Scimatics design challenge

This scimatics project we had to design a object using shapes the driving question for this project is “how can we design a object to optimize its shape”. We then had to find out the surface area and volume which is difficult for some shapes because the formulas are very difficult. Here are the formulas

. See what I mean. For my object I first wanted to design a shed but then I realized that I needed more shapes, so I added a chimney and porch and now it was a tiny house. 

The hardest part about this project was standing up in front of the class and present your shape. I really don’t like doing this but one of my goals for this year is to expand my communication skill so I decided do do the presentation right away to get it over without, but because of that my presentation wasn’t that good it was rushed, quiet and I didn’t have great eye contact with the crowd. My goal remains the same so if we do another presentation I want to put even more effort into making the presentation and practice more.

This project was fun I liked it because I like designing things here is my shape. 

DI blog post

The biggest project of the year so far was DI destination Imagination. I did really like DI because it took a long time it was boring in some parts and it was hard to accomplish, but in the end it was fun to do weird and in some cases funny challenges with friends.

What Is DI

DI is worldwide competition were groups of all ages can enter and compete. There are different challenges you can do the challenges are: Technical, scientific, improve and fine arts. I was in improve in improve you get ten boxes and at the festival you pick at random a festival a goal  and a fork in the road. So at the competition you would act out the the goal while yo hat the festival and then after two minutes you get a fork in the road and have to incorporate that into your act. I know it’s confusing but that’s basically what it is.

On the day of DI we arrived at saint Jorge’s (which is a massive school) at 11:15 and then we went to the Wallace gym and got ready by playing some improve games then it was time to do are act. When we got in the room it was a lot smaller than I thought and there were more judges then I thought. After are act are parents left the room and we did are instant challenge which I cant talk about. After all of that we got to leave for the long drive home  

For DI I think that I am developing because I arrived on time for DI I helped my group, but I could’ve put more energy Into are act. I think one thing my group could’ve done better is to do more dress rehearsals and are communicating skills could’ve been better. 

Thanks for reading my DI blog post. If you want to see my teammates blogs her they are Cameron Ronan Kira Hannah

Scimatics blog post

When I found out that we were coding for the new scimatics project I got exited even though I dont code but I still liked the idea of coding. When we were interdicted to the project we dident start coding right away we first started with learning about the kinetic molecular theory which is a theory can be used to explain each of the experimentally determined gas laws. But then after that we went into coding which we used scratch it was hard at first but the I got the hang of it. My game is pretty fun though it has some gliches but you can fix them by pressing space. To play my game you can go to this link right here

here is my project start mind map


here is my project end mind map

I think I did prettey well in this project on the coding aspect I also listend and handend in everything on time. I think I couldve done better on the work even though I handed them in on time i couldve put more time and effort into them. I expanded my learning about the kinetic molecular theory and I did that by listing.

here are some photos I took of my project. if you want to play with scratch then click this link.  

A Renaissance blog post

The Renaissance blog post, this semester one of the things I learned about was the Renaissance and to go along with that learning a tryptic and a paragraph. Making the tryptic was pretty fun because you had to mix the old with the new for example a old inventor on one side and a modern day inventor on the other side. I think I did a really good job doing the tryptic but the paragraph not so much because writing is not my strong suit.  

I advanced my learning on The Renaissance by paying attention not going of task asking for help when I needed it. I also handed in my assignments on time and fully completed. I could have done better on my paragraph because I feel that is could be a little bit more detailed. I think my tryptic was very detailed and thought out if you dont know what a tryptic is it is made up of three panels with two plain white lines Dividing the three panels and is often used to impart narrative or create a sequence.  Thanks for reading my blog post and here is my tryptic.

Loon lake learning advance

I had my first PLP felid study and we when to lake. Going to loon lake lake was so fun spending time with friends, trying new foods but we also had to work for example we had to do a book that we made in book in this book I talk about what happened at loon lake with pictures and some drawings.

On the advance I learned new skills and tried some new things. Although I would’ve liked to try more new foods. It was a fun experience going to loon lake and learning there for a change 


Hi there,

So basically DI is a massive learning competition were your in your group and have to solve instant challenges And build things but i’m not certain on the building part because I’m in the festival frenzy part of the challenge. Where we have to do improv skits and also instant challenge. 

Instant challenges 

Instant challenges are mini building challenges and you have to follow the rules to complete the goal and example is you have to use a mailing label and Spaghettini to make the highest tower. But you have to do this in a time limit. Each team member has there roles some are time manager were you have to check time, flex were you jump between roles so basically you do all the roles a little bit those are som of the roles. 

For festival frenzy you dont have to build something you just have to bring in boxes and use them to recreate festivals with a twist. To do this I’m Working with Ronan, Cameron, Kira, Hannah and Caitlin and so far I think were on the right track but its not perfect for example we could do less Fooling around and more work. 

Thanks for reading. 

Poetry book

The driving question For this project is “how might I construct text that constructs text that shows who I am” who can pick any text and relate it to world view but the text ill pick is a line from a poem that I wrote with my group and it is “time is a setting sun” and that shows that the world is a place of beauty.  

This is my poetry book

A new book


At the beginning of the year I didn’t Know if I wanted to do PLP next year because I didn’t know if it was for me. But I realized that I like learning using the iPads rather then paper and pencil. The first things I learned about were difficult and confusing at the beginning because I didn’t know how to handle basecamp or showbie but I got then I got the hang of it.


I showed my communicating skill this year by talking to new people in groups, and one example is at the beginning of the year we had the keynote guided tour and we had to talk to who ever came to are station and I really dont like talking to new people so that is also why I put my communicating skill at a two on the learning plan. Another example of me doing this is in are ad project when we had to talk to the business Owner about what ad they wanted. Also in this project I communicated with my group and expressed my ideas with them. So I think i might want to change my communicating skill to one higher level.

Creative thinking 

I showed my creative thinking skill by creating so many new things that I never thought I would create but I did. An example is when I created me out of pipe cleaners and a binder clip on a skate board for the keynote presentation. Some other examples are: creating different ads for the Local Lift. Also when we did the outsiders tableau when we had to recreate a scene from the outsiders book. Last one is when we did instant challenges for DI, and had to make different things from random items. Some of them were hard to complete and we ran into problems like the tower falling over the boat sunk but now we know the problems and not to do that design for next time. I think that I would keep my skill level the same or maybe bump it down one.

Personal Awareness and Responsibility 

I showed personal awareness and responsibility by stopping my self and thinking before I say and or do something that I would regret later. I can’t think of any examples. I used personal awareness by not doing to much work in one sitting and taking small little breaks through out the day to stay calm and not get overwhelmed. I also made sure to get my work in on time so I wouldn’t get stressed or overwhelmed with to much work. I think that I would keep my profile at the same level because I’m doing just that.


I try contribute to my group the best I can some examples are: during the ad project I contributed my ideas and designs to the group and in the end the ad turned out great but we did not get a response from back from the Local Lift. Another example is during Scimatics when me, Jackson and Makia made a really good board game and I contributed by helping colouring in the game board game and bring some lights for the edge of the board. Although I could of contributed to the game rules more because the game was not the best playing wise because we didn’t put a lot of time into the rules and i think that is partly my fault because I could’ve made the rules longer and better. 

Critical and Reflective Thinking

I can use evidence to make decisions and I showed that this term when we did the ad project and i did that by making small or big changes to my ad by using Mr Hepburns advise. I also showed reflective any time I did revisions and example is when Ms Willemse gave me feed back on my Hertzog blog post I made a whole new blog post because I got everything wrong on my first one and instead of just leaving it be actually did it. I think I would leave the profile the same  because I already changed it throughout the year because I think that I advanced up to that profile. 

Positive personal and cultural Identify 

I showed my that I can describe the different aspects of my identity and I showed that by trying my best in all of the world view assignments but I did run into some problems in the beginning because I was confused what world view was because I hadn’t talked about it that much but then it came all back to me later on. I also got confused when we had to link are own personal world view with the outsiders. I think I would keep my profile the same because I already moved it up in this term and the next one seems a little bit to hard for me.

Social Awareness and Responsibility 

I can interact with other people and the environment And I showed that every time I work with a group some examples are: The ad project I worked well with my group to make a ad. In DI I’m working well with my group and contributing by doing research and telling them my ideas. I think that when I get into a new group straight from the beginning I should start contributing More and sharing my ideas. I think that I’m going to keep the profile the same because it fits me.

Laser laws


Hi There

Today I’m going to talk about what I’ve been doing in Scimatics for the last two months.

First we did a whole bunch of work book pages as usual. In the work books we learned about the Pythagorean theorem. The Pythagorean theorem is used for finding the side lengths of a right angle triangle. The equation is a ² + b ² = c ². A and b being the legs of the triangle and c being the hypotenuse (longest side of a triangle). When you add the length of one leg squared and the length of the other leg squared, you get the length of the hypotenuse squared. Then, you have to find the square root of the hypotenuse

The law of reflection proves that when a beam of light reflects off of an object, the angle of the beam of light and the normal (line that runs perpendicular to the surface) will be the same when the beam hits as when it reflects Then you have to find the square root of the hypotenuse.

this is my start project mind map



This is my end mind map

Driving question

How can we test the Pythagorean theorem and law of reflection? 

We tested it by using the pythagorean theorem and law of reflection to make a right angle triangle by using mirrors and lasers.

My questioning and prediction skill I think would be in the middle of emerging/developing and proficient because I did use most class time efficiently but I did get distracted a lot.


my communicating And representing skill I think was proficient because me and my group followed all the scientific method when we made are laser display.


my applying and innovating design skill I think should be proficient because the triangle was accurately planned labeled and measured. We showed that when we showed of are display.



How To Start In Hockey (more in depth)


To start in hockey the main things you’ll need are gear and a league to play in. You’ll need 12 pieces of gear depending on where you are and how old you are. If your starting out at a young age the things you will need are you can find the list at the end of the post. If you are starting out at a older age like 20 or older the list stays the same but you can swap the cage on you helmet for a clear visor or nothing at all. In the NHL you dont have to wear a neck guard but when you are younger you do and I recommend wearing one because it can protect your neck from sticks and skates. Sticks are a preference wether you want a different flex or curve it can be pretty confusing when i started out playing hockey i cut my stick just below my nose on skates and flex is up to your weight and curve is your choice. Well that’s the gear to get started in a league i covered that in a different post so check that out. Have fun playing hockey. Playing hockey is very expensive so save up.


  1. Helmet
  2. Neck guard
  3. Mouth guard optional
  4. Jersey
  5. Shoulder pads
  6. Elbow pads
  7. Pants
  8. Jock
  9. Shin pads
  10. Socks
  11. Skates
  12. Stick