Every person has their own unique story to tell. Learning about different peoples stories is a great way to advance our concept of a just society. I think it is very important to know how other people live their lives, which can be a complete polar opposite life time to your own. Each individual has different experiences, struggles, achievements, passions, and much much more. I think everyone should better their understanding of diversity, by learning about others lives, in order to help create a more inclusive and cohesive community between us.


Now how do you do this? By making a ‘Human Library’!!

My class held a big human library event, each person invited a guest with a unique experience or lifestyle they are comfortable talking about. Then two – three people shared a respectful conversation with them in a safe space for a few minutes. After the conversation ends the group would switch and you’d get to talk to another human book. This hopefully opened up the mind of the people at our event and taught some people important life lessons.




Click HERE to see a video I made with a human book named Jupiter. Tom, Keaton, Ronan, and I had a conversation with him about his disease and moving to Canada. I hope it gives you a sense of our Human Library experience.




But why does learning about different Canadians matter? Why should we care about diversity and what other people do with their lives? Here is a paragraph I wrote at the start of the project to further explore why we are learning this:




I thought this was a very interesting project and I enjoyed learning about different peoples lives. Using conversation and different human interaction is extremely important to advance our society as a whole. I hope to continue learning more about the people around me.