A Fridge With Carrots..?

This project was about creating an object with the maximum surface area or volume. You could also choose to be with a partner or work alone! I chose to be with a partner and ended up with my friend hannah. Together we chose to create a fridge with the maximum surface area! Don’t ask why … [Read more…]

Learning about the power of a pencil

As usual I’ll start of with the driving question: “How might I use technology to create and communicate?” for this project we had to split into two separate sides, one was for photography (Herzog) and the other for drawing (Carr). I started in Carr

Conquering Coding!

Helllooo, welcome back again, the latest project scimatics 8 has done is about…  Drumroll… 🥁  🥁  🥁  The Kinetic Molecular Theory and the Atomic Theory, super cool I know, I know (by the way I will be saying KMT instead of Kinetic molecular theory and AT instead of the Atomic theory). We started our projects … [Read more…]

The Significance Of The Past

The latest project the Grade 8s had to do in Humanities was a project called, “The Renaissance: A Change Engine”. The driving question was, “What significant developments emerged from the past and how have they impacted us today?”. The final overall products for this unit were a triptych and a paragraph about historical events from … [Read more…]

Learning At Loon Lake!

PLP 8 and PLP 9 had the chance to go on our very first learning extent (or advance) that was over night for multiple days! It took place at Loon Lake Lodge, check the website out to learn more about it! Luckily the ride was only around an hour since it was located in maple … [Read more…]

Getting Down With DI…

Welcome! A Quick Insight About What Destination Imagination Is: Before I get into this post, what is DI? (DI is the short term form for Destination Imagination.) DI is a global competition that aims to inspire the next generation of leaders, innovators and creative problem solvers.  In DI you get assigned a challenge to solve in … [Read more…]

mPOL 2022

EWelcome to my blog post about my mid-year presentation of learning, also known as mPOL. Learning Intent Let’s start with my learning intent from the start of the year:   So far, I think I’m becoming better at sharing my voice and opinions. For example, in Scimatics when we were creating a laser display, I … [Read more…]

“Perfecting” Poems.

:・゚✧If you couldn’t tell by the title of this blog I’ve done something involving poetry. This something was actually writing a bunch of poems (10?) that express our worldview in a way. We didn’t come into this project knowing nothing about worldview though. Check out the project where we learned about worldview here! The PLP … [Read more…]

Learning With Lasers

Welcome back,  today I will be explaining the process of answering the driving question: “How can we test the pythagorean theorem and the law of reflection?” First off, what is the pythagorean theorem? The pythagorean theorem is the sum of the legs of a triangle that equal the hypotenuse (the side opposite from the right … [Read more…]