Electrical operations

Waddup people of the World Wide Web.

I’m back with another BLOOOOG POOOSSSST!!!

We just finished another school project which mean I’m legally obligated to write this blog. The subject in question I science. If you didn’t know the semester change-over is coming up very soon so this will be my last PLP Science post ever. Tis oh so sad but alas we must push on and continue this post. Ok let’s get too it.

This project was named ‘Exciting Electricity’ which was all about electrical engineering. We learned all about wires and how to make circuits and it was really interesting. The driving question for this project was how does society rely on electricity and how can we generate in more sustainably. So let’s get too it. Again.

So I started off with pretty much no meaningful knowledge on the topic, fortunately in the lessons to come we would be educated on everything we needed to know. We first learnt about what sustainable energy is, to do this we first needed to know the different forms of energy generation. There are different ways to generate energy with some being sustainable, meaning non harmful to the environment, and some not. A few of the main ones are wind energy, solar energy, hydrothermal energy and fossil fuels. Fossil fuels being the most used but unfortunately it is not a sustainable source. We had the opportunity to chose our favourite energy generator and create an infographic on how it works and pros and cons of the method. I went with wind energy. I’m very proud of it.

There weren’t really any other keystones or things to be graded on specifically as this was a short project but we built up our knowledge circuits (the system of wires that gives something power) and currents in order to do the final project. We learned about different terms and measurements of electricity. If you have a circuit it’s either a parallel or a series circuit which means the is a flow (the movement of the electricity) that is only going in one direction and powers the whole circuit, or its a parallel circuit that sends a current (the flow of the electricity) to different sections of circuit so each part has its own power. I’m not just going to waffle on about all the different forms and measurement of electricity and circuits. But if you want to learn more you can research things online. All the details aren’t really necessary for the final project hitch was. 🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 A DIY operation board game! Now if that sounds crazy to you your not alone I was so confused when that happened. How the heck am I gonna make an entire board game. Well it’s more simple than it might seem. We just need a box, some wire, a light, something to take out, tweezers, copper tape and a human to operate on. Ok it’s not a real human but I could be with the power of imagination. The guide to the (semi) perfect operation game is at this link, if you wanna give it a shot visit the website.


I tried really hard but the wire wasn’t cooperating and kept falling out. So I couldn’t get a great video but from the spit second you can see it works. I wish I had more time to work on it but you get what you get and you don’t get upset. That said here is my creation.

To answer the driving question which was ‘How does society rely on electricity and how can we generate in more sustainably.’ Society as a whole relys way too much on electricity and power, to the point where if we lost it our brains would shut down and we wouldn’t be able to function. At the rate we are going with fossil fuels as our primary energy source we won’t be able to have this luxury forever, and either the planet will die or our sources will run out. We need to switch to a more sustainable provider of energy like wind or solar before our time runs out. Thank you for reading my final blog post of semester one and my last ever science blog post, this is a random kid on the internet signing off for the last time in science.


Finding fun videos

People of the internet!

Tis time for another mini blog post. This one isn’t as mini as the last but still smaller than usual.

This mini project was called finding fun with videos and as you can infer it’s about making fun videos. We learned a bunch of cool editing techniques and had a lot of fun making cool little movies, now onto the blog post. (By the way there was no driving question for this project).

Ok so the first thing we did was learn how to make a jump cut. A jump cut is when you cut off a video at a specific time and then overlay a new video on top. To make it seem like someone disappeared or teleported. Me and my friends attempted to make a ‘ha ha funny video’ where we were doing a YouTube intro but then got sent to the back rooms by our camera man. Here it is. (Don’t forget to like and subscribe 👍)

Next we made a video with an AR (augmented reality) snow globe that had something inside, and a lil extra. AR is something that allows you to overlay pictures and object from a screen into the real world. Like is you wanted to see how a room would look with a picture in it before you put it up you could. Unfortunately I can’t show the video as it has my classroom in it (and I don’t want any creepy online strangers hunting me down) so I’m unable to show it.

Then we learned how to use a green screen. Now unless you’ve been living under a rock, or your really old, a green screen is a, well green backdrop that you can stand in front of to edit your background so you can edit a video or photo to seem like your not where you really are or add things to your room that aren’t there. Our group decided to continue the story of being trapped in the back rooms. Unfortunately the back rooms storyline end here because, well you’ll see why.

After that scary video I took a turn turn and went for more of a comedy vibe with another AR video. This time we needed to use emojis to tell a story in a short video. There isn’t much to explain here so here’s the video.

And finally the climax of this project. We had to mimic a viral/ popular video and create it as a. Drumroll please! 🥁 🥁 🥁 🥁. STOP MOTION VIDEO! We only needed to make a 30 second video but I went above and beyond with a FULL. ONE MINUTE. VIDEO. I know I know how does he do it but I simply had a lot of time on my hands so I decided too because why not. I decided to use my Pokémon Lego and copy a realistic Pokémon battle. After a bit of searching and found the video I wanted. This is it.

Now if you watched it you might be thinking two thing. One there’s no Pokémon in that video. And two that video is 3 minutes long. Well the answers are, I’m going to add the Pokémon fighting, and, I cut down the video so I could keep my sanity intact. After much effort and around 5 hours I had finished my video. Here is my masterpiece.

I know I know you love it. It’s your most favourite thing ever (wait is that even correct grammar).  Well that’s all I have for today so I’ll see you next blog internet person. GOODBYE!

Let’s Roll…… acoaster

People of the internet.

I am back with a mini blog post about a mini project. When I say mini I mean mini, because this project only took a week, so I’ll keep this short.

We were summoned by the CEO’s of screamorama (*cough* *cough* our teachers) to build the new best rollercoaster for their park. We had to stay within a budget and account for speed through kinetic and potential energy. 

We learned what those were with the help of a simulation which allowed questionable things.

But it teach us the concept quite well. 

Then I teamed up with my new partners Charlie and Luca to start planning the coaster. There were questions we had to answer like how would we build it, are we building a real rollercoaster and can we add a jump. The answers are no no and we’ll build it with plastic cups. 

Now our concept was to ride down a chair, into a loop into another on the ground but we abandoned that after we realised the budget was too small so we went with a fast short drop of death that we called the rock slide. After great panic and stress we made something that we weren’t intending in but still turned out semi-good. Here it is

There was no driving question for this project and not much else at all so that’s it.



It is once again the time of year that I must do my mpol.

“Thank you for coming to my presentation of learning. I am the expert on my own learning. I am also responsible and accountable for my own learning. You can expect me to give an honest evaluation of my progress. We will discuss my strengths and opportunities for growth. Thank you in advance for listening and for offering feedback that I can use to improve as a learner.”

If you are new here that stands for mid year year presentation of learning, in short I have to do a presentation to one of my teachers and my parents where I look back at what work I have done so far this semester. There is no driving question to be answered this blog so let’s get started.


First subject I’ll review is science as I feel it has been my best class.

I have really liked science this year and it’s because our teacher miss kadi try’s her hardest to make us enjoy lessons and gives us fun tasks to do, some examples of this that I’m proud of are my bio accumulation gif

And my sexual reproduction puppet show.

Those are some things I’m proud of now for something I’m not proud of.

I don’t think my acting was very good in the mock news report my group made (this isn’t at all my group members fault I just didn’t learn my lines and kept looking at my script. If I could go back I would try to learn my lines and make it look more real. Here it is


Next class I’ll discuss is humanities. I feel this has been my worst class and it’s probably because I don’t really like English as a subject or really writing in general, I don’t think I had and outstanding work this year but I’m proud of my revolution on trial video. I didn’t have much of an acting job in this but I think I edited it all together quite well and I directed it as a good leader. The video shows a court case to decide if the French Revolution was effective or ineffective our side was ineffective here’s the video.

Now for the thing I’m not proud of this is a no-brainer for me, my book creator on the geography of the west. I didn’t enjoy this project probably because I didn’t go on the big trip to Alberta at the start of the year, people say this is what made the trip worth it and I think I agree because I didn’t understand most of the project. I was sick for one week and came back understanding nothing. The people who stayed home didn’t really get the help we needed and we just got put in the back of a science classroom. I don’t think I did well because I handed it in about a month late and didn’t do well in answering all the question. If you want to see it here it is.

How has the geography of the West shaped who we are?



Next subject is maker. I mostly had fun in this class because we made lots of videos and films and all my favourite teachers were in this class. This semester it was almost all related to films which I love making. I’m proud of my “what inspires me video”, it’s shows who I am and you can basically get an understanding of what I’m like as a person from this video. I spent a lot of time on it and I think it turned out great. Here’s the video

I’m not really proud the goals section of the first maker project. I’m not much of a goal setting guy so I don’t really see the point. I would make a goal then forget about it. There’s nothing I can show to help you understand this part because we didn’t really make much but I doubt it would be interesting anyway. I just didn’t really understand this part and therefore didn’t enjoy it much.

Now all of the subjects are complete I would like to discuss my core competencies. For those of you who don’t know what these are in plp we have certain categories that you need to master to be the ultimate competency master. Just kidding these are things you need to be to be a successful person. They are communicating, collaborating, creative thinking, critical and reflective thinking, personal awareness and responsibility, positive personal and cultural identity and finally social awareness and responsibility. We have numbers for all of these to rank you understanding of them. I’ll go through them on by one.


Personally I’m quite a quiet person when on my own, if I don’t know the people around me I won’t really speak up and spread my points and ideas unless I’m asked or need to take charge. If I’m with people I’m comfortable around I can speak up well but in unfamiliar setting in the shy kid. I don’t want to seem like “that guy” so I keep to myself and just go with what I’m told to do. I could definitely improve on this.


This is kinda like communication. I’m good when I know the people but terrible with people I don’t know. This makes me a good listener though and I’ll try to help out as much as I can. I try to not be a nuisance and just keep quiet but I know I shouldn’t do that. In the future I will try to be a better group member and participate more.


I’m a thinker. I have the wildest and craziest ideas and thought and questions but I don’t have the confidence to share them. I come up with things I don’t even know where I got from but it’s part of what makes me me. I do a lot in my head and think about so much and I think it’s because of my ADHD. I’m quite a good creative thinker and I value that property.


I’m pretty good at reflecting and criticizing my work, I’m able to look at things and give helpful ways to improve it to others and myself. Reflecting on work is a bit harder for me as I don’t quite understand it, I can re-think about what I’ve done but I don’t think that changes much. It just feels like looking at my work again. It’s probably just to see what can make things better and if that’s so I think I’m pretty good at that.


I’m not very aware of myself in the sense that I don’t really plan ahead or think about the consequences if something goes wrong, for example I rely on my mum to wake me up and get me to school, if this doesn’t happen I would wake up late and not be able to get to school as I don’t know my way there. That also shows I don’t take much responsibility for myself and rely on others to help me do things. I can definitely Improve on this as a person which would make me a lot more well-rounded and independent. I don’t think very far ahead and I hope I can get better at this in the future.



I quite like myself and although that can be a bad thing I don’t think that much of myself. I’m happy with who I am as a person and I’m proud of where I’m from. As one of the few English people I know in Canada I feel very unique and special. I’m aware of my background and where I come from but I’m still able to improve my knowledge around this subject.


When it comes to other people relying on me it doesn’t happen often but I mostly manage to do what I’ve been asked. I’m socially aware and can understand what’s right and wrong or acceptable or unacceptable but not much further than that. I’m able to be around other people and interact with them respectfully without fail and I can assist others in most environments which I think makes me a socially acceptable and semi-responsible person.

Thanks you for reading my MPOL blog post (if you made it this far) and for doing so here is a cookie. 


It’s only a cookie emoji but I hope it finds you well.


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The Revolution Solution (I guess)

Hello internet

Today I am going to talk about Revolutionary discoveries such as sliced bread, electricity and pizza. Just kidding although I was on to something with Revolutionary, that’s right this project was about revolutions (in my case the French one) and what starts them and ends them. 

The driving question for this project was,

“How did revolutions bring down empires and change societies around the world?”

This is a big question for a small class but luckily we had time and perseverance on our side, but did I have confidence, well no but I’m was required to do it anyway.

First of all we need to learn about what makes a Revolution a Revolution. Luckily crane brinton a French historian from America decided to research into how a revolution starts and what the different stages of it are. (If you would like to learn more here is an image of the process of a revolution)

Now we know what a revolution is we found out the main focus of this project, we were going to perform a live court case deciding whether our assigned revolution was effective or ineffective. I was terrified for this because I do not like improv and our group was outnumbered four to six, but I was semi-prepared to do it.

To have a chance in this court case we had to make 3 main points to guide our argument in the form of an affidavit. This is a written statement backed up with evidence to assist you in court, we made a meh affidavit and we very ill prepared then on top of that our teacher had a baby with his wife and went on paternity leave which left us with a substitute who didn’t really know what we were doing, then the next week we had a new sub and we were no longer doing an improvised performance. This was great for our group because at this point we were lost and didn’t know what to do. We found out that we were doing a scripted video instead. This was going to be a lot easier because we could collaborate with the other class…. Right,  well they didn’t seem to think that’s what we were doing this together which became a whole new struggle. This has been a lot of writing so here is a photo of a cute puppy, take a 10 second break.

Ok we are back. Change of plans we are no longer going by a script and instead filming a one sided video of our court case which would later be spliced together with the other group by a teacher (this is still yet to happen to my knowledge) this was the best possible news because we now could take our time write a script an act everything out in our own time, I could also edit things how I wanted them too be. We wrote the script film the videos and made the film this is the product of our hard work.

Go check out Ronan, Luca and Owen’s blogs they did great.


Now back to the driving question.

“How did revolutions bring down empires and change societies around the world?”

Revolutions cause political change like dissolution of a monarchy or the introduction of dictatorships, they also can cause disruption of an economy and havoc among citizens.

This can shake up societies even outside the revolution’s original country as places may fear it will spread to them. They can also start wars that have unneeded deaths, however they can have good side effects like giving a voice to the people and overthrowing corrupt leaders.

Ok bye

Here we have a wild documentary


I am back and better than ever.


Now I have a question for you “what does James Cameron’s fantasy world of avatar reveal about society today?”. It’s a big question but that’s what I set out to answer this project. So let’s look back on what we learned in the past few months.

So first of all I hadn’t watched avatar so I was very scared when I learned that’s what the project was about, but then we watched the movie over the next four classes. Once we had finished the film we analysed it and extracted different themes like racism and colonialism and oppression, but what I chose to work around was corporate greed. I thought it would be a relatively simple and easy topic to do until I realised I had no idea who to interview luckily my teacher suggested a good person (who later cancelled on me but hey we don’t talk about that) that I could interview. Oh yeah that bring me to my next topic.

We had to schedule an interview to put in our (drum roll please) documentaries! I know how is a random kid gonna make a whole (donkey) documentary, well it isn’t one of those hour long David Attenborough documentaries it’s only 3 to 5 minutes. So now you know my task, make a document on corporate greed in avatar right, wrong we also need to link corporate greed in avatar to the real world. But that’s about it. No more surprises I promise.

First up we made a sheet saying what we would do and where we would film but most importantly who we would interview. My first choice was somebody from the museum of anthropology however when that didn’t work I remembered that one of my friends mum is indigenous and unbeknownst to me is a professor of anthropology at Capilano university so that’s even better. This is good because many of my points linked avatar to being like the Europeans taking the land of the indigenous populations of Canada. 

To help with our films we learned about b-roll and storyboards. B-roll is basically footage you show in a video or film to help explain the topic or just make things more interesting, and a storyboard is a series of boxes that you draw in that tells the story in a more rough sense. This is what mine looked like although I kind of abandoned it because of its simplicity. 

B-roll is sort of background footage that relates to what’s happening in our film, it is often pastes over a video that has speech in it. An example of this could be an interview of somebody speaking about McDonald’s and then without them finishing their sentence you cut to a video of a McDonald’s restaurant while you can still hear their voice speaking about the topic. It is essentially a video with audio over the top.

Finally it was time to build our documentaries after (not so much) planning, a little bit too quiet documentary was produced. This is what came out of those stressful hours.

Isn’t it just beautifully scuffed. 

Anyway we aren’t finished yet, we have to do an EXHIBITION!!! Now for the new people of my blog an exhibition is a stressful time where family and friends come I to the school to view the entirety of PLP’s work. Now this was the grade 8’s first exhibition ever so we had to walk them through the process, luckily most of my grade 8’s wanted to do well however my other grade 9 was not very helpful in the planning so there was a lot of weight on my shoulders. Luckily for our group I had an lac block when the other grade nine class was talking with the grade eights so I was able to take charge and try and have our group do well. But there was one more surprise (sorry I lied about the no more surprises). I didn’t know it yet but we would have to be cooperating with grade 10’s that none of us knew (and if I’m being honest I was a little bit scared of) so when exhibition day came around it all went to (poop).

On exhibition day most of our stuff mage it but then our execution was a bit of a flop. The grade ten’s took charge and I didn’t know any of them so I was too scared to take charge and keep everything according to plan. We managed to cover most of our class room but the person who was supposed to make the board game didn’t have it, he apparently lost it and someone took it but I wasn’t buying it so we had a key part of our rooms missing and he wasn’t there for the exhibition so he wasn’t much help. Although with help of the teachers we had a somewhat adequate room that I was happy with. 

  • Sorry this is sideways


Now this blog is coming to an end and the driving question must be answered. So lets look back at what we set out to answer and that was “what does James Cameron’s fantasy world of avatar reveal about society today?”. Well I think that it read also how society is imperfect in many was that we must fix. We may not be able to make everything right in the little time we have but have to at least try, all these thing like global warming, deforestation even racism are things that we humans are causing while not all of us are doing these things we can still try to stop them. We can make a difference, we can fight off the bad guys of the real world and we can fix what’s wrong with our ways.

But I’m just a kid on the internet so what do I know.


We have an eco SYSTEM people

Hello and welcome to Jurassic park

I wish

Today I’ll be talking about my science project called handle with care. This project was about everything that goes into and ecosystem, like biotic and abiotic factors the earths different spheres food webs and so much more.

The first major thing we did in this project was our Biomagnification gif. To know what that is you must first understand bioaccumulation which is the process of an organism consuming micro plastics, and over time it builds up and up until it eventually kills it. Now Biomagnification is just that but it builds up through different animals.  Here is my gif.


I hope you liked it.

Next up we have the scratch food web interactive experience. A food web if you didn’t know is a diagram or piece of writing that describes what organisms eat each other in an ecosystem.  However this can easily become off balance. If one species gos extinct that can cause the over population of one species or the dying out or thining another species population. If a species has overpopulation it can also unbalance and ecosystems food web as that species may make another go extinct we can del with this by releasing a predator into that ecosystem. This is my food web scratch. 

It’s fabulous isn’t it. I drew all of those.

Anyways I next will talk about the third keystone which was learning about different ecosystems that hums have tried to fix my group made a mock news report on a report about the wolf culling in bc. This was when the government wanted to protect the caribou population so they killed a lot of wolves however this did not slow the decline in the caribou population. Watch out video for more.

I know my acting isn’t the best but we got it done.

Anyways I next will talk about the third keystone which was learning about different ecosystems that hums have tried to fix my group made a mock news report on a report about the wolf culling in bc. This was when the government wanted to protect the caribou population so they killed a lot of wolves however this did not slow the decline in the caribou population. Watch out video for more.

In conclusion my answer to the driving question (which was "In what ways have human beings impacted the delicate cycles within our local ecosystems and how can we lessen our impact") human basically make everything in our local ecosystems worse for nature and animals around us. We can lessen the impact by stopping interfering and lessening the things that aren’t good for the planet ok bye.

Humanities post the power of geography

Hello and welcome to my blog. Today I will be talking about how awful this project was to me( my teachers aren’t gonna like me for this but I am giving my honest opinion so here I go). 

The reason I think I didn’t like this project was because I didn’t go on the trip. People told me it was the only thing that made it worth it. The reason I didn’t go was originally because I didn’t want to leave home but I settled with being able to have Brooke and Sydney look after me. However when I said I wanted to go but one of the teachers made a face that made me feel like she didn’t want me to go and she told me if I wasn’t 100% sure I would ruin it for the other kids. I regret doing this however I feel like I wouldn’t have liked going at that time because as much as I don’t like to talk about this my step-dad died 2 weeks prior to the trip. Which made me uncertain about leaving home. The teachers said it wouldn’t matter if i didn’t go as it would be just as good at school. It wasn’t.

Now I have to talk about everything I did at home.

Compared to the blogs of people who went. It is not interesting as we went to myrtle park and nowhere else and we spent most of the time when everyone was away sitting in the back of other classes being told to get on with our work which made no sense to me. 

This is the ebook I made. I am not proud of this and don’t feel like learnt anything. 

How has the geography of the West shaped who we are?

Tea Poll (get it because I’m English)

Ok so its the time of the year for another


However there are no M’s only T’s

welcome to my


(that was supposed to be all dramatic) anywho let’s get started

The big question is.

“Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?”

To be honest I really don’t think I am ready to advance to grade 9 but I’m willing to embrace any challenge that comes my way, although homework could be a difficult one because I’m struggling with it right now. But I’m hopeful that with the support of LAC again and my teachers I will be able to achieve a better mind set and more independence.

Ok so in the idea of moving forward, I first want to reflect on what I think I have done Well this year.

After a year of using my iPad for all my learning I have learnt the ropes of showbie, Basecamp and a great deal of other apps. The apps I enjoy the most are sketches pro and super impose x


From my mpol I identified several projects that I feel I worked well on. I will review these again and then add in areas that I feel I have improved in since then.

I was proud of my Laser light show in scimatics

(you can read more about this here https://www.blog44.ca/cadeno/2022/01/30/lllllaaaaaaaassssseeeeerrrrrssss/..) 

I was proud of the fact that I fixed my groups project when it wasn’t working properly. I redid the calculations while my group looked at other projects and fixed it. I was proud that I kept preserving to get a good result and make it work. Here is a picture of the fixed laser show. 

In addition since February in Scimatics I am proud of the scratch game I made. Although it wasn’t a very fun game I am still proud of the skills I learned while developing it. These include, learning how to make a clicker game with coding and importing graphics that I had drawn into the game. 

Here is my scratch game and you can try it if you want.


I also feel I have written a good story for my comic book on viruses. It reflects the true story of when I had meningitis when I was 8. Having researched this topic I feel that I have gained a new understanding of the disease. Once I read up on it I started to think that I may have some of the long term side effects of this illness including difficulty concentrating, anxiety and sleep issues. 

We haven’t done maker since February but I really enjoyed this class. I was proud of this a picture I produced during the constructive creative communication project. It captured the mood I was given and showed good editing skills as well as colour, texture and use of light. I got a rainbow for it.

This was how it turned out.


I like the dark edges that are blurred in contrast with the bright colours and the comedy of the emoji. Also my teacher said I did an exemplary blog post on this project. You can read it here. 


I miss the maker photography work 


In the first part of the year I really enjoyed studying the book “the Outsiders”. I think it was an intriguing story with great characters and many plots twists and turned. The element of this project that I am most proud of was the tableau performances that my group produced for the winter exhibition.

Since my mpol the humanities project I think I have done best in is new beginnings. Although I haven’t handed my work in on time I feel I have gained a better understanding of settlement in Canada and the impact it had on the indigenous population. I do however feel I did better in the first half of the year in humanities than in the second because I feel I have lost focus.

I will now talk about where I could have improved my learning this year

Areas of my learning I could have improved in schematics since the mpol is the ultimate design challenge. Although I enjoyed using Tinkercad to design my lunchbox and I think I did a good presentation ( you can watch it on my blog here https://www.blog44.ca/cadeno/2022/05/26/trangles-and-squares-and-cylinders-and-cubes-and-cuboids-and-prisms-and-tinkercad-and-oh-my-god-i-am-kinda-just-rambling-because-i-cant-really-think-of-a-good-name-so-here-we-are-and-i-should/) and understood all the math, I had already learnt it in England. I did not a make a good blog. I found that part uninteresting. I didn’t feel I learnt a great deal in this project as all the math involved I already knew from grades 5,6 and 7 in England. I didn’t really understand why we had to find a large surface area, it’s seemed pointless, therefore I didn’t engage in reflecting on this work.

In humanities I feel I have worked relatively well in class but have not handed my work in on time very well, usually it was late and somethings I did not complete it. I feel currently I have issues with concentration. I can’t seem to focus on what I’m supposed to be working on and I don’t really know why. 

At the end of the last mpol I stated -Going forward I think I need to get better at making my ideas heard, focusing my time more, doing my homework on time.

Having written this blog I feel I have not completed my homework on time as much as I should. The focusing my time has not really changed however, I do feel I am now more able to get my ideas across and heard within a group and class.

I am hoping that maybe in grade 9 I improve my learning capabilities 

Thanks for being here

Sighing off is caden bubye 

Tinkering with cad en

Welcome to my blog!

Today I will be talking about 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shapes including

triangles, squares, cylinders, cubes, cuboids and prisms and Tinkercad.

I shall be informing you about the project known as

THE ULTIMATE DESIGN CHALLENGE!..challenge..challenge..challenge

So, we had to make a 3D object in an app called Tinkercad (a 3D modelling app) that was designed to have a maximized surface area or volume. I decided to maximize surface area as I was making a lunch box. I’m not sure I really understood why we were looking at maximizing areas and volumes, so I just chose a random thing and put different foods in made from shapes.


I had 11 main shapes which I used to form this beautiful creation

here I have dissected my lunch so you can see all shapes



In milestone one and two we developed an understanding of formulas through the workbooks we did and textbooks we read. I had done this all before in England in grades 5, 6, and 7 so I found it easy. We then used this knowledge in milestone 3 to calculate and find the volume and surface area of each and every shape. I have worked before on finding areas and volumes of complex shapes so this was pretty basic.




after that I had to make a

drumroll please




here it is


Did you like it

I know

I’m hella cringey


I don’t feel I learnt a great deal from this project as I knew the maths elements already and I didn’t really get why we were doing the design part other than using a new app.

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have a nice day