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Science reflection, tectonic plate game project

THIS IS CHANCE! The board game Hayden and I created is called ‘This is chance!’. Its quite simple compared to other games. It’s a speed run so it’s very fast but also fun. Everyone that has come to play our… Continue Reading →

Advertisement Project Reflection

In this project we learnt about advertising and we made our own ad for a company. We learnt a lot about how to create an advert but also how much effort is put into a ad. I didn’t realize how… Continue Reading →

Turns out, I’m a PLP learner

In this project we have been learning about ourselves. We’ve been discovering things we didn’t know about ourselves and finding out better ways to learn. We talked about where we wanted to be in the future. We were able to… Continue Reading →

This is the Memoji i made, hopefully it looks like me.  

Facts about me

Hey guys, welcome to my very cool awesome interesting blog. Here are some random facts about me because i don’t know what to post.  Birthday: February 13th  zodiac sign: Aquarius  favourite colour: dark blue/black  Age: 13  pronouns: she/her  pets: 3 rats,… Continue Reading →

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