Exhibition blog post

This was my last exhibition of grade 9 in this exhibition I played my keynote slide show wich was a interactive slide show about WW1 and I’d say people enjoyed at least I hope they did. My exhibition group was about myth and reality of WW1 a quick explanation myth is propaganda telling men that war is good and clean and you will be a hero. But reality is that war is a gruesome act that kills millions of soldiers but also killl innocent civilians. In my opinion I think my group did really well and our room turned out looking great. We had started to learn about WW1 weeks Before the exhibition even started we learned about propaganda and many other things. But we also learned about how to make museum exhibits, we went to a museum in the key about the history of vancouver and that gave us a lot of ideas for exhibits of our own so when we came back we started to brainstorm ideas of what are exhibits will look like. The driving question to this project was: How can we make the contrasting narratives of war come alive for an audience? My answer to this question is. The narratives of war come alive for an audience involves a combination of storytelling techniques, immersive experiences, and emotional approaches. 

Thanks for reading my last blog post for grade 9 besides my tpol.

Here are some photos of the exhibition 

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