial creation of my individual ad, working in a team with my group members, and completing some of my work on Time. That being said, I definitely had some stretches. Even though one of my stretches was completing my work on time, I could have tried to turn some of my work in on time. For some assignments, I would leave them until the last minute, and I could have done them on time and completed them with my full effort. Going back to the driving question which was “how does what we hear read and see influence us?” In media, from advertisements, and tv commercials, to youtube and other social media, advertising is everywhere. Take this ad for example. 

You see it and you think, “well that looks exciting! I should buy them”. Some people would stop to think, “wait a minute, they literally took a shreddie and rotated it! That is kind of a scam! And others might think “oh cool! A new product!”. This really makes you think about companies and how they advertise to you.

oh and by the way, check out my other group members! Sofia, Charlie, Tom, Francis, and Hannah.

Thank you for reading.


October 6

The time that raccoons raided my house

So on Saturday the 30th of September I woke up to my dog going crazy. I was in my room and my mom got up and went to go look in the hallway to see what the commotion was. My mom went out into the hallway and saw 5 raccoons in my brother’s bedroom. One of the parents went up to the living room where they snuck in through, and started yelling at the other parent and the 3 baby raccoons to get the heck out of my brother’s bedroom. They had found a bag of kettle corn wich my brother was not supposed to have. We eventually got them out and now we have boarded up any of the possible raccoon entrance sites. Throughout this whole thing the cat had just vanished. We found him amongst my mom’s jewelry petrified.