The power of a pencil

As usual I’m going to start with the driving question: “How might I use technology to create and communicate?” At the start of this project, we were split into two different groups. One group was focused on photography and the other on drawing. The overall purpose was to progress in our skills using the ipad … [Read more…]

Becoming A PLP Learner

A This is my customized memoji/memoji laptop, the people with stretched out faces are my friends (I do have friends).  The driving question for this project was, “How Do I Build & Strengthen The PLP Learning Team?”  The first big thing we did was the big life journal (lots of “bigs”), and during this I … [Read more…]

Medium Is The Message

  This is our final ad my group made! Check out my group members’ blogs:  Hayden, Caden, Naomi, Christian, and Keenan The driving question for this project is, “How does what we hear, see, read and view influence the world around us?” Throughout this project we gathered information and other media to help us build knowledge … [Read more…]

Team Contract

  Hi i finally finished This is my Memoji, and I have customized the laptop to what I would like my laptops stickers to look like in real life. As you can see some of my stickers are people and they are stickers of my friends. I have a camera, which is actually the camera … [Read more…]