The PEE project! This project (that I just finished) was centralized around the PEE formula:

  • Point

  • Evidence

  • Explanation

This formula helps you create a properly structured paragraph. Once you learn how to do that you can write anything! And this is where our project starts… (kinda)

(Although it did take days, dare I say weeks, to learn all about World War Two, which included taking notes and doing a trillion little quizzes, I hated that part of this project so much!! I do try my best in school I really do and I find most subjects quite interesting but history and geography? I cannot. First of all it is nearly impossible for my brain to comprehend these subjects, give me a map and ask me where any place is and I won’t be able to tell you. Give me a timeline and ask me when some president was born, I will not know who this president is, what they did, and definitely not the date they were born. What i’m trying to say is that this project was quite a stretch for me, but finally after all the education and stupid little dates of every event were stuffed into my tired student mind it was time for the essay writing! I actually quite enjoy writing so this is what I hope saves me this project)


I started by practicing the PEE formula, on my new favourite app: Craft

I practiced by talking about one of the main causes of WWII (World War Two). Although this project involved history, I still enjoyed it because I got to learn about better ways of writing!


Eventually we started adding historical significance into our project. (Each of my answers are answered with the PEE formula!!!) Here’s another acronym for ya ‘NAME’. This acronym helps us understand if something is historically significant or not. As you can see in the document below I rated every part of WWII to see if it was historically significant or not.

I already knew that this massive war was historically significant, but why. In my document you can read why I think it is. Do you disagree with any of the numbers I chose?


Then this is when I started getting excited during this project. I started to brainstorm ways to answer the driving question, the DQ for this project is:

Why is it so important to learn about Canadas involvement in WWII?

I started narrowing down my ideas to three main points I wanted to highlight in my essay at the very end

The first thing I knew straight away I definitely wanted to shine light towards was the rights women gained due to the war. I am a major feminist and I love talking about women’s stories and the things they have had to endure to get us to this point in life. I also just finished a feminism collage I was working on in art class:

Then I decided on choosing invention’s and social programs made during WWII. I chose these because I figured out I wanted to focus on the positive side of this global tragedy. I’ve been told very often I am quite the pessimist, but not in this project! Everyone knows that WWII sucked, it killed millions and ruined the majority of our populations lives. Despite this there was also great things that came from it. I narrowed down the three of these things and then eventually turned that into an essay.

This was a document where I planned out what I would say in my essay, I started by making a thesis! I had to revise my thesis over and over and over again. Did you know once you make your thesis statement it goes to the end of your essay? I didn’t know that.

After I made my thesis it was time to create the foundation of my essay, the three topic sentences! This was easy for me because all I had to do was write the main idea in one simple sentence.

Then after I had came up with my thesis, and topic sentences, it was time to write out more details. I enjoy researching topics and creating a paragraph from all the different pieces of information I find so this was also pretty easy.

Then it was writing time!! My essay centred around the driving question:

Why is it so important to learn about Canadas involvement in World War Two?

I highlighted in my essay the positive effects of WWII and how Canada played a role in the war. Not only did Canadians assist many neighbouring nations but our scientists created many important innovations we still use today (such as: Anti fog windshield fluids, artificial fur made for militants clothing, and we also played an important role in the developing of synthetic rubber).

The first draft I made was not very good. It was short, dull and lacked a lot of the necessary information


After a lot of revision and expanding on my ideas I was finally happy with my essay. I learned a lot of new ways to structure an essay properly and not only edit but revise it. I feel more prepared for the next time I get to write an essay.

Let’s swing back to the driving question, Why is it so important to learn about Canadas involvement in WWII? I think the main reason it is so important to learn about our involvement in the war is because we made a lot of progress that day as a society. Our inventions and mini revolutions advanced our country beyond what we had ever imagined.

I really do not like history but in this project I tried my best to find the small things I find interesting. These events and facts that I found, I weeded out, and wrote my paragraphs on them. I tried to focus on the more fun and fascinating parts of this project and I think thats what carried me through, always look on the bright side of things! Thank you PEE project