In this humanities project, we were introduced into the world of sewing. With the goal of answering how sci-fi/fantasy fiction can help us imagine a different future.

We started with sewing, where we learned how to create stuffed animals using other random stuffed animals as our inspiration. We were tasked with transforming the old and trashed into something new and unique. 

After exploring sewing, we started to read  Scott Westerfeld’s “Leviathan.” This novel set in an alternate World War I era world make us think about the impact of technology on society. We were challenged to think about the possibilities of what could have been and what could be, and how our actions in the present can shape our future.

As part of our project, we were also tasked with creating a movie trailer that showcased the themes and ideas we had learned from watching other movie trailer’s and our own knowledge. However me and Keaton I decided to take it a step further and create a short story together. We were excited to work on a project together as we love to work togather and when we do we produce a good product. We used are creative ideas to bring a story that showcased are creativity.

Through our project, we discovered how sci-fi/fantasy fiction can help us imagine a different future. These genres allow us to explore new worlds and possibilities. By stepping into these alternate realities, we are able to create a different future and consider how our actions now  can shape it.

In conclusion, our humanities project taught us valuable skills in creativity. and critical thinking. By combining the art of sewing and literature we were able to explore the possibilities of imagination and the power of sci-fi/fantasy fiction.

Thank you for reading my blog I hope you return for the next.

Here is the link for the short story we made-

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